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Tyreek is talkin’ trash again, guarantees win over Chiefs

Tyreek ready for Mahomes & Co/YouTube

Tyreek threatens Chiefs Kingdom.

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KANSAS CITY — A viral video shows Miami Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill threatening to abuse the Kansas City Chiefs when his Dolphins invade KC this fall. The Cheetah issued the threat Tuesday evening during an appearance on Gehrig Dieter and Anthony Sherman’s podcast via Sports Radio 810. If you recall, Chiefs general manager Brett Veach traded Tyreek, 29, to Miami last offseason for a haul of draft picks that were used to win Super Bowl LVII. The Cheetah hasn’t forgot. “Chiefs Kingdom, when the Miami Dolphins come to Arrowhead Stadium this year, guess what we’re going to do,” Tyreek ranted. “I hate to say it, man. I hate to throw up the peace sign against y’all. I hate to do it. But guess what. I’m going to be y’all worst enemy that day. I’m going to be y’all worst enemy that day… You better change the signals. I know every signal y’all got.”

Social media reaction was priceless. One viewer wrote, “Boy Bye! 😂Chiefs Kingdom made him the Cheetah 🐆.” Another chimed in with, “Tyreek Hill brings up Chiefs for the millionth time (scorn lover type sh*t).” A third observer added, “Tyreek could put up 300 yards & 5 TDs and the Chiefs still have a 2nd Super Bowl ring while he was sitting on his couch. KC won this trade and it ain’t close.”

Is the Cheetah biting off more than he can chew?

Watch him threaten Chiefs Kingdom.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Always gonna be a Tyreek Hill fan, grateful for his work as a Chief…gonna be weird and fun to see him as an opponent. Also, he’s leaving with an L too, just saying🤣

  2. Yeah trying to intimidate the Chiefs with words has totally always worked out before lol

  3. Tua will be lucky if he survives the game in one piece. The cheifs defense is going to be a different animal this year.

  4. Bro ain’t ever gonna win a thing again but he stays talking about KC 😂😂😂

  5. Tyreek i love u, but if the Chiefs were scared of u they wouldnt have traded u 😭

  6. He should know what happens when teams or players disrespect the Chiefs, they get pissed on

  7. I said this last offseason, when everybody thought the AFC, especially the other West Division teams, caught up to the Chiefs and thought the Chiefs wouldn’t be as good (How did that turn out?), and I’ll say it now: Let’s settle it on the field, where it matters. Not in some broadcast booth, or on some newspaper, or magazine, or on-line, or dirt sheet, but on the field, where it matters.

  8. This chump hit a pregnant woman. The only trash is Tyreek and the fans who support that punk.

    “But Cletus, he flips that’s peace sign and wear ski goggles!”

    Y’all stupid

  9. T.Hill do understand we just won the S.Bowl after trading his flash running ass. Dolphins is not even the best team in there division. We lost 3 games….the regular season games don’t mean nothing to us suppose if we take a L to anyone of you guys because we will win the Superbowl again. Live with your dumb decision to be traded because we offered to make him the highest paid WR in the NFL and he said no he requested a trade so we gave it to em and went and won the S.Bowl

  10. Super bowl champs don’t care about talk 🏆🏆🏆💍💍💍💍💍💍

  11. Throw that peace sign ✌🏼 up all you want, it can be a signal of how many SB’s, MVP’s, SB MVP’s Mahomes has now. He can go for 400 and 4 TDS, Chiefs won the SB without him so it don’t matter ✌🏼😎

  12. Hard to beat the chiefs when you have a breakable quarterback who has been injured every football season since he was in high school… Tyreek is fun to watch but his mouth runs faster than his ass

  13. The fact that you guys don’t understand Tyreek is all about having fun is weird at this point. Both Phins and Chiefs fans in this post missing the point. Tyreek is all about competing and enjoying it. Don’t take these fanships too serious ppl lol

  14. KC Native here.. a lot of people dislike him for dumping on us but honestly the amount of joy he brought to my life for helping bring us SB54 will forever be unmatched. i love the trash talk & Tyreek will forever be one of my favorites playing the game let alone in a Chiefs jersey. cant wait to see Cheetah in Arrowhead, we gonna be ROCKIN!

  15. Mahomes, Kelce, and Jones are the last people you want to give bulletin board material

  16. Tyreek is trying to stay relevant by continuing to keep “Chiefs” in his mouth bruh u took the bag, aint nobody mad but you ✌️✌️

  17. Lol Tyreek can’t keep the Chiefs out of his mouth. Deep down he is salty they won without him. Bro you took the money and ran you had a great season with the Fins just shut up and count your money. You’re playing with “the most accurate QB” you’ve ever had.

  18. I think people taking hills comments to seriously, the guy jokes around every interview. Even last year he told buffalo they better stretch. He’s been going that since he played on the chiefs it’s just friendly banter I don’t see anything wrong with it

  19. Proverbs 18:4
    The words of a man’s mouth are as deep waters, and the wellspring of wisdom as a flowing brook.

  20. Tyreek Hill missed being a Chief. All the Money can’t buy you happiness. With the $30 millions a year, Tyreek still missed being a Chief. That’s the truth

  21. C’mon on, we all know. He’s the ONLY good player on his shtty team 🤣- Tyreek is waay over his head “TRASH TALKIN'” You know gotdamn well, one thing is certain, come game time The Big💪Chief gonna annihilate and eat dolphins 🐬 for lunch and watch the embarrassment on Tyreek’s face 😅 PRICELESS

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