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Survey: Women say they seeking the perfect man


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A viral video shows a survey that says most women aren’t satisfied with 80% of what a man has to offer whereas a majority of guys said they’re comfortable with women coming up 20% short. It’s basically the 80/20 relationship rule. The women surveyed also said they’re not settling for any man who’s less than 100% of what they want. One lady stopped dating a guy because he wore a brown belt with black shoes.

Ain’t that a bitch?

Telling you dawg… for modern women, it’s perfection or bust.

Watch the controversial clip.

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  1. This is exactly why I found, and married a lady who was born in another country. Third World people have two things Western Civilization has lost, which is RESPECT, and HONNOR for your fellow mankind………….

  2. That i feel extraordinarily happy I never married western women, especially a western black women. Getting into a relationship with a black women is equivalent trying to get a “Sea Lion” cook and wash dishes!

  3. I’m single by choice is about as stupid as I’m poor by choice. Denial is not just a river in Egypt. Lol.

  4. Unfortunately, the women forget that 80% of the women are getting with 20% of the dudes at maximum. So it is more fitting than based off of their choices for us to generalize “all women” because that 80% is the by far large majority while the 20% of men are the by large minority.

  5. This one lady came online and told a story about her friend… She was dating a guy and basically fell head over heels with homeboy. They had great communication, she was attracted to him, he made good money eeeeeeverything was good! Until she seen he drove a Honda 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️. She then stopped talking to him. And her friend proceeded to tell her just how stupid she was smh…Brah, men can never satisfy a woman. You just have ta make sure you get one that understands patience and contentment

  6. At this point a bottle of lotion in your hands is worth more than a modern woman 🤣

  7. It’s Just Never Enough for them….Too Much Money Ain’t Enough Money…

  8. i got a hate relationship with modern women nowadays and I’m officially done with Them 😠😤😡🤬

  9. @rigjuice: Baby oil is much better,,,,, keeps junior looking young, and fresh……😂😂👍👍

  10. I hate to say it, but our women are trash!! I seen it 20 years ago and I started to check out then. Idk if I’ll ever go back, still love them but FOH!! Our community is done 😔😔

  11. @rigjuice: All you need is a few drops in your hand and a phat ass on your laptop, it’s a wrap.

  12. Modern women don’t want men. They know they’re being irrational and it’s on purpose.

  13. These women is KILLING the game 🤦🏽‍♂️

  14. Bruh…. If I like 80% of things about a female I’d marry her immediately 😂


  16. Why are y’all wasting your breath on the walking dead! These women and men with no morals are the walking dead! Narcissistic and soulless, they died years ago. Reincarnation has driven them mad, because they can never get right. Why, because it’s in their nature to be messed up in the head. Time and time again they keep doing the same dumb shit!

  17. These “Ice Spice” mentality having ass heauxs will be alone for the rest of their lives

  18. I actually blame beta males & social media for the the actions of the modern day women.

  19. They are looking for thugs, playboys and other desirables in the matriarchy run black communities. That crap happened since my college years back in the 80s. Girls there had been telling me that I should be going with a white gurl or a foreigner because of the way I talk, that I hate going out to clubs and that I love going to church. I felt dejected so much that I am engaged to a white woman whom I will have a Catholic wedding and I am happy

  20. Stop calling them women. They aren’t men, they are something in between. But the overwhelming majority of them are not people you want in your life or around you. Some of them are cool to look at and have sex with on the weekend at best. If they are looking for you, you should hide.

  21. But humans ARE equal. Women literally have all the same value, rights, and freedom as men, and they are running with it! They are aspiring and achieving success!! Good for them. Its time to stop denigrating success in women and in the academic talent and success in boys and instead encourage and applaud boys to reach their highest potential as well!! Successful women are best matched with successful men. This is healthy!!

  22. Man gain the world,want to spoil a woman,,woman gain the world,,she dont need a man,,thats what a lady just said…daaam

  23. My old neighbor was dating a bum with 7 kids she got off the street, tried to tell me he was her brother, tried to get me to get him a job, tried to date me at the same time. I tell him everything when he’s alone, hours later “they” are beating on my door. I almost lay “them” out, the battery in his back died 😂. I heard her kick him out maybe 20 minutes later because he couldn’t do anything to me like she wanted.

  24. Igf you look at these women they are un married living with mom and dad with college debt freeloading in there late 20’s scared to leave ..screed to have a child looking for the rich guy that will allow them to live like a instagram star…its not going to end well for them ….Life is passing them by as they make dumb TioTok videos In the US this is the largest amount of children living at their parents house up until their 30’s there has ever been. And they talk about not dating short guys……but no one asks them would you date a short guy that is super rich? Inside them….Oh I can make a exception for that

  25. The reason most people avoid marriage, because it requires: effort, commitment and sacrifice. Everyone is not built for that kind of life. I’m married and divorced. I’ll do it again if I find someone willing to do those things. ✌🏾✊🏿💯

  26. @Where’s My Stimulus Check?: It’s not that they are too picky. It’s that technology gave women access to hundreds of men, AND women stopped policing each other. Women were never much more mature than a 15 year old boy. They act impulsively. Thus, every single day, every woman you know today is actively, aggressively trying to have sex with the hottest possible man, to the expense of her job, home, children, husband, family and future. Add to that the fact that 80% of men are desperate and 70% are shameless and things aren’t getting better any time soon.

  27. If you just want to fuck, it’s a thousand percent easier out there. If you’re looking for some kind of a long term relationship situation, forget it. Not happening. It’s basically impossible now

  28. When a store prices itself right out of existence, you go somewhere else.

    Guys, go overseas while you still can.

  29. I have a rule when it comes to relationships that went bad in my Past; I Take a Blow-Torch to the relationship right before I walk away. I won’t ever sleep with them again so I’d call them every name in the book and accuse them of everything under the sun then Block them. That way I know they will never have anyway to ever want to be near me again!

  30. It’s over for them. They want everything and got nothing to offer. Too much trauma from messed up relationships.

  31. I always tell lonely women to never lower their standards…I have too much of my personal portfolio invested in animal food and Napa Valley wine companies.

  32. Men should walk away from modern women for video games and start a youtube gaming career lol that’s what I’m doing

  33. Modern society gave women a free pass on everything, and they they never learned accountability. Now they’re a liability from a relationship standpoint

  34. Men don’t have much of a future when you look at the numbers either, we just don’t bitch about it. Doubt anyone would listen.
    Welcome to the reality feminism created ladies. Still want to be more like men? Deal and except it like men do, hope that makes you happy…

  35. Hard pill to swallow but you ladies are never going to get married or have a family. You are groomed your whole life to be independent, it has become a stubborn part of you.

  36. I have seen over weight, not attractive women rejecting average looking guys.

  37. One thing I think should be investigated more in general is, these nutty chicks that are popping up, where are their dads, what kind of men are they, and what kind of relationship do these women have with them? I find it hard to believe that all these girls had good dads and still turned out this way.

  38. Modern women have been lied to brought up under the impression that they are all 10s

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