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Racist Karen pummeled by black woman over N-word

A viral video shows Karen gettin’ her ass kicked in broad daylight after she called a black woman the N-word. And, get this: the Caucasian broad tried to use an African American bystander as a human shield but he refused to intervene. Instead, he stood there and watched. “Say n*gga again, bitch!” the black chick yelled as she repeatedly punched Karen in the countenance. “Who’s the n*gga now?” The black chick then pulled Karen to the ground by her hair and proceeded to stomp her head into the concrete.

“I’m sorry,” Karen pleaded.

Watch the pummeling.

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  1. Black women are so sexy. I don’t know why all the black men are leaving them to raise their children alone; that looks like so much fun to be around 24 hours a day.

  2. Yea after this you can argue she now hates black people or learned her lesson

  3. She got beat up for using a word that they use probably quite often and is used in songs and slang every single day. Double standards

  4. Head stomping = felony assault.
    I hope she didn’t have anything big planned for the next 5-10 years.

  5. Remember, the real problem today is toxic masculinity (and white people).

  6. This is amazing! White people are soooo scared to be treated how they’ve treated black folks for generations.

  7. man do i feel bad. Sure i get yelled racial slurs online and sometimes irl, but this was straight up assault. She didn’t even fight back 💀 not saying she didn’t deserve it, but not THAT much…

  8. Stomping on someone’s head really is over the top. Actually violence for words is over the top, but the stomping is just an attempt to severly hurt or even kill someone.

  9. The thing that got me was the guy at the end. The way he said “forreal??” took me out 😂😂

    Any desire he had to break up the situation went away after that 💀

  10. She got what she asked for. I’ve watched this a dozen times now and it doesn’t get old

  11. two wrongs don’t make a right, but i have a feeling karen won’t be popping off like that again.

  12. I am not a legal expect, but this looks like assault? She’s following the woman and attacks her in the parking lot.

    Is there any legal consequences for using racial slurs?

  13. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will immediately justify breaking my bones

  14. I know it is wrong to call a black person the N-Word but you can call them a female dog. 🤔🤦🤡

  15. I NOT taking sides, but I always try to look at it in multiple ways. Just curious, would those who support this kind of response also feel good about a video showing white people beating up a black woman because she called them a “cracker”. Would that be applauded as well?

  16. People keep saying shes in the wrong, but if someone challenges you to a fight ahead of time, and you accept their challenge, and win. Did you actually do anything wrong?

  17. Imagine getting stomped out by someone wearing crocs 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣

  18. Is this a federal hate crime? What constitutes hate in regards to this video? Laws broken?

  19. They seem awfully upset about someone using a word that an entire race of people has adopted as a colloquialism and perpetuated by their continued use of it in their everyday life and culture. I guess it’s all about whose saying it?

  20. Her man’s was like “she did ?” Okay just let me get out the way first

  21. Every time I see these videos, it makes me more “racist”. Black people seem to find it normal to beat the crap out of someone for saying a “bad” word. They don’t seem to realize is that they are just reinforcing the “stereotype” of black people being low impulse control savages.

  22. I love it!!! karen should see that sister beating her hag azz every time she tries to sleep!

  23. they think they own the world….she needs a good slice of ms hilly pie from the Help

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