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Jong Un and Putin plotting ‘nuclear attack’ of America

Jong Un & Putin ready to attack America/YouTube

Jong Un & Putin are plotting. 

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PYONGYANG — Uh-oh! Early Thursday morning, North Korea Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un ordered his officers to ramp-up production of nuclear weapons because he’s ready to battle the United States in what he calls the “New Cold War.” Jong Un, if you recall, visited Russia a few days ago to conclave with President Vladimir Putin. While there, he toured Russia’s military sites and technology centers. Scuttlebutt has it Jong Un and Putin are recruiting allies to help give Americans a dirt nap. Jong Un even urged his diplomats to “further promote solidarity with the nations standing against the United States and the West’s strategy for hegemony.” There’s also reason to believe Jong Un is giving Putin badly needed munitions to fuel his attack on Ukraine in exchange for sustenance and economic aid. The trade makes perfect sense. After all, North Koreans are penurious, ravenous, and void of quality healthcare. In other words, they ain’t got sh*t to lose.

What’s my take? Recruiting allies will be easy-peasy for Jong Un and Putin. Overseas, the United States is referred to as the “Great Satan” because of our sinful lifestyle and homosexual advocacy. In America, men and women routinely copulate and procreate out of wedlock. In America, chicks with d*cks are celebrated like rock stars. The NFL has he-she cheerleaders. Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is doing Bud Light tranny commercials in support of the LGBT community.

Conversely, overseas, fudge packers are considered an abomination and a disgrace to God. Russian citizens have weekly pep rallies imploring Putin to deep-six the “Great Satan.” Other countries are starting to rally too. Hate to say it, but no one would be surprised to see America get nuked. Keep in mind, U.S. government officials and wealthy elites have apartment-like, luxury underground bunkers equipped with medicine, years of food supplies and fresh reservoirs. They’ll be fine. The rest of us would be toast (literally).

Telling you dawg, everybody hates our guts except Lucifer.

We’re Sodom & Gomorrah, the sequel.

The United States has a bullseye.

In addition to increasing warhead production, Jong Un recently simulated a missile strike against the United States.

Lord have mercy.

Do you envision him pushing the button?

If so, are you prepared for a nuclear winter?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Nobody should be worried about a nuclear war that will never happen but we need to be concerned about the upcoming zombie apocalypse human race will transformed into flesh eating zombies biological and chemical weapons are far way worse than nuclear weapons

  2. I would rather see my little girls die now, still believing in God, than have them grow up under Communism and one day die no longer believing in God.

  3. It’s sad our 🇺🇲 government refuses to establish healthy diplomatic relations with the DPRK 🇰🇵💔

  4. China would not let NK launch a nuke toward the US. China is not stupid at all. If NK did, then they wouldn’t exist within 15 min’s of doing so… PERIOD!

  5. Nothing to lose for north korea, insane kim jong un and his country is pretty miserable 🤭

  6. Kim preparing for nuclear war? If so, congratulations! Kim has foresight! US & NATO are real threat to North Korea’s national security. In fact China, Russia & Iran should follow Kim. Never trust US & NATO.


  8. It should be very clear to the world who’s REALLY the threat to mankind but yet mfs look at so called black people like we’re a threat. Even tho white people and asians are literally trying to blow the entire planet up.🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️What a bunch of fkn WEIRDOS!

  9. How much longer do we have to put up with this menace threatening to destroy us? How about until he has 100 nukes and the means to deliver them? Why not wait until he has 500 nukes…?

  10. I guess we really will be in the ending days of life. So much suffering, conspiracies, tears of powerlessness. Putin, Kim Jong Un leaders that dont care about the people they lead. I just hope that things work out for them in their partnership in a fight against the U.S. and Ukraine. If everything goes well the U.S. will win and come up on top. I just hope that they just dont go nuclear so we dont loose the Sun by the 3rd Trumpet.

  11. Kim preparing for nuclear war? If so, congratulations! Kim has foresight! US & NATO are real threat to North Korea’s national security. In fact China, Russia & Iran should follow Kim. Never trust US & NATO.

  12. North Korea knows that once they launched their salvo of missiles. They have about 10 minutes before the North Korean peninsula is completely obliterated. Neutron bombs maybe?
    Kim Jong un will definitely get his face on a retooled Mount Rushmore. With probably president jinping.
    Maybe Vladimir Putin. I don’t know who the fourth person would be. The Bible says a third of mankind was killed with the fire smoke and brimstone. Three billion people will be incinerated within a week.

  13. They’d best be simulating how to survive a retaliatory strike…because Kim will be short of a lot of imported cheese and short of his country.

  14. NKorea has outlasted 12 US Presidents. They are a nuclear Superpower, and a biological Superpower, and a chemical Superpower, and they have the most submarines than anyone on earth to bring them to you, special delivery…get your children their smallpox shots today…

  15. Fatboy and his entire country would get erased from this planet in an instant.

  16. I just want to point out that North Korea is a great example of why sanctions aren’t a great way to deal with opposition governments. The fact it’s been been sanctioned to the point of starving their people for decades has shown that that people will NOT rise up. Even if they could, they have no strength of body or arms to do so. In a situation where the control of nuclear arms is concern, the WORST thing that can happen is that the centeral authority loses control and they decide to either use the nukes or they fall into other hands that will use them. At BEST, those leaders are contained but there’s nothing stopping them from doing as they please otherwise.

  17. Kim just needs to shut the fuk up because this is all he does and it scares nobody

  18. No one wins in war regardless who succeed in the end. Would South Korea sacrifice its peace and its current success and lifestyle than to be align with the warmongers. Let the Koreans regardless of North and South be at peace and be reunited with their folks instead of splitting them apart. I Pray that external forces stay out for what peace they have strived in the recent decades and does not escalate. Let them tests if its within its territory and let them be. As if West never had their testing on their own. Otherwise they prove them a hypocrites once again

  19. Just one of the US nuclear subs has at least 24 missiles with at least 8 warheads each. One US sub would destroy their entire country in less than 3 minutes. Man if I lived in South Korea or Taiwan I would be incredibly worried about losing my freedom. Imagine the difference between living in a free democracy then living under the rule of brutal dictatorship like that. Seems like they are all too busy playing video games to care or want to fight for their freedom. Funny thing is those regimes will take your video games away China already limited games to 2 hours a week.

  20. I guess North Korea is stronger than the USA because the USA is being backed up by Sleepy Joe.
    once the nuclear missles are launch towards America more than likely Joe Biden will laugh and do nothing because he believes it’s just CGi movie being shown on the wrong monitors but little does he know once those nuclear warheads exlodes all around us and burn our citys in to Ashes he will panic like a dog looking for a place to hide, he will sound the alarm and tell the American people that we must run to the nearest shelter because we are under attack by Global Warming and things soon will melt like cheese on a hot loaf of bread.

  21. He ain’t goin to do chitt 😂he’s a tiny man syndrome sufferer 😅 he would be wiped out and his innocent people finally saved from there suffering 😢

  22. When I see the nukes flying in the air..then that’s when I will believe it. Talk is cheap. Just do it.

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