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NFL Draft: Kelce spiked the Lombardi Trophy in concert

Kelce spikes Lombardi Trophy/Clutchpoints

Kelce slams Lombardi Trophy. 

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BONNER SPRINGS — A viral video shows Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce slamming the Lombardi Trophy during his “Kelce Jam” concert to wrap up the NFL Draft. The 33-year-old tight end spiked the prize as if he just scored a touchdown. The show was held at the Azura Amphitheater in Bonner Springs, Kansas and it featured energetic performances from Machine Gun Kelly, Loud Luxury, Rick Ross, and Kansas City native Tech N9ne. The NFL Draft was held at Kansas City’s Union Station. Social media reaction was skeptical. One commenter wrote, Uhhhhh hope that was a fake Super Bowl trophy because if not he needs to be fined by the team. 😂” Another person added, “It’s literally a replica, no way he would do that to the real thing.” Look, we all love Kelce. The future Hall of Famer is arguably the blackest white man in U.S. history.

But we can’t have Kelce body-slamming the Lombardi Trophy. I don’t give a damn if it is a replica. As Chiefs fans, we waited 50 years to start collecting ’em and we’ll get at least three more with star quarterback Patrick Mahomes at the helm. Those trophies must be handled like neonates during parturition. Maltreatment is unacceptable. If you wanna slam something, find a Raiders fan.

Watch Kelce entertain the sellout crowd.

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  1. definitely a fake trophy

    if it was real andy reid would kick his ass

  2. This event is just what KC needs💁🏽!!!! FUN… EXCITEMENT…& On the MAP!!!! Kelsey Travis, We appreciate that ENERGY🔥✨💯💞

  3. So disappointed in Travis. I thought he was a better man than how he’s been acting. Wish he’d be a better role model.

  4. Pretty disrespectful there Travis.. hopefully that was a replica. That’s worse than Tom Brady, throwing it from a boat…

  5. I’ll give Travis his props but without Mahomes, Kelce wouldn’t have any trophies and neither would the Chiefs plain and simple. Yes he did help them win no doubt but I feel Mahomes importance to the Chiefs championships is so much more meaningful than Kelce. Also, if a certain Pass interference isn’t called then Kelce very well wouldnt be going viral right now

  6. I am a life long chiefs fan and sort of surprised at how bad this makes me feel. We have been struggling and coming up short for decades to get those Lombardi trophies and the players, fans, and the whole region loves our chiefs and this is pure disrespect to all of that. Fake or not it is unacceptable act to treat this symbol so poorly. If there are football gods (and I believe there are) this will not go unpunished.

  7. He’s getting more annoying than Gronkowski and believe me that’s an achievement. Can the guys just keep his talent and not be such a f**king idiot

  8. No one ever accused Kelce of having class. Replica or not, it’s disrespectful.

  9. Welp he just fukd up the script ! They is not winning the ship next season 😂😂😂

  10. Screen him now for CTE now. how could you demonstrate such irreverence for a team trophy that’s so hard to win?

  11. This is why you don’t give boys drinks 😂😂 wtf he lost his dam mind

  12. The disrespect across our whole country is very apparent. If you ask me, it’s sad to see.

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