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Chicago rapper L’A Capone ‘betrayed’ by his own gang?

L’A Capone gunned down by haters/YouTube

Chicago rapper got set up. 

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CHICAGO — “🎵They smilin’ in your face. All the time, they want to take your place. The backstabbers 🎵.” Dose of Mystery released the murder documentary of “Play For Keeps” rapper L’A Capone (né Leonard Anderson) who was gunned down by haters after he recorded the final track of his last album. The homicide transpired in Chicago, Illinois around 6:30 p.m. on September 26, 2013 as he was leaving the studio. According to police reports, L’A and a close friend went outside and waited for their ride which was already a few minutes late. When it took too long, L’A walked down an alley to check the area. That’s when 17-year-old Sakhee Hardy-Johnson and 21-year-old Michael Mays creeped up from behind and opened fire — striking the lyricist four times in his right thigh and lower back. L’A’s friend heard the shots, rushed to his aid and called an ambulance. L’A was transported to Northwestern Memorial Hospital where he died from his injuries.

He was only 17.

Doctors said L’A lost too much blood.

Sakhee and Michael were arrested, charged and convicted of first-degree murder. Then they snitched on their getaway driver, 25-year-old Meiko Buchanan, and he received the same conviction for being an accomplice. L’A, if you recall, was supposed to be good friends with rapper Lil Durk who appeared in many of his music videos. But, scuttlebutt has it, Durk got jealous and set him up.

If true, it’s easy to see why.

After all, L’A was well on his way to becoming the next big thing despite his gang affiliation with the 600 set of the “Black Disciples.”

RondoNumbaNine, L’A’s best friend who’s serving 39 years in prison, is also a member.

Social media reaction was fierce.

One commenter wrote, “Damn, I knew n*ggas in his own clique set him up. Wow!”

Another chimed in with, “L’A was gonna be the biggest outta Chicago 💯.”

A third viewer added, “Where the f*ck did y’all hear Lil Durk set him up??? Y’all be reaching too much.” 

Do you think L’A was backdoored by Lil Durk?

Watch the explosive documentary and “Play For Keeps.”

Share your thoughts.

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  1. La Capone and RondoNumbaNine dropped a collab mixtape in 2013 on mixtape platforms, but it either got deleted or the streaming sites no longer exist. it was called ‘squad shit only’. it was hosted by dj victoriouz.

  2. L’A Capone was definitely ahead of his time in Chicago and youngbul was ELITE. Hated when my man got killed in ’13. If L’A was still alive he’d been on Durk level probably even passed em💯

  3. He’s one of the few from Chicago that had the gang rep, image and musical delivery to make good drill music. Its said all the time “they thought he would be the next big thing” about every rapper that dies but with LA had he not died I could easily see him blowing up atleast to a King Von level. RIP

  4. LA was super talented with flow swag and charisma he would have definitely been a superstar had he lived.

  5. LA was so cute and talented. I love the friendship him, Rondo and Tay had. Someone said they wish it was “Free LA instead of RIP LA” and I feel that. Wow I didn’t know he called himself King at one point, since Von looked up to LA that’s probably where he got the idea for King Von.

  6. @rh7474: That’s probably why Durk had him killed

  7. No other music genre has this much senseless killing. Wtf is wrong with these idiots? What are they honestly killing for?

  8. Some times it pays to do crime but it never pays killing our own wake up young Black Men👏🏿🙌🏿

  9. It’s sad that rappers like LA that were about to be the next big thing in Hip-Hop are dead or in prison

  10. LA would’ve been the biggest rapper out of Chicago. Bigger than keef, Durk, herb & duck. Smh

  11. He was way too young to go out like that, he had so much potential 💔

  12. The studio owner set him up so why didn’t 600 go looking for him.. he gave 051 YM his location…

    LA was so talented and would’ve been the main star of 600 and killed the game. His death saw 600 unravel.. they was never the same.

  13. Live by the gun die by the gun..
    When you act like ALL these chumps this is what you got coming.. everyone too hard for their momma… yall stupid and need to wise up

  14. Chicago had held him back. It’s crazy knowing of the young stars he was linked w in his time in ATL. His life would’ve been completely different had he stayed there.

  15. He probably would of been what lil baby is today… dude reminds me so much of him

  16. Unfortunately these gang bangers refuse to open their third eye and understand that they are being played by a society that allow them to have guns, drugs and a few dollars as long as they destroy themselves and their community. They foolishly kill each other and wind up in jail or in the cemetery. While their enemies create a multi billion dollar criminal system of injustice industry (police, prosecutors, judges, court and correction officer, bail bondsmen, parole and probation officers, etc.) where everyone eats and takes care of their family except for these young fools. How can a community produce generations of fools ?

  17. In all honesy they were most likely sexually active with one another its HUGE in the so called gangsta lifestyle these lil goofs be suckinn fuckin tf out one another then go on a drill lmmfao 💯💯💯💯
    Its the unspoken truth

  18. La could of lowkey been bigger than Durk and Von R.I.P 🙏🏽

  19. Always said LA would be the biggest from 600 if he made it out. Thought the same about speaker knockerz too, before anybody knew him. I remember listening to them both heavy as a teenager. Drill music ain’t like it use to be, rip la rip sk free 9 free cdai

  20. Bro… the day i found out that LA had passed was one of the worst days ever. He was my favorite rapper comin outta Chicago and was literally next up, Durk was bouta put him and Rondo on for real and everyone already knew his name and music. Bro was the most talented out of everyone comin up in that era by FAR. I was so pissed when he passed i was ready to fly out to Chicago and smoke whoever killed him. I can just picture him today, at the top of the mainstream right next to Durk, big ass LA chain on his neck, millions of supporters all across the map… That’s where he was headed. LONG LIVE LA CAPONE & FREE RONDONUMBANINE 🙏🖤👺

  21. I still say durk set LA up ion gaf wat nobody say LA was posed to blow b4 durk 💯

  22. One of them niggas that was in that studio deff let them dudes know LA was at the studio

  23. Aint no telling how great he wouldve became meaning if he would’ve stop rapping and focus more on sports which he was great at he coulda prolly went to the league js

  24. Of all the Chicago rappers that have been murdered, L’A would’ve been the one to be bigger than anyone! Even Von. Hell, Von has some of L’A’s flow in certain songs! Everyone loves Play For Keeps, but Some More is my favorite song by him. He’s just happy! I still listen to it all the time. R.I.P., L’A Capone. You’re definitely still missed!!! 💔💔💔

  25. It’s one thing that I never did and that’s love a bitch ,
    Cus I’m drilling shit,
    Only love my click ,
    OG told me to slow down ,
    See a opp then he getting blowed down ,
    Take em down and smoke his whole pound “

    That Play for keeps was the one 🔥💯

  26. Im sure its a truly fucked up feeling knowing you’re gonna die an feel it creeping up on u at such a young age

  27. So they kill innocent men, and everyone loves them. But R Kelly pees on someone, and he’s cancelled? Wth

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