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Ex-USDA scientist claims burger meat is pink slime

Bill Gates is selling us fake meat/YouTube

Burgers contain pink slime.

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WASHINGTON — A viral video shows quondam USDA scientist Gerald Zirnstein warning Americans to stop manducating ground beef ’cause it’s faker than a hooker’s hair weave. Lord have mercy. When it rains, it pours. Zirnstein said 70 percent of the cattle we buy at the supermarket contains pink slime sprayed with ammonia. It’s the same slimy ingredient used in dog food. Bon Appétit! “It’s economic fraud,” Zirnstein said during an interview. “It’s not fresh ground beef. It’s a substitute, a cheap substitute.” Keep in mind, Microsoft honcho Bill Gates is the largest private owner of farmland in the United States. The 67-year-old billionaire has quietly amassed roughly 270,000 acres and he’s a manufacturer of 3D-printed meat. Social media reaction was fierce. One commenter wrote, “Ammonia? Disgusting filthy f*ckin’ bastard CUNTS!!!!! No wonder I’m sick a lot.”

Another chimed in with, “They left out the part where they add propylene glycol to make the fat “chewy” like meat. I read this in a food engineering magazine way back in 1995. Plastic, caustic acid, and bleach = dioxin for dinner. Propylene glycol is a poison, too. It’s in everything now. Chronic acute poisoning is the sneaky way to cut decades off one’s life.”

A third person added, “Wait ’til you hear what’s inside McDonald’s hamburgers for kids.”

Will you continue to ingest spurious meat or go vegan?

Watch Zirnstein drop the bombshell.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Force feed it to Gates, and his mates, while jabbing them, with their poisons, every three months.

  2. They are about to come after all the chickens too, our little home flocks, etc. The real reason is that they can’t let us eat our own food, when they are trying to force feed us what they want to kill us with!
    They will do this with another massive fear campaign, over bird flu. They are already saying “outbreaks are coming!” They are also saying that there is a high probability the virus will mutate, and will become more deadly to humans!

  3. ARRGGHHHH FUCK…..why did i take his vaccine…..should have listened to my freinds

  4. I knew there was something going on with the price being so low. One time this man was buying the 5 pound packages at once, like at 3 of them and telling me what a good deal they were. I told him, “Yeah, makes you wonder what they’re putting in it.” He put them back….lol

  5. Had to stop consuming ‘groundbeef’ 35-40 year’s ago when an article was published about Macdonalds and Tacobail having too much Human DNA in their ‘groundbeef’, have not been eaten out since, had to give up Seafood since The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant was blown up about the same time and have not trusted Supermarket Food since the late 1970’s and early 1980’s when every Hospital and University began Building Cancer Centers stayed with from ‘Super Sized’ meals as the Cancer was associated with overweight.

  6. Bill gates sure is gettin older and hell nearer for him, what a cheap sell out of a weak excuse of a man.

  7. I don’t believe it, sounds like propaganda to get us to eat bugs!

  8. The USDA has been in bed with farmers and ranchers for years. NEVER trust that agency when it comes to food safety.


  10. Nothing like a nice steak with fries and a beer. God bless America. 🇺🇸

  11. This guy really wants us malnourished and weak.
    Easier to control the population

  12. This man is a narcissist driven by money. Over my dead body I will eat this crap!

  13. I’ll take my chance and eat what God has provided for human consumption.

  14. Bill gates is evil, don’t go along with this. Think for yourself, ask the question what ingredients are really in this and why is he and the elite pushing this agenda. Its certainly not for our own good. BG is a sinister evil monster

  15. it means more chemicals in your food for future medical bills for the pharma industry

  16. This crap, he flicking wants us to get cancer and he is the one that will eat the real meat.

  17. Bill owns the pharmacy, the vaccines, his meat 🍖 is in the restaurant now. We need to learn how to grow are own food FAST !! Before he kills all of us slow. He thinks he is God!! To decide who lives or die. Sad !!

  18. He will eat meat happily for rest of his life. While others suffer and eat cockroaches

  19. Look up 3d printed meat. He lab grows stem cells from cows and prints it.

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