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Olivia Alexa shares her top eight devastating red flags

Olivia says there’s red flags everywhere/YouTube

Olivia reveals 8 red flags. 

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DALLAS — A viral video shows relationship vlogger Olivia Alexa warning simps about an octet of red flags they should never disregard when copulating with American women. Rather than succumb to western culture, the Passport Bros, Passport Brad and Men On The Move are traveling overseas to find wives. They’ve given up on American women. But Olivia believes western relationships can be salvaged. “Hi guys. Here’s 8 devastating red flags you should never ignore as a man,” she said on her YouTube channel. “It’s extremely imperative for you to be aware of all warning signs when dealing with a woman because sometimes they can be so covert and subtle that you completely miss them.” When it comes to establishing relationships, my philosophy is simple: Only commit to chicks who are infatuated with you. If you’re bustin’ your ass to make a woman happy, you got the wrong chick. Sure, she’ll give you a piece of ass for pecuniary purposes.

But she don’t want you.

‘Cause the fact of the matter is when a woman’s enamored with you, she don’t give a damn whatcha got. Y’all can be living in a cardboard box. She won’t care. She’s simply elated to be in your presence. Hell, look at Pookie & Ray Ray. They ain’t got sh*t. But American women love their black asses because, in spite of the beatings and femicides, they’re infatuated with ’em.

Again… if you’re bustin’ your ass, you’re a simp.

Just keepin’ it 💯.

To watch Olivia reveal 8 red flags.

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  1. Most Women have an issue with self-accountability 💁🏾 fuck all Women 🤣🤷🏾‍♂️

  2. These women think it’s okay to act childish.

    But god forbid a man acts this way.

  3. Kinda scary how most if not all the points she brought up my ex did at some point during our long relationship. 😳. I sure did have the blinders on.

  4. But what about these same 8 red flags turned around. Men doing these things to women. I’d like to hear it that way as well

  5. The biggest red flag to me is when my literally now ex didn’t like the late Kevin Samuels. Couldn’t say anything good after his death almost made me feel like she was happy he died. I just feel like most women not all don’t have the room to change themselves, but want a man to change his whole world for her or at least that was my situation I’m really dragged from this relationship.

  6. My Ex Fiancée Who Was Latina Displayed Every Red Flag By The End Of Our Relationship This Queen Mentioned.

  7. Jesus is coming back in a few years, so if we’re going to do this ? Best get started now. It’s easier to live in the Spirit single though.

  8. As someone who is currently divorcing someone with a lot of these traits…. I 100% agree.

  9. Remember guys. Both women and men display this from time to time. Just be aware of the situations where this behavior is displayed . Everyone is a bit judgmental for example, but if she trash talks, despises people based on what they have, then you have an extreme bad behavior and you better run. Dont try to fix the bitch. Save yourself

  10. I strongly agree on communication, I am in sales ( we study human being behaviour) one of thing we have noticed, this generation is poor at communicating due modern technology i.e text msg, social media, dating apps, expose to multiple options of partners. We don’t get what we want because we’re poor at communicating.

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