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Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi accuse President Trump & Putin of inciting riot

Hillary Clinton accusing Trump.  Blog King, Mass Appeal WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton believes President Donald Trump worked in cahoots with Vladimir Putin to instigate the deadly insurrection at the United States Capitol. The former Secretary of State confabulated the allegation with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on her “You and Me Both” podcast. Clinton, who accused Russians of sabotaging the 2016 ...

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Robo-C Video: Russia unveils ‘Promobot,’ automaton will replace humans at work

Promobots are a dangerous threat. Blog King, Mass Appeal MOSCOW — “Sarah Connor… I’ll be back.” Uh-oh! Them Eastern Europeans are at it again. Tech-nerds in Russia recently unveiled the world’s first autonomous Promobot android called “Robo-C” and the automaton is expected to replace humans in the workplace in the near future. The humanoid can be manufactured to resemble any ...

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“Claws” season 3 looks appetizing

Claws season 3 looming ahead. Blog King, Mass Appeal NEW ORLEANS — French manicure anyone? How about a pedicure? That’s right baby! White boy Roller and the “Nail Artisans of Manatee County” are back! Turner Broadcasting officials released a sneak peek promo for season three of “Claws” which is scheduled to premiere June 9th. The teaser doesn’t divulge much. But ...

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