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‘Whites-Only Moms & Tots’ rehashes segregation laws

Desegregation hurt blacks scholastically/YouTube

Whites-Only group under fire. 

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VANCOUVER — Return of segregation? In Vancouver, a group called “Whites-Only Moms & Tots” started a daycare business and Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Indians ain’t allowed. No sir. It’s for Caucasians only. The group put up posters throughout town that read: “Are you looking for somewhere your children can play with others that look like them?” Mayor Brad West is pissed, saying racism has no place in their community. But those in favor defended the group on social media, citing negro privilege. Steve Laws tweeted, “Why can’t White people have their own spaces? Black people can.” George Garcia, who’s Hispanic, added, “If it takes this to wake people up from their complacency regarding ‘black spaces’ then so be it. Even if I am excluded, I’m good with that.” In black people’s defense, our schools were elite prior to desegregation.

We were dominant in academics and athletics, winning state and national championships in science fairs, debates, and sports. Segregation extirpated all of that… on purpose, because racist government officials couldn’t stand to descry blacks thriving on our own. Speaking from experience, I blew a gasket when I could no longer attend the elementary school directly behind my house.

Instead, because of desegregation, I had to stand on the corner and wait for a bus to transport me to a predominantly white school 15 miles away. You heard me right. I didn’t stutter. The school behind my house, that I walked to every morning, was suddenly off-limits. I lost friends. I lost a connection to my community. I lost relationships with teachers who made sure I learned something in class or they’d whoop my ass. Everything I grew accustomed to vanished overnight. My mom did her best to elucidate.

But I was like, “Bullsh*t! This makes no sense.”

Fast forward the clock.

Now we have a mess on our hands.

Telling you dawg, desegregation hurt blacks scholastically.

I witnessed it first-hand.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Y’all do black only events ALL the time. What do you think is going to happen???

  2. Only brown people are allowed to exclude caucasians. Not acceptable the other way around.

  3. Supposedly all white people are horrible racists, so we may as well start acting like it.

  4. So, if there can be black only places and Hispanic only places, why can’t their be whites only places? If it had said, “Blacks only mom and tots” No one would care.

  5. I don’t see the problem. It’s not racist to have a white group gathering just like they have black’s group gatherings. It doesn’t make it racist

  6. Good it’s about time every other nationality can have a safe haven but god forbid a group of whites want peace from chaos we shouldn’t feel out of place in our own country sorry not sorry 😂

  7. You have to feel bad for children with horrible parents who would associate with a group like that.

  8. He need to quit trying to fit into white society and start working to fix the problems in our own community

  9. As much as the people reminisce on how well black neighborhoods were doing prior to integration, there was a reason people left these neighborhoods. I wonder what that reason is. As for the people who did leave, how did they actually feel about their neighborhoods? Did they love it or were they simply forced to be there?

  10. @esonon5210: No it was brainwashing, you were taught that your way of living was inferior so you should not be there. It was racism plain and simple.

  11. @esonon5210: It was the grass is greener lie. People were bewitched by a culture that was foreign from their own.

  12. This is a bunch of BS people it’s just another reason to divide us don’t pay attention Move Along

  13. It’s a free country and I can hang out with who I want and take my children to be with people of my kind and my culture. What is wrong with that? If blacks, Indians and Chinese can do so, without backlash, why is it racist when I do it?

  14. The signs are mine and I put them up. Absolutely nothing anybody can do about it. I’m not down with the brown. Deal with it.

  15. Personally, I’d go to their daycare and make sure that there were no Eastern Europeans OR Irish (not even northern Irish).

  16. There is no excuse for this. Shame on Vancouver for letting it happen.

  17. I see mostly blacks wanting to segregate.. they make it sound positive though by calling it a Safe Space

  18. White schools want you to think like the white man….thats why we have SAT tests

  19. We have a black community, gay community, Jewish community, Indian community, trans community and a Muslim community, various groups that are designated for some non-White group, like all black beauty pageants or awards shows, but by god do not let any White person have an all-White anything or the nation will come to a grinding stand still and the press will fan the flames of division! I am sick of it. Diversity was never a strength and if any group including Whites wants an exclusive group let them have it – in peace.

  20. As a black man. I dont mind this. Being white isn’t a crime. Who cares . If white parents want their children around other whites . Thats their right. Other races do this all the time.

  21. Everyone has a right to chose whom to mingle with , else we would be kidding ourselves to pretend we are not living on the Animal Farm! As a person of color, I endorse this , it’s perfectly fine for people to want to meet up with whomever they want to….. liberal rubbish rants should stop 🛑

  22. If it was a daycare to advance the agenda of African American children it would be fine.

  23. As a father of 2 children from a Haitian mother, I could care less if
    some want to meet with their own European background as long as they do
    not spread racist and hate messages towards others. There are many
    segregated groups out there minding their own business. Groups for women
    only, groups for blacks only, groups for asians only and so on. Nothing
    wrong with this. Get over yourselves.

  24. Lots of ignorance in the world. Hypocrisy as well. They have every right to defend and promote their race. Blacks, Asians, Middle Easterns, Native Americans, all promote single race groups and not a word is whispered. If you are white and Christian, you are vilified for existing, let alone defending yourself.

  25. I don’t agree with this, but I can see why it is happening. Other communities typically socialize within their own groups as well, they are more likely to hire people from their own background too. Then we have the forced diversity hiring going on in the public and private sectors. On top of that we’ve been hearing a propaganda narrative bashing people of European descent, how we’re all racists and all that crap. BLM accelerated this division in the past few years, so this is the inevitable backlash. It was all planned by the WeF and you’re all falling for it.

  26. What’s wrong with that? There are tons of black only, Asian only events. What’s up with this blatant racism against whites?

  27. Wow, they don’t like it when the table is turned the other way, do they…..

  28. Let me see. All black colleges, All black award shows, All black TV station. Black National Anthem, The list goes on. and yet black people have a problem with the sign. You don’t hear from black leaders about why all the stores are closing because of black gangs robbing the stores. There are thousands of videos out there showing this,

  29. Ok to be black and proud, asian and proud, latino and proud but white and proud =racist?

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