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Olivia: Men are overlooking women’s top feminine trait

Olivia says men are missing the point/YouTube

Olivia reveals women’s top trait.

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ATLANTA — A viral video shows “Blueprint” author Olivia Alexa revealing the lone characteristic that truly defines a feminine woman and it’s an admixture of camaraderie and ataraxy. Olivia also believes it’s the reason so many bachelors are in pursuit of 304s and thots. “There’s one thing that men are not being taught about a woman’s femininity and it’s leading them to chase around low-quality women,” she explained. “There is one trait above all traits that defines a feminine woman. This one trait forms the core of what every man desires from the woman that he wants and that trait is her ability to be a man’s peace. I believe this one trait forms the basis of a healthy reciprocity dynamic in a relationship.” Olivia also said it’s imperative more men form relationships and conjugal unions with women who have their back. External beauty is nice. A round derrière and plump embonpoint are indeed very cool. But internal bliss should take precedence. After all, everything that glitters ain’t gold.

“A masculine man’s life is defined by adversity,” Olivia said. “He’s built for battles in the outside world. Whether it be foraging for food in the ancestral days, fighting wars 100 years ago, or slaving away at work in the modern industrial world to provide for his woman and family. As a man, a woman who is truly your peace is one that can be your place of healing and rejuvenation at the end of the day.”

“True synergy and bond in a relationship is developed only when a woman is secure enough in her femininity to complement your masculinity instead of competing with you,” Olivia added. Social media reaction was mostly receptive. One commenter wrote, “I wish my ex-wife would’ve come across this video before all hell broke loose. Olivia said it in a way most of us men can’t articulate.” Another viewer added, “Delilah was extremely beautiful and full of drama. Samson found out the hard way and it ended up costing him his life.”

Do you agree with Olivia?

Is peace more important than a fat ass and big titties?

Watch Olivia keep it 💯.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. If you say this to the typical woman it will be mistaken for control. A real complete man will not want control over you he will want you to control yourself. No one is perfect so when you can’t be a man’s peace be his piece. Learn to work it out over time this is the definition of “bring it all to me”. Sex sales when sex should sail 🤷‍♂️

  2. ❤🖤🙏🏾💯🎉👑🌺🔥unfortunately, many women do not understand this important quality.

  3. She’s right. I’m currently a confirmed single. Bust my ass all day, punch out to go home. And no matter how bad my workday was I realize my workday is better than my home life with her.

  4. As a man divorced in 1999 single since never worked always complained or threatened to take my kids when everything was paid for she filed for divorce and got it all, and what am I getting at what she said is true the good sex and friendship ended after my daughter was born only when I kept saying no, then sex, I lived the most miserable life a man could live. I am totally scared to death to date I am home lonely but not enough to change it, and I am relieved to hear her say that it wasn’t me, I’m sure, Thank You.

  5. She said it better than me, I told my woman I need her to be my Betty when I Hulk out😊

  6. Never heard this very important matter explained better in my life! This is so important for a real relationship to survive and be successful!💯🌄💖

  7. WOW! That’s all so true ❤ She’s so beautiful from the inside out ❤

  8. My ex-wife was the opposite. She was always combative, any time of the day or night. Just a horrible woman.

  9. I love her support towards MEN. She’s too gorgeous, I know she’s married…

  10. Amen….Could you run for president of all women please !!! Lol!!!

  11. if every girl can be a peaceful home for her man, ALL women should have no problem getting and keeping a man, if all i want is sex, there are dozens of people out there whose best feature is being a free pussy, but a good home id look forward to come home to, that makes all my pain worth it, rare stuff even my fuckboy friends will envy me over.

  12. Im just looking for a stable grounded tattoo free woman!
    Where are they?!??

  13. My wife is combative for no reason.

    If I say the grass is green not even speaking to her she will argue that it’s blue.

    She also doesn’t putout hardly ever so after 6 yrs of dealing with it, I cheat on her.

    Not bc I want to but bc she forces it.

  14. Say it AGAIN for the people in the backrow Girl! ‘Cause they couldn’t HEAR Ya!

  15. You can say this a thousand times. But most American women will never be your peace. American women are brought up to act like men and that they are equal to men. If you are looking for a decent lady get your passports and get your money right. And don’t bring them back to the U.S. If you decide to date in the U.S. just plan to pump and dump. Forget the LTR it is just a waste of time and take away your peace.

  16. As Men, we already know this, we’ve been trying to tell y’all for decades however, just like you can lead a horse to water, you can’t make it drink it, same with the majority of women, get rid of feminism and big daddy government and then you women will have a seat at the table, repeal the nineteenth amendment and wow I’ll provide the table 😂😂

  17. Thats why Im not taking care of a man, nor being with a man with a criminal history. Its hard enough trusting a man w/o a criminal background, so one with one, definitely hard to trust. Its better to stay single. Some men can not handle a successful woman that doesn’t need him to make money. Women, stay safe out here.

  18. This happens too much in our community…successful BW dating / marrying thug BM and then being taken out by the BM they bought love from…so sad, condolences to her family.

  19. Taking care of a grown ass man is never a good idea. Also all of this self glorification and not putting God first and praying for discernment is what leads to this. Money is the root of all evil. May all the young ladies watching learn from this story. Sad. Condolences to her family.

  20. Adam and Eve.

    She was a feminazi.

    She corrupted the world for Satan.

  21. One of the reason the women of today are the way they are, is because, during the Gen-X Era the ladies started saying I’m not gone sit under big mama and become a yes servant/slave to no man like her, I’m going to the club, and hang in these streets. Oh yea, while I have these babies by all these different men, big mama you ain’t doing nothing so you can raise them. Then, after all the big mama’s passed away without passing on the knowledge that Olivia is dropping we were left with a void. Fast forward to today and we have these disrespectful, toxic, entitled females.

  22. Dang 😢she👸 so right All us Kings🤴🏾 really be wanting is some peace and tranquility 🧘🏿‍♂️ and some monyun🤌🏿💵 on the side 💯I stamp ✅ dat

  23. Most Black women were never taught the ABCs of feminism softness and being a flower as opposed to being rough rugged and raw.

  24. It’s been widely reported that women aren’t marrying because too few men have enough money to be attractive in marriage. How much clearer can women make it that they’re prostitutes looking for tricks? I mean, that’s pretty darn clear. As a man, you’d have to be a fool to get married. You’re just a wallet and little more.

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