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Women list bad first date venues for simpin’ dudes

Single ladies issue list of demands/YouTube

Men & Women in dating war. 

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ATLANTA — First, the Cheesecake Factory Girl. Then, the Oyster Lady. Now this: A coterie of single ladies have gone viral for releasing a list of 28 places men should never take women on a first date. Kid you not. Dude, I cringed as soon as I descried the enumeration because I patronize most (if not all) of these venues. Anyway, here’s the complete list of supposedly terrible first date spots: 1) Cheesecake Factory. 2) Applebee’s. 3) Chili’s. 4) Chipotle. 5) Olive Garden. 6) The Movies. 7) Your House. 8) Any Fast Food Chain. 9) Buffalo Wild Wings. 10) Wingstop. 11) Red Lobster. 12) A Buffet. 13) IHOP. 14) Denny’s. 15) The gym. 16) Church. 17) Starbucks. 18) Coffee dates. 19) Ice cream dates. 20) Family functions. 21) Movie night (Netflix, Hulu, and etc.). 22) Somewhere that requires a long drive. 23) Bowling. 24) Nightclubs. 25) Hookah Bar. 26) A bar for just drinks. 27) Waffle House. And, 28) Sports events. Damn. I guess the question we should ask now is: “Where should we take ’em?”

Hell, they listed every eatery and entertainment event in America.

No restaurants?

No movies?

No bars?

No nightclubs?

No sporting events?

Seriously, what’s left?

Telling you dawg, for whatever reason, a faction of Western popsies are hellbent on sabotaging the dating market. Maybe there’s a higher power culpable. After all, the Biden Administration and left-wing radicals have made it crystal clear they don’t want men and women copulating and procreating; hence the permeation of a gay agenda. So if you’re single and heterosexual in the United States, you’re pretty much SOL. I’m serious. You got a bullseye 🎯 on your back. According to the aforementioned list, there’s a chance you’ll spend the rest of your desolate existence void of romance.

Not long after the ladies made their preferences known, a group of beta males disseminated a list of 20 types of women they refuse to date. They are: 1) Single Mothers. 2) Women With Tattoos. 3) Women Who Dress Like [Hoes] in public. 4) Sex Workers (OnlyFans Girls, Mattress Actresses, Strippers, Call Girls, Escorts, Instagram Models, Bottle Girls, etc.) 5) Women with an IG page. 6) Women with non-ear piercings. 7) Women with purple hair (or any unnatural color). 8) Women with Heaux Friends. 9) Models who market to Men. 10) Women who travel regularly. 11) women who drink liquor regularly. 12) Women with weak/absentee fathers. 13) Women who live alone. 14) Women with “Party Voice.” 15) Women on Dating Apps. 16) Women who have been on ‘Fresh & Fit.’ 17) Women with ‘Lists.’ 18) Women who have been engaged. 19) Divorcees. And, 20) American Black Women.

Keep in mind, alpha males don’t participate in ‘tick for tack’ nonsense like this.

No cap.

Just keepin’ it 💯.

Do you have a problem with either list?

Is it time for everybody to get a passport and get the hell away from here?

Watch global backlash.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I like how IHop, Chipotle, and Denny’s are being equaled to Olive Garden, Cheesecake Factory and Buffalo Wild Wings. They are not on the same level.

  2. I would add Overweight women! Masculine women! Weave wearing women! Also women that hate Kevin Samuels.

  3. “No Go” list.
    That’s exactly what it is…
    Because she’s not going anywhere…unless she goes alone.
    No good man will tolerate her stupid BS.

  4. I dont see hotel on the list. I’ll take em there and fukk em good……. wit no condom

  5. A group of women who need to start investing in cat food for their later years, when they are alone.

  6. These same women wonder why the passport bros exist and trust me the brothers in college are paying attention to it and we’ll be heading on those flights as soon as we can because these women only want the Pookies.

  7. Love that Cheesecake factory is #1, apparently even a bigger issue than fast food. They do realize it’s not a cheap place to go? Probably more expensive than Apple bee’s and all the other listed places on there.

  8. This world has a gratitude problem. Anyone should be happy for a free meal and time spent with them regardless of the destination. If you’re only interested in me because of what I can do and where I can go then I’m not interested in you.

  9. I am so glad that I stopped dating; and to clarify, I have sex with women and then based on the woman’s level of participation and enthusiasm, she might get dinner. And again I need to make crystal clear; where we go to dinner is 100% dependent solely on her level of bedroom enthusiasm and participation. So if she wants to lay there and be a starfish, that’s a McDonald’s dollar menu meal right there. The whole she’s perfect and I’m just lucky to be basking in the glow of her presence? Nothing. I got a three-year-old bag of peanuts in my glove compartment. if she throws down in the bedroom she can pick whatever restaurant she wants and order whatever she wants. I got the bill. She took care of me, so I’m going to take care of her.

  10. My current girl will be the LAST black American women I will EVER be with. The communitah is over.. passports…

  11. As far as I’m concerned, if she don’t wanna go to the restaurant I select, then she can starve or let Pookie & Ray Ray take her somewhere.

  12. As a Black American man who has been married to a foreign born Black woman for some time, the only proper response to this is a passport.

  13. Them 304s always hollering “6 Figures!” But messing with dudes that dont got 700 dollars in their pockets. Fellas… Dont go Goofy.

