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Black chick says her kind racist against own people

Black women love hatin’ on each other/YouTube

Black chick vents frustration. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

ATLANTA — A viral TikTok video shows an exasperated African American chick elucidating her vexation for “unfriendly” black women. It’s her assertion too many Nubian popsies treat each other like sh*t while kissin’ white people’s asses. “I hate unfriendly black women,” she vented. “When I see another sister that look like me, I’m nice. But then I get the response like… you got your nose turned up. I really hate how we are so mean to our same race. It’s so disgusting. And they’ll be talking to other races and they’re so nice to the other races, like super friendly. But when it comes down to me, they just be lookin’ at me all funny. I don’t know what it is. We gotta do better.” Social media reaction was mostly in agreement. One commenter wrote, “I cannot for the life of me understand why some of us are like this. But black men do this as well. They will go out their way for a white woman.” Another chimed in with, “And we wonder why black men no longer want us. Too damn mean and nasty.”

A third viewer added, “As a black man, I used to get upset when I saw black women with non-black men. Now I’m numb to black women and their funky attitudes. Honestly, these other races of men can have ’em. I’m done,” to which another observer replied, “Black women love them some Massa ever since Welfare & Section 8 popped up. What’s sad is these simps keep validating these incredibly damaged females. They’ll fight for these women and risk their lives and freedom as if they’re worth it.”

Do you agree with babygirl in the video?

Are black women under pressure to be fake for white folks?

Should we blame slavery and the civil rights movement?

After all, Massa raped ’em then separated ’em from their husbands and children.

Watch babygirl lambaste her own species.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. They are rude impudent and arrogant like the biblical Israelites😂

  2. I guess I’m getting old bc I was taught to say hi give respect no matter who especially elders but yea it’s a thing other black women act like other black women are scum it’s a thing

  3. I was at the grocery store the other day and every black woman in there acted like they wanted to fight me. And I was by myself I could see if I would’ve had a white woman with me.

  4. Bro im a young black dude i just be being quiet and some of them be spitin hatred at me and tell me everytime you mad because i wont let you get non what the fucc that got to do with me minding my own business bro its f up out here yall stay away from the f up ones and i might get shot for saying what i said in the comments im out

  5. Cuz we dont fuxxs with you bishes thats why.
    Take a hint 304, 😉

  6. Most Black women are evil & desperate for the wrong kind of attention

  7. Could be:

    1. They’re just evil.
    2. Maybe they pick up on somethin’ about you they don’t like.
    3. Maybe you’re getting back what you’ve put out. Reapin’ what you’ve sown.
    4. Maybe they’re hurt and don’t mean to.

    From my experience.

  8. Well I don’t like speaking to strangers so if you came up to me I would ignore or maybe nod and Walk away.

  9. It’s at least 80% of them. I swear to god. I’m trying to keep my daughter from turning out like that.

  10. As an introverted black woman, I feel her. That shit makes my social anxiety worse when I go outside of my box to speak to another woman and she’s just mean asf 😭😭

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