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Serial butt-smeller finally busted at Barnes & Noble

Crowder has butt-smelling fetish/YouTube

Serial ass-sniffer busted. 

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BURBANK — Ladies, be careful when patronizing bookstores. There’s a serial booty-smeller on the loose. Calese Carron Crowder, 36, was thrown in the slammer after he got caught sniffing a woman’s derrière at Barnes & Noble. Damn, that’s one helluva fetish. The booty-smelling ordeal transpired last week at the bookstore in Burbank, California. It was also captured on video. TikTok footage shows Calese creeping up behind Michaela Witter and inhaling her butt crack while she’s busy reading a book. “What are you doing?” she asked. “Tying my shoe,” he replied. Calese got a whiff of other female customers as well. The malodor is like perfume to him. Michaela disseminated the video with the caption: “The ugly side of doing things solo as a woman even in an open public space. Stalking, harrassment, etc. has happened to me way too many times but this definitely ranks top 3 creepiest moments. Please be safe and attentive to your surroundings unlike myself. Unfortunately, as women we have to have all senses aware even in spaces we wouldn’t think necessary.”

After Michaela’s video went viral, Calese was arrested and charged with… um, I guess sniffin’ a woman’s ass. Sadly, accosting popsies is nothin’ new to him. The serial ass-sniffer has a rap sheet that includes dozens of arrests for sex offenses, burglary and robbery dating back to 2005. The felonious bastard was also caught peeping at children on August 8th while they were in their home in Glendale, Arizona. Social media reaction was unforgiving. One commenter wrote, “Joe Biden, is that you?” Another chimed in with, “I suppose she asked for it. She should’ve definitely left her butt at home.” A third viewer added, “Should’ve farted in his face.”

Candace Horry, wife of former NBA player Robert Horry, said Calese stalked their daughter a decade ago.


Does Calese belong behind bars?

Should a man be vilified for satisfying his fetish?

Watch Calese sniff some ass.

Share your thoughts.

@michaela.witter The ugly side of doing things solo as a woman even in an open public space. Stalking, harrassment, etc. has happened to me way too many times but this definitely ranks top 3 creepiest moments. Please be safe and attentive to your surroundings unlike myself. Unfortunately, as women we have to have all senses aware even in spaces we wouldnt think necessary #100solodateideas #solodateideas #womenproblems #menarescary ♬ original sound – Michaela 🤍

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  1. If he didn’t have those Shrek ears he’d make a fine stand-in for Sniffy Joe.

  2. I would have release one of my toxic farts! 😆… am sorry but we got to be safe ladies

  3. Joe Biden can probably teach him how to sniff women without being so obvious! Joe has mastered the sniff!

  4. Imagine living in a world where a man will get arrested for admiring a womens perfume 🍒🥭🌻👮☠️

  5. I wonder what will happen if he encountered a woman who did not shower? That might traumatize and rehabilitate him

  6. @mccoy geniuss: She was being followed that’s why she was recording him

  7. Sniffing & crawling around like a dog in heat. How many times are the courts going to let this sniffer out to crawl around sniffing at will?

  8. Black privilege right there. He’s a criminal yet gets to walk free despite all that.

  9. this is why I’m scared to go do things on my own in public. I recently broke up with my bf and I want to go out, self care, but it’s scary these days.

  10. Don’t worry he’s already out of jail free to do this again and again and again

  11. Not just embarrassing, but a lot of people who are victims of this crap still get victim blamed for what happens to them. Plenty of times in the past and still in the present, rape victims would be treated like “oh you must have lead him on” or the whole bullshit of “they were asking for it”.

  12. Did he touch them? If not there is no violation. As long as we have people that break wind in public forcing us to smell, he can the position himself to smell. He just cant touch you.

  13. I think hes trying to smell them not specifically their butts. You know how every person you meet kinda has a different smell like you dont smell it all the time but youll catch a whiff. Hes trying to catch a whiff without being caught and has been at it a while. Its terrifying how sneaky he was.

  14. People do have natural smells on their butt thats why dogs smell theirs – but its still weird

  15. Perhaps he’s hoping for a fart to drop. Keeps sniffing ‘nope out of luck here, maybe the next one’

  16. How to totally survive a dangerous situation

    Step 1: First see the dangerous man doing creepy stuff
    Step 2: Do not call the police or get out of the situation
    Step 3: Set your self up even though you already caught him on camera doing it to other women
    Step 4: record for tik tok so you can get maximum clout straight away

  17. the guy is sick like the woman as well! Who put a phone in a store just to record yourself? social media is a hell of a drug man!

  18. Her life was changed because a crazy homeless looking dude sniffed her butt odor while she was pretending to read books and secretly filming herself throughout this private bookstore in order to make money from teenagers that enjoy watching others pretend to do everyday activities in order to live vicariously through people who are good looking that they can imagine are actually their online besties.

    Oh 2023!!! only you!!!! 😂😂😂

  19. That’s what happens in the real world. If you think you are living in a perfect world you are stupid. That’s why laws have been made cause this world is full of creeps and wicked weird people that rape and stalk women but these dumb women exploit themselves for views and likes . America is filled with pedophiles and drug addicts it’s only a matter of time before these people find you and give you the attention you are craving, who do you think is watching your videos I’ll give you a hint , no self respecting man is watching you shake your ass and tits on the phone 🤳📱 we are to busy raising our daughters not to be attention whores .

  20. This happened to me in a Barnes & Noble bookstore too. Different freak & different method . Ofc no employees around on the 2nd floor ( Im sure he staked it out first. )
    You would think it would be safe in a bookstore, but it seems to attract them because it happened again in a public library (plenty of hiding places ? Quiet, shy girls who like books & are less likely to make a scene ? )
    I really salute this young ladies bravery. Its scary to have a pervert after you, you dont know what these deranged men will do if confronted.

  21. Completely unrelated to the issue, but why is she making a Tik Tok Video in a bookstore? Sharing what book she is reading? I kinda don’t get it. Maybe if people were less focused on their phones and the three zillion social media platforms they want to post on they would notice a guy two inches from their behind bending down to sniff them.

  22. He reminds me of my gay coworker name Steven. He’s creepy sneaking up on guys. I made a complaint about him, but my boss won’t do nothing about it but talk to him due to the companies rules. There’s been other complaints about him picking at guys when they’re taking a piss. If this keeps up, I might sue the company since they won’t do nothing about it. My job is full of shit!!

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