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Cold As Balls: Kevin Hart & Bianca Belair talk wrestling

Bianca Belair joins Kevin Hart/YouTube

Bianca Belair cold as balls. 

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LOS ANGELES — Bianca Belair became the latest sacrificial lamb to appear on Kevin Hart’s “Cold As Balls” sports show from LOL Network. The WWE Raw Women’s Champion — who’s brawny, yet sexy — joined the diminutive comic in taking an ice bath to confabulate her struggles with mental health, her battle with dysmorphia, gettin’ started in the wrestling business, headlining WrestleMania 37 with Sasha Banks, and her goal to kick Charlotte Flair’s ass in the near future. Bianca, 34, also uses her ponytail to spank opponents. It surpasses Kevin’s height and it’s longer than Rapunzel’s. “Are you really hurting people with that?” Kevin asked. “Yeah, I mean, I wouldn’t have known because I’ve never taken it. But, yeah. It actually makes a little bit of a noise in the air,” Bianca explained while swinging the braid around like a helicopter propeller.

Social media reaction exuded approbation. One commenter wrote, “Bianca Belair is the John Cena of WWE’s women’s division. She’s beautiful and talented. Kevin Hart is funny as usual. Cold episode no pun intended.” Another chimed in with, “Well, Bianca became the coldEST after being in that ice tub.❄️” A third viewer added, “BIANCA IS THAT GURRRLLLL!!!❤🎉 One of the most chaotic, best episodes ever. Dying the whole time!!!😅😂”

Everybody says Bianca is hotter than fish grease.

But she’s off the market.

Bianca is dating WWE co-worker Montez Ford.

“Cold As Balls” airs new episodes every Tuesday on Laugh Out Loud’s YouTube channel.

The show is in its 8th season.

Watch Bianca and Kevin keep it 💯.

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  1. That slice of pizza floating in the tub🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Kevin calling Montez’ turtleneck a cast was the funniest thing ive heard him say in YEEEEAAAARS, Im crying 😂😂😂

  3. Does everything with her have to say she’s the “EST”??? Jesus Christ she’s ANNOYING with that. You know how they constantly say “heels that annoy you are doing their job”? Well she’s booked as a babyface and STILL annoys lots of people. 😂 She may be nice outside the ring but Jesus that “I’m The EST!” gotta go bruh. Before anyone tries to say “she’s staying in character”, she doesn’t have to be all the time.

  4. Bianca Belair is a beautiful woman! Montez Ford is a bless man. God bless 🙌 them.

  5. She needs to get off the roids looking bigger then Dolph ziggler new day etc. She bigger then her man 💀🤣

  6. I would LOVE if the WWE allow her & Montez to be champions at the same time! That would be DOPE! I love them both 💯

  7. One of the most beautiful couples PERIOD! She is so sweet, articulate and intelligent. I see her playing a Bond girl!

  8. ok Bianca is by far the best guest and her husband just made it impossible for anyone to beat this episode

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