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MC Hammer ain’t no joke

Hammer ruthless behind closed doors/YouTube

Hammer is not who you think. 

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OAKLAND — U can’t touch this! “Inside The Industry” released the documentary of Grammy-winning rapper MC Hammer who, despite his mainstream success and family-friendly image, was ruthless behind closed doors. See, we all assumed Hammer was “Charmin” soft because he did his choreography in parachute pants. But those in the industry knew better. LaMarr “Deuce” Lubin called Hammer the “most gangsta one of ’em all.” Mo’ gangsta than Suge Knight and Eazy-E. Redman is a witness. The “Funkorama” artist said Hammer threatened to kill him for talkin’ sh*t in a rap song. “That goddamn MC Hammer [was] very serious about beef,” Redman recalled. “Y’all mothaf*ckas laugh and joke about Hammer. No, no, no, no. That n*gga was deep about beef. ‘Oh, you gone talk about my dancing pants? I see you.’ And he would whoop a n*gga out.”

Hammer, who once served in the U.S. Navy, confronted Ice Cube too.

Neither altercation went public to safeguard the Oakland native’s squeaky-clean persona.

A close source said when drawing a juxtaposition between Eazy and Hammer, there’s not much dissimilarity. Both were from the hood. Both were street-savvy. Both were entrepreneurs with the key difference being how they presented themselves to the world.

While Eazy’s approach was blunt and unapologetic, Hammer opted for a more ubiquitous appeal which often led to his machismo being questioned. His flashy style and cynosure on positivity were in stark contrast to the often violent and misogynistic themes prevalent in Eazy’s music. Bottom line is Hammer hoodwinked us. He bullied music execs during negotiations. He took no sh*t.

Hammer gained street cred from Suge’s fat ass and that’s saying something. We all know the “Death Row” honcho hates everybody and respects no one. Suge once dangled Vanilla Ice upside-down from a hotel balcony and threatened to drop his ass if they didn’t agree to contractual terms. There’s also scuttlebutt the 300-pounder is complicit in the deaths of Eazy and Tupac Shakur.

The fact that Suge harbors trepidation when it comes to Hammer speaks volumes.

Anyway, watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. MC Hammer wasn’t not a gangster just like Tupac and Biggie . I don’t know any rappers who were “Gangsters “ . Social media will lie about anything. I find it funny and untrue.

  2. I wasn’t a hammer fan back then, but admire his breaf success. Yes he is gangsta, hes from streets of Oakland.

  3. Hammer would kick 🦵 your Azz yeah, he had that animal in him like the legend 2Pac

  4. “The Streets”, like the rest of the world, have a variety of different types & not just the stereotypical dumb, illiterate, ready to kill over nothing, knowing nothing but street & prison life types. There are brilliant “entrepreneur” types in these streets, some very gifted & talented in many areas who are “street” simply due to family circumstances they were born in, just hustling for the moment while seeking a way out types, various types who don’t want violence but not necessarily afraid to take it there if need be.

  5. DAMN did Hammer write this himself? It sounds like he’s trying to convince the people for the vote for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

  6. Hammer is definitely underrated and new generation artists need to know the impact and influence he had on the industry.

  7. MC Hammer Was The Micheal Jackson Of Hip Hop,👑King Hammer The Greatest Rapper Of All Times And The Number One Performer On Stage In Hip Hop

    He Was Light Years Ahead Of Tu-PAC And Biggy Small, And Should’ve Been Rated Miles Ahead Of Both, The Most Electrifying Rapper Of All Times, He Took Rapping To It’s Highest Level,,,,🏆🇺🇸🇯🇲 Mr. KeenObserVatioN 🇯🇲🇺🇸🏆

  8. Don’t get it twisted, MC Hammer will put hands on you with the quickness🤕💥💥🥊

  9. I once seen Hammer stomping a man out. I pulled Hammer off the guy and told him, ..Hammer, don’t hurt em.”

  10. Everything was more aggressive back then. Dudes are pussies now. It’s embarrassing….

  11. Mc hammer the last person I’d expect to be gangsta 😂 but it’s confirmed cuz too many saying the same thing and they seem serious

