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Olivia reveals a sextet of women’s nonverbal clues

Olivia reveals women’s dating secrets/YouTube

Olivia says watch out for signs. 

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DALLAS — A viral video shows “Blueprint” author Olivia Alexa revealing signs women show when they’re interested in men. It’s her assertion 99 percent of guys fail to recognize the hints. “Women typically don’t like to tell a guy they really like them because they want the man to chase them and work for it,” Olivia said. “Combine this with the fact that guys sometimes miss subtle signs of attraction from women and what do you have? You have a scenario where two people are held back from potentially a great relationship because neither side is breaking the ice or making the first move.” Olivia said the first thing men should do is pay attention to a woman’s body language because it will “expose the truth” despite what she says. Here’s a sextet of subtle, nonverbal clues women typically give: 1) She slightly parts her lips when talking to you. 2) Pointing her toes at you when standing. 3) She watches for your reaction after telling a joke. 4) She reveals her neck. 5) She mirrors you. And, 6) Frequent nodding.

Social media reaction was priceless. One commenter wrote, “Women claim to be the smarter species but fail at sh*t like this. Imagine being a dude having to look out for all these micro-signals. F*ckin’ absurd.” Another chimed in with, “Show me your neck, vampire lady.” A third viewer added, “We are grown. If you like a n*gga, say that sh*t like a woman or leave the brotha alone. It gets old.”

Is western communication too convoluted?

Should women play hard to get?

Watch Olivia break it down.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. DANG! My wife did all of those things this morning. I need to hurry up and get home 😂

  2. Risky business… might catch a sexual harassment case or run a risk of being called a creep as a man. I’d rather have her say it.

  3. From personal experience, it’s often verbal. When someone really likes you, you don’t have to crack your head by looking for these subtle signs. You’ll just know that she got it bad for you. You’ll just know it because she’ll make it super obvious and super easy for you to ask her out.

  4. Prostitutes, Strippers, Gold Diggers, Escorts and straight out Sluts do all of those things…so thanks anyway!!!

  5. Women make life so complex for both genders for no reason at all. They cud allow life to be easy n let us make connections but no it’s really important to make sure interactions between the genders are difficult because women have a say so 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  6. Okay women have always just been generally nice to me and I’ve received compliments from women but honestly the way my mind translate it is she was friendly 🤔 with a twist of she’s probably like that with everyone. So sutle signs have always gone over my head. Especially since I’m been single for so long I’ve become very comfortable with it. My life is work, gym, walk the dog and travel 😂. I don’t even leave my house anymore unless it’s to go to the airport to travel to new country.

  7. My Wife literally made the first move and I finished. Real Woman need to just make it obvious that they are interested and Real Men need to Pursue once they have been given the signal. Love should not be this complicated. My Wife put her number on my luggage after she gave me the biggest smile a cute girl ever gave me. When I found the number I knew who it was from and i introduced myself. Thankfully my confidence wasn’t shattered to the point of being too shy. The rest was literally history. But TBH, I have a rare woman and she is literally 1 in a million. Very mature for her age at the time with a strong belief system in Jesus Christ and a natural born caregiver. Thank you God for getting me out them streets 10 years ago.😂😂😂😂

  8. “How a woman shows you she wants you”… she will hold out her hand ever so gently, in a very slow and seductive way, and with her sexiest voice, ask you…if you can give her more money for shopping.

  9. The big one she missed is she laughs at your jokes everytime and harder than normal I’m a funny guy but not that funny 😅

  10. Women need to “grow up”…this is why y’all can’t find a man..the truth is if a woman likes you, she won’t be subtle at all..she will make it very clear..she only does subtle hints with guys she doesn’t like

  11. My thing is why can’t we just be adults and talk about how we really think & feel?! 70-90% of women’s communication is nonverbal?! When you’re a young adult 18-23 or so, I get it…you may not have the confidence in yourself to just be straight up, but after that? It’s time we just verbally communicate what we want, expect, feel

  12. 🤨 If you’re facing someone and they’re facing you, then their toes will automatically be facing you, won’t they? 🤷🏽

  13. Too many games, say what you mean, and mean what you say! Women aren’t that interesting these days. How can woman be special when they walk around dressed like whores!

  14. What! silly content a woman pointing her toes at Man is a sign she wants him? Whatever. Con artists and women will write anything in a book to sell it for money.

  15. Women are something else!! Yall a trip, crazy ass hell 😂 but at the sametime very caring kind and sweet ❤❤

  16. So when you gives you that look and lick her lips , what is she saying

  17. how to tell if a woman wants you:
    you’re at least 6 ft tall, you don’t have a hint of excess body fat, you have above average face, you make well above $100K per year doing REAL WORK and not selling your sexuality on OF.
    gentlemen, as you age you will learn female nature. even an obese woman with a susan boyle face will still want a man who’s athletic, decently handsome & a high earner.
    if you pay $ to learn about women from a woman, you just took an L there buddy.

