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Voluptuous teacher spanks student in front of the class

Xaviera Steele snapped in class/YouTube

Teacher pummels student.

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ROCKY MOUNT — A viral video shows a big booty educator at Rocky Mount High School in North Carolina pummeling a female student in front of the entire class. The substitute teacher, identified as Xaviera Steele, confiscated the girl’s cell phone — causing all hell to break loose. “You did not take nobody else’s phone. You finna give me my sh*t,” the student said. “Don’t touch me!” Ms. Steele retorted. After the teen threw the first punch, Ms. Steele countered with a quick one-two combo. The student then grabbed the instructor’s braids, pulling both chicks to the floor. Ms. Steele should’ve wore trousers that day ’cause you can see she didn’t wear panties. Social media reaction was icy-hot. One commenter wrote, “I think teachers fighting back is justifiable. Everyday they have to go to work and there’s always that one child who is defiant, disrespectful, throwing paper at them, and talking back. It can take a toll on you mentally. Then one day that same student lunges at you and tries to fight you, tell me who’s going to just let it happen?”

Another person added, “She let her feelings and emotions get the best of her. She shouldn’t have let a student get her to that point, regardless. The moment she saw the student start to get physical by pushing past her to get her phone, she should’ve gave it to her and not let the situation escalate anymore, and just written her up for being defiant, or something. But under no circumstances, should it have ever gotten to the point that it did. Like what happened to professionalism, even down to how short her dress was.”

Was Ms. Steele justified in her actions?

Did the student learn her lesson?

Watch the bout of fisticuffs.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. If you dont teach your kids discipline at home, someone else will and by then it will be too late.

  2. You don’t have to give in, but you will pay the consequence. Times have changed for sure. Kids that don’t fear/respect their parents, will not respect any adult. Sad to say, but often they are reflections of their parents.

  3. The girl was wrong, but the teacher escalated the situation too quickly. She’s supposed to be the adult in the classroom

  4. That girl took the first swing. She deserved every part of that lesson. The teacher understood the assignment…

  5. Please don’t become a teacher if you’re not prepared to deal with rowdy students. She should have just gave her the phone and written her up. She was very aggressive to the student before the first swing

  6. You can hear those sweet kids in the background talking about ‘teachers naked ass’… ahh the human spirit.

  7. I’d prefer they suspend the teacher for 3 days to buy clothes more appropriate for the classroom.

  8. No respect these kids got , good for her. Anddddd she was doomed from the jump with that weak ass first punch . Teacher pressed the square button on her dumb ass

  9. You can tell what kids have discipline at home and what kids do not. I sub at a huge high school. Sometimes three days a week. It isn’t easy because parents are too busy trying to be their kid’s friends and not their parents. There was a time when you would have one or two bad apples in the classroom. Nowadays, half the class is usually disrespectful and will not follow the classroom rules regardless of how respectful you are to them. Most do not care. It’s very unfortunate.

  10. Well the teacher wasn’t wrong cause these doggone new generation of children have gone way overly disrespectful and they always have to use cellphones to record fights and posting them for likes and attention. I blame these 30 something and 40 something year old parents of these new generation of demon seeds allowing them to have cellphones to post videos on social media and disrespect their elders. They gonna learn that they just can’t jump bad on someone twice their age if the adult is not a threat. But I will say, the teacher was wrong for having inappropriate clothing on without wearing any underwear. These parents need to sit down and tell their children that they can’t act any kind of way and expect that someone owes them something. If the parent can’t control their child misbehaving, the jail house or the grave will. They need to learn to stay in a child’s place

  11. I don’t trust anyone so there’s no policy that would ever make me drop off or give my phone away to be in a classroom when the teacher can be the problem. I always just said “I don’t have a cellphone” cause it’s not like they can search you.

  12. Expel that whiny bitch student and fire the teacher for wearing inappropriate dress in front of children.

  13. Phones, phones, phones – And Lordy, wear a longer skirt in the classroom – your business is all out in the air.

  14. She got the fat ass…👀👀👀 but she was 100 percent right…stay in a child place ..can’t be running up on grown folks..u gonna learn today…and if it was my daughter…same rules apply…u shouldn’t have been on your phone..1 of all ..u got caught 2 of all…and 3 of all u ran up on a grown lady…

  15. You can see quite clearly the girl threw a punch at her, and later the girl is pulling her hair when the teacher is attempting to restrain her. A confident fighter could have dealt with this better but she’s a teacher not a wrestler. I would not ask her to lose a fight (how would that pan out?) and it’s not clear what her opportunity to disengage was. So at first glance, understandable.

  16. Yeah. The girl did hit first, and was WAAAAY out of line arguing and fighting with a teacher, but the teacher can not be absolutely destroying a kid like that. You have to keep your cool, and do only enough to defend yourself when you hold a position like that.

