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Rap artist Julio Foolio was killed celebrating birthday

Foolio killed celebrating his birthday/Twisted Crimes

Julio Foolio shot dead at hotel. 

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TAMPA — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Law enforcement officials are investigating after Jacksonville rapper Julio Foolio (né Charles Jones) was shot dead while celebrating his 26th birthday. The homicide transpired on June 23, 2024 in a Holiday Inn parking lot in Tampa, Florida. According to police reports, Foolio rented an Airbnb for a pool party earlier in the day but was later told to egress “due to exceeding occupancy limits.” The braided lyricist ended up at a Holiday Inn and posted his location on social media, telling his 1 million Instagram followers they “shut us down and kicked us out.” Shortly after that, the assailant(s) pulled up and opened fire — striking Foolio multiple times. He was pronounced dead at the scene. “Mr. Jones had been in Tampa to celebrate his birthday over the weekend,” his lawyer, Lewis Fusco, told reporters.

“Law enforcement reports indicate that he initially stayed at an Airbnb but was asked to leave due to exceeding occupancy limits. He subsequently relocated to the Holiday Inn, where he was involved in an incident in the hotel parking lot and reportedly ambushed.”

Foolio wasn’t the only one who got smoked. Another person was shot dead, and three other people were hospitalized. Fusco offered his condolences. “I am deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Foolio,” he said. “While most people knew him as the controversial rapper and entertainer, I was fortunate enough to know Charles Jones, the man beyond the public persona.”

Foolio was definitely controversial. If you recall, he disrespected a rival gang member by talkin’ sh*t about how he’s happy he’s dead before dancing on his grave. Gangbangers tried to kill Julio 4 times the past 4 years. They finally got his ass.

Social media reaction was wild.

One commenter wrote, “I guess he was a damn foolio after all.”

Another chimed in with, “Disrespecting your rival by dancing on his grave? That’s a no no.”

A third person added, “I think context is very important here. Foolio had beef with Yungeen Ace as they’re in rival gangs. Lot of shootings between the two. One was Foolio’s gang shooting up Ace’s car on his brother’s birthday and killing his best friend, his brother, and a friend so close he was practically his brother. Ace was the only survivor. Made a song called ‘Pain’ based on it. Then, there was more beef between the two until a member of Foolio’s gang was killed on his way out of a job interview. Ace made a song about it called ‘Who I Smoke.’ He talks about all the people they took out from his gang including Bibby (which Foolio made a song called ‘Bibby’s Story,’ how his best friend died) and the guy from the job interview incident. Foolio responded by making the diss track on the graves of Ace’s friends and brother. Then Ace released a final diss track called ‘Do It.’ He said he was in the middle of writing a diss and found out he was killed. He also hints at it being them that did it. It was an interesting beef that actually gave some great songs out of it, but Ace was just doing much better and had way more money to use. No way Foolio was living after the last diss.”

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. You cant drop your location when you have opps 2. You cant hang around everybody too, folks know theres someone who will turn on you for the right price.

  2. He was described as a nice person… As we watch him dance on peoples graves whilst talking all kindsa sh!t…

  3. It’s the thief that comes to steal,kill, and destroy, but Jesus came to give life and to give it more abundantly…..follow Jesus please.

  4. I will never understand the minds of people who live like this…inviting death in their lives…sad and scary

  5. He sounds like he was begging for it, ppl don’t play with the dead family

  6. There is no honor amongst Pookies, Ray Rays, and Hood Ninjas.. Get out of the Matriarchal Hood.

  7. I swear God gave him SOOO many chances to turn from his evil ways. He dodged death a few times.

  8. At some point in life you have to make different decisions…his time is over hopefully this will be a wake up call for others even if it’s just one person GO the other direction cause this aint it…

  9. I believe it would stop if they start cracking down on these Cricket police officers that play’s both sides and do a lot of covering up these gangs murders.
    Remember it’s not always the gang members it’s the police getting away with murder when they know that these 2 gangs are into so they have someone to blame.

  10. Sometimes you have to watch what you call on, he called on his own death in his music and in his words he talked about death alot .

  11. I think Bro thought it was cool to be shot up and shit and now he lost his life behind trying to be cool

  12. I dont think that brother cared about living or dying. He didn’t care about his own life or anyone else’s. Just a lost soul..sad!!

  13. He signed his own death certificate by being so disrespectful to someone grave

  14. Absolutely ridiculous. Too young and they dying over nonsense that won’t matter.
    Except for the disrespecting graves parts. He had to have known his time was coming up.
    Ridiculous life to live.

  15. IF you live by the sword you’ll die by the sword.(BIBLICAL TRUTH) . CONDOLENCES TO THE FAMILY OF THIS YOUNG MAN.️🙏✝

  16. He didn’t understand how GOD was giving him chance after chance to give his life to GOD and not go to Hell! That’s GOD Grace and Mercy! But he chose the devil instead!

  17. If you preach death when singing, then remember that the Grim Reaper is listening to your songs. He will respond sooner or later. Julio Foolio was a fool who fell into the Devils trap. RIP.

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