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‘Fresh & Fit’ star under fire

Woman threatens to shoot Myron/YouTube

Fresh & Fit receives death threat.

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MIAMI — A viral video shows a belligerent black chick threatening to shoot “Fresh & Fit” podcaster Myron Gaines during a live broadcast. More than 13,000 viewers descried the commotion. The fiery redbone grew sick and tired of the Manosphere advocate puttin’ women down. Myron, if you recall, once said black women are the least desired species when it comes to dating. He’s sort of an admixture of Kevin Samuels and Tommy Sotomayor. “Get the f*ck outta here. You look like a clown,” Myron told the blonde popsy. “Who looks like a clown?” she replied. “I look better than any bitch you’ve ever been with. Look at you… You run a show debating about women. What does that say about you? Pussy-ass n*gga! I’ll get this place shot up!” Myron was quick to remind her Florida is a “Stand Your Ground” state and he has the right to return gunfire. “I don’t miss bitch!” he warned.

Social media reaction was wild. One commenter wrote, “Women won’t take accountability so they’ll threaten someone’s life. Evil world we live in.” Another chimed in with, “That girl wants men to shoot each other because she’s in her feelings? Damn.” A third viewer added, “Men, this is why you never fight FOR a broad, or OVER a broad. You’ll end up in a grave, and she’ll just move on.”

Personally, I’m surprised this type of blowup hasn’t transpired sooner.

“Fresh & Fit” berates women 24/7. Not sure why so many dudes are creating misogyny networks to lambaste single ladies. It’s completely unnecessary. Last time I checked, America is a free country. We can date who the hell we want. We can even purchase passports. Nobody’s putting a gun to our head so there’s no need to besmirch the opposite sex.

Watch babygirl threaten to bust some caps.

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  1. She acting all gangsta until she sees the bodyguard in the backroom pop out with an ak

  2. Women who talk shit about murder over a bruised ego will never hold a man down they are so dammed . Any relationships they are in will get murdered or end up in jail for life because she felt like getting it twisted.

  3. She’s saying this to a guy who was a Homeland Special Investigations agent for ten years… 😂 You ain’t gonna do shit.

  4. Men, this is why you never fight FOR a broad, or OVER a broad. You’ll end up in a grave, and she’ll just move on.

  5. She really bouta get some dude aired out or sent to prison behind hurt feelings

  6. She look like the type to say she don’t need no man but then call a man to shoot the place up 😂

  7. What she really means is she will spread some lies to some shady but manipulated guy to come do her dirty deeds. Also whoever is dating her RUN

  8. Will never understand how men will deadass argue with women and take them seriously. She really out here acting tough saying “Imma bring someone to shoot you” Instead of shooting him herself. Beyond pitiful.💀

  9. When someone resorts to insults and threats they lost the argument. If someone threatens to shoot up the place they are a psychopath. Goes beyond just a crazy female.

  10. “Come back you dumb bitch” some of the most satisfying words he’s said thus far

  11. The type who will get their brother/uncle/BF killed over a total lie because she’s angry.

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