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Jason Whitlock ‘begs’ Russ Wilson to divorce Ciara now

Russ has no control over Ciara/YouTube

Whitlock slams Ciara’s outfit. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

LOS ANGELES — A viral video shows “Fearless” host Jason Whitlock imploring Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson to divorce R&B songstress Ciara, 37, because he thinks she’s a thot. Whitlock, my confrère when we both worked for the Kansas City Star, spewed the diatribe after the “Goodies” singer showed her goodies at the Oscar Awards. Ok, Ciara wasn’t totally in the nude. But the prepossessing mother of three donned raiments so transparent, you can see her ass and titties. It’s arguably the most seductive outfit ever. The way I see it, instead of excoriating Ciara, Whitlock should’ve extolled her sexiness. After all, Russ is the world’s luckiest simp. “Russ, Russ, hit the eject button,” Whitlock pleaded. “You can’t be at a prison one day singing gospel songs with your wife then the next day be on somebody’s red carpet with your wife butt-naked, dressed like a stripper. I hate to tell anybody to get a divorce. But, hey man, you got a Jezebel on your hands. She’s emasculating you.”

Gotta disagree. Russ, 34, should not only stay married to Ciara, he should’ve renewed their vows as soon as he descried that damn dress. Social media reaction was wild. One viewer wrote, “Russ is the new Will Smith.” Another chimed in with, “IF, Ciara did emasculate Russell Wilson, it’s because he allowed her to. No woman can emasculate a man without his consent.”

A third observer added, “Future gotta be laughing right now.😂” 

If you recall, Russ’ first wife — Ashton Meem — cheated with teammate Golden Tate.

Now this.

Do you share Whitlock’s sentiment?

Is Russ being emasculated?

Watch Whitlock’s rant.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. “An excellent wife is the crown of her husband, but she who shames him is as rottenness in his bones.” (Pr. 12:4)

  2. I’m sure she wore that with his approval.
    Both of them should take a look at their souls.

  3. She is getting best of both worlds… gets to act single with a beta paying the way

  4. She’s forever 21…she’ll never change her ways and he’s a simp …

  5. Not a surprise, at all!

    Anybody remember what happened to Devon Franklin and Megan Good?

    Answers on a postcard.

  6. Russell doesn’t need to get a divorce,he is just like her. No real man would allow his wife to dress like this!

  7. Any woman who dresses like that doesn’t have any respect for her husband. And if you’re a man you look like complete fool letting your wife do that.

  8. Unequally yoked. The believer ALWAYS is the one to compromise because the unbeliever is just doing what they do naturally. They are carnally minded.

  9. Their sons had to see their mom go in and out of the house like this. I wonder what this does to a childs mind.

  10. They need to have a serious talk about what is acceptable for public consumption and what is expected of a wife and mother.

  11. Wow I just lost a lot of respect for this man! This is just sad to see. These women don’t respect Wilson at all. His first wife cheated with a teammate and now his current wife is showing she is the head of that household! She wears the pants in that relationship

  12. I can’t understand these celebrities, do they realize, they have young kids. Setting a poor example

  13. That Simp will never hit the eject button but Ciara will and she will take his money 🤡🤷🏾‍♂️

  14. It was a huge disappointment for me to see this. Especially since she says she’s saved. I saw it coming. And I honestly don’t think there is anything he can do to stop her. Soooo sad

  15. I agree with Blog King. This couple is enjoying each other! Russell got all these men HATING that he has her every night! They can’t control themselves so they try to make him seem weak! News flash, you can’t dis a man with a woman THAT fine! That man is BLESSED to have a woman like that. She’s supposed to look sexy when out with him so his eyes stays on her and no one else. This was fantastic! Some men HOPE to have a woman that can play BOTH roles.