  17. Problem is allowing these children having phones in the classroom. First day of school, it’s something that should be announced, and told of the ramifications of them using one in class, which should be taken away, given back after class. If the student gets irate then send them to office, let them deal with the issue. If the student continues to do it, then suspend them for 3 days. If none of that works then expel them for good. Yeah. They would have to find another place to go to LEARN!!!! Certain kids just want to be difficult, and THINK they’re already grown up.

    Funny thing is once them and a good portion of people become an adult, guess what? You already know the answer. Many want to be that kid again.

  18. Shit I was hypnotized by the teacher’s ass, I missed the whole damn fight 😂

  19. Morally, I wanna say this so wrong on so many levels….. but another part of me wants to say if you have enough balls to swing at a grown adult, then take the consequences like a grown adult. But all in all, I don’t even think it should get to this point especially now with cell phones. If the kid isn’t paying attention, let that reflect in their test scores and call it a day … don’t put yourself at risk or the lack of respect that students have today.

  20. That lil grown girl got exactly what she deserved need to follow the rules or go home and keep yo hands to yo self!!

  21. Baby I’m 29 & if I EVER HAD TO DISRESPECT A TEACHERS OR SUBSTITUTE baby the way that teacher was beating her ass my mom would’ve beaten my ass! These kids are mad DISRESPECTFUL and wondering why they aren’t making it to their 20’s! These teachers don’t get enough credit! When I was in school we knew better not to have our phones out! We still did it but sneak! Then the lil rank tail hoe idgaf how old she is going to draw her hand back to slap someone! She needed her ass tf beat and these ignorant ass parents are part of the problem as well! They don’t discipline those bad mfs! Some of the parents defend behavior like that but ready to scream bloody murder if those same bad mfs get gun down! That teacher did the right thing BEAT THEY ASS SOME MORE

  22. They both were in the wrong
    Like the girl said she didn’t take anyone else’s phone
    She should have just told everyone to give her their phone until class is over and it wouldn’t have been any problem in the classroom at all.
    That’s the best thing ever.
    What if that girl had crazy people that will end up doing something to that teacher and now they’re going to have more problems. Just stop the Violence before it gets started. Simple as that ❤❤❤❤

  23. My opinion I feel as a professional the teacher was wrong. As an educated adult the teacher failed to handle this situation in the proper manner. The teacher could have restrained the student in a professional manner but she chose to handle the student and beat her up like in a street fight, then the teacher restrained the student then asked for help. This should have been done first as a professional. The student was wrong. The student should not have been on her phone and should not have been brushing up against the teacher. The student was acting her age and being disrespectful and she was wrong but the teacher is the adult. I wonder if this was not a black on black situation if people would still take up for the teacher.🤔

  24. The teacher was wrong idc what anybody say she made it worse she pushed the girl back when she reached for the phone that what cause her to swing at the teacher the teacher overreacted and took full advantage of the situation to show the rest of the girls in the class a lesson she repeatedly hit her as if she was fighting for her life once she realized the girl couldn’t defend herself she then stopped and yelled for help they both are wrong in my opinion she the adult she should’ve just gave her phone and sent her to the office all that could’ve been avoided

  25. I dont give a dam if she didn’t want to give up the phone SEND HER TO THE PRINCIPALS OFFICE ….YOU DONT TOUCH NOBODY ELSE CHILD PERIOD!!!

  26. I’ve had my share of arguments with my teachers when I was in school I graduated in 2018 but never would I have been bold enough to put my hands on them UNLESS I was defending myself. Her being pushed does not count as self defense cause she was violating that woman’s personal space I had someone insult my intelligence yesterday because I feel like they’re both wrong but mostly the student because just because that woman is a teacher doesn’t make her less human.

  27. The teacher is right until it’s yall kid getting they ass whipped by an over sized adult. Everyone was was disrespectful the student and teacher. But what’s so mind boggling to me is how grown ass adults are condoning a grown ass woman hurting a screaming child. What happen to restraining yourself it was so many ways she could of went but she had to beat her up smh y’all are pitiful

  28. I had to leave after 15 + years because if I didn’t, I would be in jail, because these kids are disrespectful and don’t mind stepping up to you and putting their hands on you and the parents believe that they do no wrong. Not all, but it’s crazy.

  29. That little girl was defending herself! She went to to grab her phone and the teacher bucked up on her because she tried to go in the desk to get the phone. Had she just given the girl the phone, wrote her up and sent her out of her classroom to the office she wouldn’t be in this mess now!

  30. i feel like if the teachers ain’t fighting the students they havin sex with them! it’s one or the other. i’m like wth is going on??? I’m not a teacher but i’m not taking any child/students phone cause that’s not my place, if you’re on your phone that’s disrupting the class.. i’m getting someone to escort you out (i know she said she called administration 3 times beforehand) & if they aren’t disrupting the class then let them be on the phone and fail. i remember when people were up in arms about police being in schools but it seems like they need to be there as long as they’re doing the right thing

  31. That kid hit her first . So the teacher suppose to let her hit her.? The child was wrong for putting her hands on her. The girl would have gotten her phone back. Children today do not have any respect for adults.

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