  18. SKIP A Woman…. This is entirely to many games…
    I gots No time for all the games… i will pass…keep it for the Simps

  19. More like 99% of Guys that r really into women Know all these things but ignore/repress awareness. Men r masters of Subliminallly manipulating women, much more so than women think. Y would women keep using these kinds of non-verbal communication if their success rate is only 1% ! There r much simplier and direct ways for a woman to engage a man for a relationsship.

  20. Im a grown ass man. Communicate with me. This is not high school!! All these signs and smoke signals and looking at the stars is garbage. We are grown-ups. Im.not into non verbal communication. My 6 sisters taught me that! Ridiculous. And men need to stop being imtimidated by these non verbal women!

  21. Real men dont care anymore sadly they’re going to be picking up alot of simps, but roles are getting reversed now soon women will need to start approaching guys or they’ll be single for life unless its just for the night then i guess she for the streets!

  22. 100% little girl shit! When a WOMAN likes a MAN she TELLS HIM. Fuck that Disney bullshit, we grown. Btw, wanting to be genuinely desired is not gender specific. But it seems that emotional guessing games are the domain of females. Females are cowards, they don’t want to have to compete and are terrified of rejection. They couldn’t last for one week in the dating market as a man.💯

  23. What I don’t understand..why the silly games?
    We as Blk men have too many other shit we got observe.

  24. Women…just tell us..plain and simple…men don’t do hints very well😂😂

  25. Its not that men dont pick up on these signs, its just unbeknownst to the female the male is assessing the situation and the factors leading these little signs. We live in a day and age where a man simply approaching a female can cause a big thing where his lively hood and reputation can be put into jeopardy. Alot of women play the im into you game to satisfy their ego of seeing if they can attract a man of their choosing, then their are females who will target a specific type of man just to use them for their own gain. These things occur in the workplace in schools and in social settings. Men arent as dumb as women think we are, we notice these things and choose to ignore them. Its dont be that the man didnt notice pick up on the not so obvious signs, it be that he isnt interested. It dont be that the man didnt pick up on the obvious not so obvious signs, it simply be the female failed to communicate her intentions. Yes communication is mostly non verbal but that doesn’t mean the verbal percentage isnt important hence the old saying “a close mouth wont get fed”.

  26. C’mon men, stop taking these popoff’s so serious smh. Social media got these dirty game players thinking they walk on water and waves. Get your lives together, eat right (Leave that sugar alone, salt too), exercise, get your appearance together and stay well groomed (Women love a versatile man also), and watch these freaks line up! AND DON’T BE OBVIOUSLY THIRSTY. Let these players sweat you. You’re a Prince 💪🏾

    Bump the one you like, focus on the one sweating you. That’s a better deal because she’ll think she’s struck gold. Stay strong men💯

  27. I’m gonna be straight up honest here and just tell it as i see it and i’m not speaking for anyone else just my OWN perspective. You know what, i’m tired of ALL these games women play, the tests and just all this very deceptive and manipulative behavior of most modern Women in general today. Deep down all i would like is to just simply have a “Honest” and very “Human Connection” with a Woman. Sure, my grandparents “Courted” way back in the day, but i don’t believe even my Nan put my Granddad through all these games.

    I mean it’s like watching one of those Wildlife/Nature Documentaries, and you hear the Narrator talking – “and the Female Lioness has her tail pointed up, this is a good sign as it’s a welcoming gesture to the male lion, that she is keen and he can now come in close and smell her scent” Or something like that lol. Ofcourse with “Animals” they have their own rules and behaviours ingrained in them, ofwhich to sort through ad find the best, most healthy partner to breed with.

    Modern Women in this day and age are simply not worth it. they’re too delusional now. My Nan always told me as a kid, what you put out there in the world, is exactly what you get back in later life. Now i understand what she was talking about is *Karma*, and you have Good Karma and Bad Karma. Women who just Manipulate men, or will string a guy along that they have no kind of affection for whatsoever, just to get what they can out of him, or to prove to their friends they could; that kind of sh*t is some real bad, nastiness. Even IF it can be said the guy in question was just foolish, weak-minded and simping and so deserves to be treated like that NO. that’s NEVER okay to do sly thing like that on someone; especially if they’re genuine and just trying as best they can to simply find someone to connect with and be in a positive, loving relationship with.
    And i mean some Men out there too, who Dominate women, or use them for whatever reason, nothing good or cool about that at all. this is a very toxic, messed up era we are in today, in so many ways, but especially when it comes to Western Societies attitudes toward Relationships. the way alot of young people treat eachother today is just seriously messed up and quite very disheartening.

    I’ve always been a big believer in if you’re meant to meet someone, the “right one” you will eventually, and you’ll just hit it off Naturally, everything will flow and you’ll both have that genuine connection. there just won’t be a need for any of this like “hand book for relationships” kind of stuff. Not saying the relationship will always be perfect and run smoothly ofcourse not; but you know if you got something special with someone if you can really enjoy eachother’s company without the need for Money all the time. If you can both just do the little things together, and Not everything being about always going to fancy restaurants, and just the constant need to splurge money in order to have a good time.

  28. Men are bailing on dating and marriage and ignoring women on mass. We are in a war. Dont play an impossible game. They bring nothing to the table except their filthy past and because of WW3 there will soon be a huge lack of good men for these women to taunt and use.

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