  12. Hammer was a real gangster he kept his mouth shut you didn’t hear him on every record talking about killing he kept it low like a true G real Gs move in silence wannabes move in loudness they wanna be seen no gangster wants to be seen or famous maybe rich but not famous cause the more famous you are the more attention wannabes love attention like pac was a wannabe he wanted attention he was not a real G eazy e was tho eazy was a real OG he quit the life and still got loved by his community so him and Hammer are both about that also hammer was very smart he made can’t touch this if I was a cop I’d think wow this guys a fucking nerd he’s not no gangster but behind the scenes he was a G Hammer is very smart he got that old gangster mentality of keeping your mouth shut and staying true cause he knew who he was so why would he need to tell everybody when everybody who knows him knows how he gets down

  13. Trust Me Hammer 🔨 wasn’t no joke!!! He had Heavyweights in his posse!!! With Major Street Cred!!!

  14. He wouldn’t have made it the last two decades with the things that’s been going on! RESPECT NOT FEAR OR FORCE! LOVE YOU HAMMER

  15. Hammer wasn’t a “thug “.. he was/is a Man who had to survive in a place full of thugs,he was gangster or ready for whatever however it came,like most real are!! He was more than a just some street punk!!

  16. I can’t take anything Redman says seriously 😂😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  17. Hammer wasn’t no gangsta rapper pull up a video by him and you’ll see

  18. @Kyle Richardson: Yes hammer is a gangster look it up Shit suge didn’t even mess with hammer

  19. Love this.. But this white boy narrator needs to learn how to pronounce the words of everything right lol… Man I’m laughing my ass off… Must be from Connecticut or something.

  20. Andre 3000 said it best. Dont “bleep” with Hammer 🔨 or he will “bleep” you up!!!

  21. Hammer will always be, Too Legit to Quit. He never cursed, called women horrible names and talked about violence.

  22. MC Hammer was most definitely a rap giant, genius and talent! No he didn’t promote killing, disrespecting women or selling dope. Most in Hip Hop danced or rapped. MC Hammer did both very well 👀. He could not only dance, but create and his own dances. His success was towering! Being the first rapper to sell Diamond (10 million physical albums 💿) in Hip Hop, naturally rappers became envious of how success and began to diss him. They criticized him as inauthentic and unrelatable. Common attack areas for positive rappers. Hammer was fine until he turned to listen to those comments.

    Hip Hop, in its reflection, will definitely owe MC Hammer several apologies.

  23. I saw him in concert twice, never saw a show like his since. The man was beyond amazing.

  24. MC Hammer showed you how to move forward in life,keep it real, keep it honest with self dignity and respect. he kept his lyrics on point, and didn’t disrespect any female. that’s a rapper, that’s an artist, that’s an entertainer.

  25. It amazes me how many artists despised Hammer for being clean cut. As if being a rapper means you have to talk about negative stuff.

  26. Hammer is the only man to do a diss track and dance in it at the same time😂😂

  27. Hammer was doing all types of commercials way back. The rap world clowned him for it. Look at everything these rappers do commercials for nowadays.

  28. Hammer surrounded himself with real gangsters.. 3rd base found out the hard way that his public image wasn’t the entire story. I dont know why the actual “thug” part was never talked about.

  29. Oakland is way worst than Compton. Probably take y’all 30 years to figure that out too. 😂

  30. Blog King you should be careful your defamatory words could put you in a position for a defamation lawsuit.

  31. IDK why, but Kirk Franklin has always reminded me of a gospel MC Hammer🤔

  32. Hammer comes from a family of real gangsters and had Oakland boys behind him💯 mc hammer was the only one who was on death row that left death row and ain’t have problems with suge cause suge didn’t want the smoke with hammer

  33. MC Hammer the only artist to leave Death Row Records with no problems

  34. Just because someone endorses peace, doesn’t mean he’s soft…🙏

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