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Olivia Alexa shares the five pillars of good relationship

Olivia says know your worth/YouTube

There’s rules to Western dating. 

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DALLAS — If you’re having difficulty finding conjugal value in promiscuous Western women, help has arrived. A viral video shows dating coach Olivia Alexa elucidating a handful of things men should prioritize before trying to get some p*ssy. Olivia calls ’em the 5 pillars of a good relationship. They are… 1) Unwavering loyalty: “A woman who’s not loyal to you is like having someone eventually pull the rug from underneath.” 2) Sexual polarity: “These are two words that encapsulate why you even wanna get in a relationship or deal with a woman in the first place.” 3) Respect the man that you are: “I firmly believe that a woman can not love you if she doesn’t respect you.” 4) Trust and honesty: “Trust is the belief in your woman’s reliability. It’s about knowing that she has your back. Honesty is all about clear, respectful communication. Without either one of these, you’ll be stuck in a relationship filled with doubts and insecurities.”

And, 5) Provide nurturing support: “Life is already a battlefield… The very last thing that you need is to come home to a woman who piles on more pressure, instead of being your comfort.” Social media reaction was Icy Hot. One commenter wrote, “All female dating coaches are single.” Another chimed in with, “I am single because PEACE and TRANQUILITY are PRICELESS and I have a PASSPORT.”

A third viewer wrote, “Simp City. She’s pandering to men for views she flips into dollars. Never take advice from women. They are always at the center of everything they say and do. How can you call yourself a leader taking a woman’s advice? I bet she’s either single or her mate is 6 ft and above and for sure she would never be in a relationship with the type of man she ‘defends’ and patronizes. Suckers and simps. No wonder women complain. Be a leader and stop looking for someone to empathize. Get sh*t done on your own.”

Are you in agreement with Olivia’s Fab Five?

Do you care if a woman respects you or not?

Watch babygirl break it down.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. A woman can’t respect a man if he doesn’t respect himself. Period

  2. As long as I have Jesus Christ walking with me I’m good! 16 months and $ 20k of playing Superman coming to rescue the female in need is a constant drain, financially and spiritually. Had the situation been the other way around, no way would any woman support me 100% even denying there ambitions, hopes, and dreams just to meet me at my lowest point. So I’d rather Partner up with Jesus Christ and walk this journey alone

  3. Please tell me she’s single.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  4. The man is the head of house and if he tells her to go to work she must listen.

  5. Given the odds my attitude evolved into advising men just say no. Say no to disrespect. Say no to usury. Say no to constant drama. Say no to relationshits. Date if you’re a risk taker but live alone forever, never shack up, never allow her to stay the night. Do not marry EVER, no you did not find the unicorn, you found a chameleon, she’s just another user. NEVER IMPREGNATE. Listen to the old biddy Nancy Reagan’s advice and JUST SAY NO.

  6. Somebody put a ring on it ! And if someone already did, hats off my guy. Olivia is the prototype

  7. Man you wiil never get these things from a woman. So go on alone😊😊😊

  8. The one who Loves the Least, holds the most Power in the Relationship.

  9. This chick needs to be PROTECTED AT ALL COST👮🏽‍♂️!!!! I’m sure there are some women out there that really HATE HER GUTS😡!!!

  10. I’m married and these describe my wife to a T. And she’s earned a man who will provide, protect, and love her. She doesn’t have to to work. She can choose to if she wants, but she gives me what I need so she get’s taken care of. Hopefully many ladies are seeing this content and taking it to heart.

  11. Modern dating is sifting through a trash can 🗑️ to find a rare jewel 💎. Perfectly worded sis.💯

  12. Seems like modern women are useless and unlovable. Maybe we should leave them alone and let them be prostitutes?
    Naaah it would destroy our civilization, we need women, they are vital. We must unbrainwash them.

  13. Ladies and Gentlemen never accept a person that’s sexually active, a person that’s sexually active when you meet them will never be faithful to you,.
    Put respect at the top of your priority list and watch everything else fall into place.

  14. I have God the creator in my life. If there is no belief in God in her life GAME OVER period.

  15. No. 1 will be visible on the very first date to a nice restaurant. If she starts to complain and whine about everything at a high end place, it shows ungratefulness under blinding spotlights. Nothing will ever satisfy her… Just walk away

  16. This Olivia kills me : respect… 80% of the modern women are disqualified😂

  17. If Jesus didn’t marry a women than y should I. If the Bible says we should strive to be like Jesus, why bother. Do what Paul did and you will see it’s much better to be alone then to waste your time and money on someone who is unwilling to care about your needs and will never reciprocate.

  18. Fellows fellows fellows …….we are supposed to chase, remember we are hunters and conquerors……nothing is as exciting as chasing a girl who initially hated your guts and resisted and you stealthily and strategically maneuver your way into capturing her heart and she surrenders to your charm…..come on guys “grow some balls” and let’s go get ‘lucky’

  19. If social media would cease to exist, human relationships would improve. All these coaching advices are a result of social media. Every woman is getting showered with likes and followers which made them obnoxious. And that’s men fault cause in order to score they are willing to sell their dignity to hell

  20. Damn!!🏆💯👏 ..As a 50 year old successful black man, I approve this message!!! ..This sista is dropping GEMS!!

  21. After 2 years of Working on my Self, Healing, facing my Demons head on, I have finally magnetized An Amazing, Beautiful, Smart, Sincere, and Greatful Woman. She is the opposite of all the Warnings she described. I thank the Most High daily, and I thank Miss Olivia for Using her voice to Help us out here. May our ancestors always protect her. Peace and Bless.

  22. Never spend $$$ on a btch , unless
    she ho in 4 tha pimpin , period ,..???

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