  16. Jason calls it, the way he sees it. & He’s pretty accurate! R. Wilson doesn’t need another 🏆 wife!

  17. As a woman, I’m gonna say all facts. She done lost her whole mind. She does not respect her own husband & everybody who knows any game, knows this stunt was a typical standard “cat call”. She is advertising completely. Why? For what? Cuz like Future said, SHE IS FOR THE STREETS!! 🤣

  18. Bad enough for your wife to dress that way,but to be a mother dressed that way hellz no. She wants other men to admire her physically

  19. A lot of these women are okay with, I’ve heard all the excuses in the book for her behavior. 1 she has a hot body.2 she’s in the entertainment field so it’s okay.3 they paid her to wear that dress.4 other ladies would wearing a similar dresses 5 if the white ladies could do it why can’t she do it. This lady was pushing she’s a changed woman she wanted better for herself and she really wanted a good man the opposite of future. Since you became celibate for this man because he has good Christian values and they’re living the Christian Way as a family but here you are coming out to the world naked so everybody could see your nakedness. Not thinking about your children or even that your husband has teammates that can say they saw your nakedness and she meant working on online that is not how a classy Christian Lady. No one’s saying you have to be a nun but at least show some self-respect and class. You could be very sexy and fully clothed she was definitely looking for attention and tell him the next man she’s available.

  20. Can’t believe he let her attention seeking ass out of the house like that.

  21. The irony is she never dressed like this when she was with Future! 😂 I smell a Megan Good Divorce type in nearly future!

  22. 😂😅😢A real man isn’t gonna let their WIFE out the house looking like that but other than that she was looking nice🤦🏾‍♀️💁🏾‍♀️

  23. She’s going through something, we need to pray for her, she needs help if it doesn’t bother her to go out in public dressed like that. She’s a wife and mother. 😢😮🙏

  24. I won’t lie. Ciara were one of the celebrities I would simp over because how hot she was in my teens… now that I’m in my mid 20’s she’s really gotten unbearable. She used to be, with long hair I thought she beautiful. Shoulder length hair sexy. With this new bob hair style. She really looks unattractive. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve matured, the recent news and controversy’s or just stopped simping. But damn… what a way to break away from a celebrity crush

  25. I said this years ago! Ciara belongs to dude like future. Russell will divorce her very soon n back to the streets where she belongs.
    Respectable men like Russell get fooled by these ‘changed n born again spiritual’ women in Hollywood.
    Another one, Blac Chyna is on her ‘spiritual journey’ removing tats, baptism, church, calling out 😈 etc. Another good man is about to get fooled by this n wife her up. After which, like Ciara, her REAL self starts to show.
    Women like Ciara who have experienced h00d dude DO NOT CHANGE frm lusting after h00d dudes. They’re attracted to the drama: cheating…babymamas issues…going n@ked for attention…emotional roller-coaster etc.
    They don’t know what stability is. To them, stability is boring! Ciara has had a stable, respectable married life for some time now. It’s getting kinda boring for her. She wants drama. Everyday in the news about negativity…then proceeds to one of these MMS to ‘break her silence’ n then a ‘tell all book’….
    Divorce is coming very soon! This year may not even end.

  26. She dressed like a stripper and her husband is like go ahead show the world, only in the black culture would a woman disrespect her man like that, they do so in all kinda ways man, you don’t see it in the Asian culture, White, Hispanic Middle east no where in the world but with our culture, we hate our own because we hate ourselves, they disrespect the men in so many ways and to any degree, again you would never find these kinda disrespectful ways in any other culture but our own, we are the ones who take the match away from to one’s intended to start a firestorm and start it ourselves all the time and are so oblivious to the underlining impact.

  27. Why are people trashing Russell
    I love their relationship. If he is fine with her doing some of the things that everyone hate. It seems like they don’t have any problems…. YET. Why are all of the men so scared of Ciara? …It”s so many men that think they can make rules for Russell’s marriage . I am amazed how scared you are about this. I wish a man would tell me I can,’t wear what I want. He is the head of the family. But he ALWAYS buys me things that are sexy. Some men are not insecure

  28. Honestly the reason why she fucked with future was because he was a new artist at the time she paired herself with him to stay relevant back then …… she ain’t no Beyoncé she ain’t really had any major hits especially round that time she started dating future then when they broke up she played the victim to stay in the public eye and the women were sympathetic

  29. Tacky. And she’s way too classy and beautiful to do this. I was shocked. Isn’t this the same woman who saved herself for marriage?

  30. Russell got pus$$ whipped and is a beta man. I’ve been through that but she was not my wife. The purpose of marrying a woman is to secure her in the eyes of God. I don’t want to share her body with the world. The sad thing about him is by being a high value man he could have had a beautiful younger woman with no baggage.

  31. I loved Ciara’s look go Girl wear it…Haters will always hate and her husband was Happy 😁 so ignore them they just mad they can’t wear it Girl

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