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Charles Barkley says Lamar Jackson is playing with fire

Charles Barkley warns Lamar Jackson/YouTube

Barkley weighs in on Lamar. 

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BALTIMORE — Not one to mince words, Charles Barkley weighed in on the fiasco encircling Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar “Action” Jackson whose trying to negotiate the largest, most lucrative contract in NFL history without representation. Yep, it’s just him and his mama. If Lamar succeeds, conventional wisdom implies a legion of agents will be assed out and unemployed. Players will simply ponder, “Is it really necessary to hire ’em?” Not to mention pro athletes can retain up to 20 percent in earnings and endorsements by kickin’ them leeches to the curb. Given the fact 65 percent of black athletes are penurious by retirement, those savings could come in handy. Keep in mind, most players are negro and 99.9 percent of agents are white. So ethnicity is at the forefront of Lamar’s stratagem. Should he prevail, owners will be impacted too.

That’s because the league’s business model is predicated on whites handling the business side of things and blacks providing manual labor. The model works. There’s no question about that. The NFL is a billion dollar industry with a massive global following. They’re playing games in Germany for Christ’s sake. But if negroes were to jettison agents and represent themselves (à la Lamar), the model would go up in flames and proprietorship would be jeopardized. See… in order to represent a player, an agent must be approbated by owners which goes to show they’re working in cahoots.

Wonderlic scores be damned, Lamar ain’t no dummy. He knows he’s a victim of collusion. It’s in ownership’s pecuniary interest to have Lamar’s cynosure affixed on throwing footballs, not managing profits and investments. But like Jimmy “The Greek” once proclaimed, “[black athletes] got everything… if they take over [leadership positions]… there’s not going to be anything left for white people.”

CBS fired Jimmy for saying that.

But he told the truth.

Pretty much every leadership position is occupied by Caucasians.

We’re talkin’ ownership, agency, management and coaching.

Sure, Lamar wants guaranteed money.

Who the f*ck don’t?

But he’s also seeking a slice of the leadership pie.

Mr. Barkley believes he’s wasting his time. “Lamar, you’re playing with fire, brother,” he said during an appearance on 850 ESPN Cleveland. “You’re going to get burnt. These dudes, they’re all billionaires. They’re not going to let you screw up their business model.”

Sir Charles is right.

The only way Lamar can win is to coax his NFL brethren to join his campaign and there’s a diminutive chance of that happening. Case in point, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts is a comparable talent and he’s well aware of Lamar’s situation.

Yet, he didn’t hesitate to sign his new deal.

Any leverage Lamar had was annihilated by Jalen’s contract.

Look, Action Jackson is trying to prove clueless black athletes are no longer clueless and they’re just as business savvy as their white counterparts.

It’s a valiant effort.

But he’s on his own and that ain’t enough.

Listen to Barkley get in Lamar’s ass.

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  1. At this point I think everyone is burned out on the Lamar Jackson drama.
    Dude is injury prone anyway. Can’t even complete a season.
    No thanks. Next topic please.

  2. Why does he need an agent if he was offered a better deal than Jalen Hurts just signed?

  3. This Lamar situation is incredibly vindicating for those with IQs above room temperature. Goes to show those who live in reality, and those who live on social media.

  4. white people must always have control over blacks its the only way they can make money

    big props to lamar

  5. LAMAR JACKSON can destroy a team and make the NFL lose fans. We the fans are so tired of the racist.

  6. Lamar needs a fuckin agent end of story. But it’s to late, he requested a trade and no offers happened. Jesus. Grab w/e bag is thrown your way at this point Lamar.

  7. Honestly the worst thing to happen to Lamar’s career won’t even be anything on the field it’ll be the horrible decision not to hire an agent. He’d be signed weeks ago if he just had someone who lives and breathes the business side of things

  8. Ravens please move off the idiot, he has shown his true colors. Hes a clown

    In Lamars words, beleeee dat, no cappin fam emoji emoji……cringe

  9. He is still going to get his money. He doesn’t have to do anything,they said he wasn’t a QB in the first place.

  10. I have a proposition, give Lamar his fully guaranteed. Lamar Jackson has never managed a season w/o missing at least a game. Lamar has shown his complete idiocy. I am sorry, but nobody is irreplaceable. I have worked with best friends and / or family and have fired them. Business is Business. The point is to give Lamar exactly what he wants with a simple proviso that he loses the fully guaranteed if he misses a game. I am fine giving him a deserved contract much in line with a caliber of the top tier QB’S. Give Lamar what he wants, but give him enough to love it or hate it gets to choose.

  11. That’s why I give Kirk cousins all the props in the world for betting on himself and getting paid

  12. Lamar Jackson is getting some Horrible advice from his camp. He should have took the 3/133mill. He would be 28 at the time and I’m pretty sure he would ball. Do another deal after the 3yrs.

  13. Never take advice from a guy who got a DUI on his way to cheat on his wife with a hooker…… And beat up a little guy in a bar . And spat on a camera man and a fan at a NBA game. And did a Nike commercial saying he is not a role model I agree. But the media never mentions this. I wonder why?

  14. This isn’t going well for Lamar. Just like Barkley said, these are millionaires and you’re not going to mess up their business model. It’s all about money and them being in control and maintaining it. Allowing LJ to call the shots would set a precedence and the owners aren’t having that. LJ doesn’t have an agent, he’s negotiating for himself AND he wants a guaranteed contract? THAT goes against their business model. If they allow that to happen, they have lost control and will no longer have the upper hand regarding future negotiations with any other players.

    I agree with Charles Barkley. LJ is going to get burnt. These owners have enough money to see to it that he doesn’t come out on top because it’s all about the money and setting an example. LJ is not going to win.

  15. Give the man what the hell he want forget all that crap stop being so damn cheap when you White folks got the damn money you know damn well that Boy Deserves this money filled up stadiums you made a lot of money with the attendance of those other people came to the stadium Harlem t-shirts he’s selling all the people that’s coming out spending money you made a lot of money on Lamar Jackson coming to see those games so don’t give me that bull crap white people you’re too damn cheap.

  16. Why the fuck do people care so much about Lamar not having an agent????

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