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Olivia says let’s bring back arranged marriages ASAP

Olivia offers conjugal solution/YouTube

Olivia wants family involved. 

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DALLAS — Mamma Knows Best? A viral video shows dating coach Olivia Alexa saying we should deep-six online dating and start exhorting parents to pick spouses for their children. In other words, bring back arranged marriages. The divorce rate in America is well above 50 percent. The prepossessing redbone believes gettin’ Ma & Pa more involved could bring an amelioration. Olivia makes a good point. Western women are terrible at picking men. That’s why Pookie & Ray Ray have cornered the dating market. Olivia gave an elucidation on a recent podcast. “Arranged marriages have a 4 percent divorce rate versus a 50 percent divorce rate than those that are not arranged,” she explained. “When they ask multiple people in arranged marriages from all over the world if they are happy, their answers were overwhelmingly, ‘Yes.’ And, they also have some of the longest standing marriages.”

Olivia believes loved ones typically know right off the bat if someone is a good fit. “Have you ever brought someone home to meet your family or friends and afterwards they were like, “Nope. They’re not the one for you. They’re not right for you,” she said. “Because it was just something about that person that told them that they weren’t good for you. And, even worse, they ended up actually being right. Now imagine if you had the people who love you the most… and genuinely want to see you happy, choosing 5 to 10 women who only possess the qualities they know you desire in a partner and that’s good for your family structure.”

Social media reaction was Icy Hot. One commenter wrote, “What if our family is so dysfunctional they don’t want to see us happy? My family is full of haters.” Another viewer added, “Modern women have left me no choice. I’m trying my luck with mail-order brides. I picked this Amazonian girl who looks like Pocahontas. She’s 6-feet tall in a camisole. She’ll knock you down to your knees.” 

Keep in mind, arranged marriages are typically associated with kingdoms.

A prince or princess becomes betrothed as part of a royal succession plan.

But — according to Olivia — dating in America has become such an emotional drain, matchmaking is warranted.

She also said “there’s a bunch of vulnerable ass people getting into relationships” and having illegitimate children.

Do you agree?

Watch Olivia keep it 💯.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I agree 💯 on arranged marriages. In this modern era , i think the couples should be consulted more even before making the recommendation. Modern singles we behave like we know better than our parents, …… but the facts are not in our favor either.

  2. Not gonna happen. Most people don’t want someone else to choose who they marry. Just keeping it real.

  3. This is why Im single deliberately. Im planning to get married directly, which has to be arranged, in the future.

  4. This is disgusting, what she don’t tell you is arranged marriages have a higher domestic violence rate💯‼️‼️‼️

  5. Arrange marriage works for girls only. It only works for men if that man’s family has high status.

  6. I was arranged married and it’s been 20 years since I got married and I’m very happy

  7. Cultures that still practice arranged marriages often don’t allow divorce even if the husband is an abusive wife beat

  8. I agree! I’d rather arranged marriages, than the foolish relationships we see today!

  9. There are so many parents who dont know a thing about their sons and daughters and whats good and not good for them.Also, how are you an adult if you need your parents to select your life partner. Listen to their advices and accept it if there is any rational validity but the decision should be yours if you want to be an adult.

  10. Male and female needs to choose one another instead of their fucked up parents on religious bullshit!!!!!!!!

  11. Any form of “forced” relationships are toxic. Be it Marriage( arranged by parents or arranged by ypurself), siblings, parents, etc….

  12. I would be devastated if I got into an arranged marriage sorry but it’s not for me

  13. Arranged marriages work well when people are in tight knit communities where they know their neighbor and their neighboring communities quite well. In contrast today at least in modern civil cities or city states people have become disconnected and they don’t have a need to know or make a connection with their neighbor because they have become part of a way larger family where the State is the head of the family.

  14. Tinder is a matchmaker. So why should we believe a human matchmaker is better?

  15. I am against arranged marriages people deserve to be happy with who they wanna be with

  16. I actually thought my family was going to do this for me. My mom and her sister talked about scenarios like this. And then my parents divorced when i was 18 and none of that ever happened. I was also clueless when it came to life and dating and my first marriage ended in disaster…

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