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Vlogger slams Sexyy Red, saying she’s evil & ghetto

Sexyy Red needs to be canceled/YouTube

Vlogger slams Sexyy Red. 

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ATLANTA — Are you sick and tired of raunchy female rappers? If so, you’re not alone. That’s because a viral video shows an exasperated redbone lambasting Sexyy Red for being “detrimental to the black community.” It’s her assertion Sexyy’s ratchetness makes black women look bad. Not to mention, the 26-year-old rapstress is a terrible role model for young girls. “I hate that bitch, Sexyy Red. I promise you. I hate that girl,” the vlogger said. “I wish somebody would make a diss record against her ass. I don’t like that bitch. I don’t like her at all… Who the f*ck is her fan base? Every time I hear that bitch in my mothaf*ckin’ car, I turn her sh*t off ’cause I know she’s detrimental to the black community. I know she’s mothaf*ckin’ influencing young girls to pop their pussy open for a baby. I know that’s what that bitch doing and, in the same breath, she’s influencing these young girls to be ratchet, nasty and trifling.”

“I hate that bitch,” the vlogger continued. “I hate the fact that social media makes everybody famous. If y’all women got younger girls within their teenage years, please talk to your teenagers about this bitch. Make sure you tell them, ‘This is not the way to go,’ because that’s her fan base. She is going to tear y’all daughter’s self-esteem down. Keep letting your daughter listen to this bitch and see what happens. Sexyy Red is making a mockery out of black women’s hair, and saying it looks like carpet and saying it’s unattractive along with turning your daughter into whores. I hate this bitch, with everything in me.”

Damn babygirl, tell us how you really feel.


Social media reaction was in agreement.

One commenter wrote, “This is true… Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B and Sexyy Red are NOT role models. They are paid to influence us in negative ways.”

Another chimed in with, “Well, I can tell you this: Sexyy Red is not sexy😂.”

A third viewer added, “I agree with her 100%! Even my 16-year-old daughter hates Sexyy’s music.”

What’s my take?

The BET Awards, held on June 30th, is also catching hell for its subhuman portrayal of black women.

Scantily clad vixens sauntered the red carpet, lookin’ like a bunch of whores.

Can’t lie, my phallus got hard.

But women shouldn’t dress like that in public.

Can’t say I’m surprised.

BET has been white-owned for 23 years.

Programming has gone downhill ever since.

Look, every race of people have their fair share of ratchetness.

Trailer parks and ghetto housing projects are actually quite comparable.

Only difference is America gives black imbeciles a worldwide platform.


Who the f*ck knows?

We comprise a mere 12 percent of the U.S. population.

Yet, everybody’s on our dick.

Maybe the Illuminati aspires to destroy people of color?

Think about it.

Even though she’s transgender, Taylor Swift is the wholesome countenance of White America.

Yet, as blacks, we get debauchees like Sexyy Red.

See what I’m saying?

Whatever the reason, there’s no question the Divided States of America has negroes within the crosshairs of its Satanic rifle.

Anyway, is it time to proscribe vulgar entertainers?

Is there hope for Western women?

Watch babygirl vent her frustration.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Black women are not mad at sexy red. They love this chick because it represents them. The black culture is dead

  2. Our sisters love sexy red… they just being forced to speak out cause of how everyone else is reacting to her antics… they love that woman and everything she stands for… Doctors.. Lawyers… Coders… Professors… Entrepenuers… They all love her and sing her songs shaking their tail-feathers publicly….

    Stop the cap… their just being humiliated into pretending they dont support her

  3. So GLAD IM OLD!!!!!!! My Music is 70’s 80’s 90’s and My SMOOTH JAZZ 🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎹🎧


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