  14. At the end of the day, it shouldn’t matter where you take them. Within reason, of course. I’d agree that taking them to your own home or a family functions wouldn’t be a good idea, as it would be unfair to take them somewhere where everyone knows one, but no-one knows the other. Overall though, it’s not about the venue, more than the opportunity to get to see if you’re as compatible as you’d like to think you are with this other person. It should be somewhere totally informal where both parties feel relaxed and not pressured into having to play up to any expectations of the other. Ideally, to do some common activity, such as having a meal. There are some places on that list you could possibly choose, if they’re also interested in it. The movies is actually not a bad one at all, as long as it’s supplemented afterwards.

    HYENAS 💯

    HUSTLER HARD 💪🏾 😭🤣😂

    📘 ✈️ 🌏🇧🇷🇵🇭🇨🇺💃🏻💃🏽💃🏼🦞 🥗🍾🥂🍹🍷

  16. the majority of BW aren’t WORTH the effort , energy , money 💰 , and time to be w/ , not good to be w/ in the future or near future and definitely not WORTH the ground her blk behind walks on , FRFR , LMMFAO 🤣🤣🤣

  17. My list is short, mainly women in all the accessories (makeup wigs lashes etc) because it reduces the chance of a transgender. Probably some hidden red flags too.

  18. I remember back in 1993 when I was stationed at fort hood, tx. Women had this scam they date a solider for like three months or four and say they are pregnant and the woman show a fake ultrasound and ask for $350 to get rid of the child, and the solider will pay. But some solider caught on to the scam and asked the woman to go with him to get a second ultrasound and she wouldnt do it.

  19. As a man. I rather eat out at any restaurant of my choice by myself. It’s less money that can spend on myself by myself . I don’t have no problem cooking at home to have a home cook meal. But when comes to eating out. I rather treat myself to dinner and spend on myself. Sooner or later. Every man out there is going to start doing that. I guarantee you it will happen watch and see. Every man out there is going to start eating out by themselves. All he got to do is to spend money on himself every time he go out and eat.

  20. Every place on that list costs money. Ungrateful broads gonna end up dying alone with that mindset. Only in the West men got to deal with this madness.

  21. I took my wife to the Olive Garden and my step daughter invaded and was a tag along and we had a ball…even when the lights went off because of a storm. It made it even doper when they brought the candles out…

  22. Shucks people in hell want ice water. This is a great way for a man to weed out the undesirables. When she hits you with this just show her the door. You will be better off.

  23. Dating is dead as a 28 year old man I have no interest in dating at all got my 8 year old son and that’s it not having anymore kids and staying single these women are doing the devils work frfr

  24. I used to be a bouncer at a swinger club. If yall only knew how many girlfriends, wives, corporate women, missionaries, etc…. go out for a girls night and end up with a bakers dozen worth of dicks in each of her orifices. Lol it’s a slew of new women every week… and they will fuck ANYBODY once they get into the environment.

  25. All I got from the female’s list is they wanna go straight to the Hotel 😂 Pay Attention the women’s list is All about material the men’s was about substance 👌🏾 They’re Horrible people


  27. Don’t believe the hype. This list is only for if they not attracted to you. They baby daddys never took them nowhere. He just came over and laid the pipe. So why would you be the idiot tryna wine and dine or trick off on some woman when you clearly don’t have to do none of that if she’s actually attracted to you.

    If she fw you and really wanna get to know you then she wouldn’t care if you took her to the grocery store, or to run errands with you. She’d be happy just to be around you and spend time with you.

  28. Fellas any woman that comes up with a list of where you can take her is not worth pursuing…my advice is to tell her “it was a pleasure meeting you and I wish you the best”, then leave her the hell alone 😂

  29. Dating is for suckers and a waste of time and money…any woman that won’t get with you on your terms is not really that into you…Rule #1 is only get with women that are into you more than you are into them…Why because if you don’t that relationship will always be an uphill battle

  30. Bro these women are delirious and really think they’re “the prize” just because they’re cute & got a fat ass

  31. If some chick wanted to go to Chipotle, I’d take her to a real Mexican restaurant. I’m not wasting my money on garbage.

  32. The list CONTINUES 😃=
    Women who don’t like cream cheese muffins or CHEESECAKES…..-_-
    Women who eat 48 OYSTERS/SHIT OF LOADS of seafood or more……-_-
    Women who trash on/don’t like men who play videogames, card games, nerdy things etc.
    Women who “self-proclaim” or “claim” to have clairvoyant/psychic/psionic abilities.
    Women who wear super crazy contact lenses.
    Women who have poor or super poor hygiene.
    Women who are hairy.
    Women who are gothic or like to wear tripp pants alot.
    Women who are too muscular.
    Women who are “too good” to be true.
    Women who are too convincing or too persuading.
    Women who don’t like anime.
    Women who drive fancy cars.
    Women who wear make-up or too much make-up
    Women who are too dramatic
    Women who are close-minded
    Women who are gold diggers or looking for a sugar-daddy
    Women who like to catfish people

  33. The women’s list is nothing but cap for the most part. fast food joints I can understand but who in the hell would reject an ice cream date let alone stop by for a cup of coffee? Hell a Buffay seems like a good first date anyway because if the chick can order whatever she wants and doesn’t eat most of it but at least my pockets won’t be burnt the fraction of my Samsung TV I paid for.
    That list really shows who these women are being that they are toxic and shallow

  34. My first date was at Applebees and then to the movies. When we got to the movies he asked could I buy the snacks bc he couldn’t afford them. He had paid for dinner and the tickets. Sure I can get the snacks ❤

  35. This is exactly why these bishes gone be alone!!! I promise you!!! My wife will go ANYWHERE with me, even to hell if i had a first class ticket 💯

  36. Lists like these are why I’d rather be a bachelor than take dating seriously

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