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Nude patron dived into fish tank inside Bass Pro Shops

Naked man took a swim at Bass Pro/YouTube

Naked man violates Bass Pro Shops. 

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LEEDS — Authorities are searching for answers after a corpulent white man stripped butt-naked then jumped into an aquarium at Bass Pro Shops in Leeds, Alabama. Kid you not. The lewd ordeal transpired over the weekend. It was also captured on video. Surveillance footage shows the paunchy army veteran crashing his car into a light pole in the parking lot. Then he jumped out, took off his clothes, ran inside with his dick hangin’ out, and did a cannonball plunge into the fish tank. Witnesses said he appeared to be demon possessed. After tussling with police, the streaker was arrested and charged with public lewdness, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, assault on police, criminal mischief, reckless endangerment, and a partridge in a pear tree. When cops put him in the squad car, the skinny dipper kicked the rear window — causing all kinds of damage.

Social media reaction was Icy Hot.

One commenter wrote, “These idiots are harming and possibly killing the fish when they do that.”

Another chimed in with, “C’mon, man, hasn’t everyone wanted to or at least thought about jumping in the Bass Pro fish tank?”

A third person added, “It was like a penis, only much smaller.”

Scuttlebutt has it the man’s doctor prescribed the wrong meds — causing him to go batshit.

Watch Mr. Naked dive in the tank.

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  1. As a mentally ill veteran with a small ween, I told the VA to get f’ed on the meds. I take an herbal route that consists of green and fungal medicines.

  2. Psychosis is no joke. Yes, it can look funny without context, but once you know, then, god damn, it’s really not! This poor guy will live with this public shame for the rest of his life! I’ve seen and heard this firsth hand having a couple of people close to me people suffer this condition. Stripping naked is often a thing with a mental snap, and the utter shame and embarrassment they feel when they snap out of it is agonising. It’s heartbreaking to see. You wouldn’t apologise for a broken leg, don’t apologise for a broken mind.

  3. If you see someone getting naked in public, and you think its funny, you have led a sheltered life.

  4. Veteran can’t get a appointment for months, they get thrown away like trash. The citizen is ground into mush driven to madness then they get laughed at. They tell me Man isn’t a beast but I see man’s nature and I see nothing but a damn Ape. There is no God and you know how I know? If there was it would’ve already smoked all our asses.

  5. This country is severely over medicated. I am not saying there are not people who need help, but psychiatry is one giant science experiment at this point. I have met so many people in situations that started off so seemingly innocent. “Here, take this reuptake inhibitor for your minor anxiety (or what have you)” Months later? They are on a truckload of pills with a bi-polar or schizophrenic diagnoses. This includes me. It started in the late 90’s with a Dr. appointment I wish I had never made over a minor, transient, complain. He referred me to a shrink and two months later I had gone from zero “medications” to half a dozen different drugs. Right away, I had no idea what was going on. At the time I was in college with a full scholarship and working in the early modern tech industry. Well, that all went away in a chemical haze. A quarter of a century later, and over the course of two years, I weened myself off ALL that crap. This started after I ran out something for a week and was able to self-reflect. Now I am looking back and all I can think is “Oh my God where did all that time go!”. I am 44 and starting over. Perhaps you could say picking up where I left off. Who wants to bet that the youth mental health crisis is fully manufactured to line the pockets of big pharma. No wonder people are confused about their gender.

  6. Either way, I don’t find it funny. Bass Pro was one of my toddler’s fav places. The place is teeming with kids. Not cool on any level. Hope he gets real help.

  7. Everyone is overlooking this. They’ve come up with a pill that makes you get naked.

  8. I have a news flash for all the men (and women) out there… Google the term “Average PNS size” and you might be shocked to learn that most men need to learn how to measure correctly, because they overstate their sizes.

    Believe it or not? the average size is 5.2 inches fully erect. So Bla Ha Ha to all you guys laughing at this guys “Shrinkage”… Hopefully you have better doctors that don’t symptom treat with meds. Or you might be the next trended giggle.

    Some of these meds today make you do some crazy stuff. So be careful what you find funny or you just might find yourself loosing your back door virginity to some homeless guy because you had a chemical reaction to some drug your doctor said you needed.

  9. It was funny af but I dont think people know how much shrinkage can happen whe you’re having blood pressure and anxiety issues. When blood pressure rises in your body blood is not available to go downstairs and crazy shrinkage can happen. Especially drug fueled physiological issues. I hope he doesn’t hurt himself from the shame and can deal with the ridicule after he gets himself right.

  10. He is a veteran and was having a bad reaction to new psych meds.
    This ain’t funny.
    At all.

  11. Security: Sir, this Is Bass Pro not Ass Pro. Now get out of the fish tank!

  12. “After tussling with police…”

    If he was black they wouldve shot him

  13. I sincerely hope he can look back at this one day and laugh… That is my biggest wish

  14. Some medications can really eff you up, even if they seem innocent. My doctor put me on blood pressure meds that after awhile made me want to end myself. As soon as I was off of them I was ok again. I honestly did not think it was the meds, I thought I was going down a mental health black hole. It took a bit of searching but I wasn’t the only one to react like this. It’s extremely rare, but it happened to me. I feel sorry for this guy and I hope he gets the proper meds and support.

  15. Ok waters cold he has a tiny dick. But where’s his balls and those don’t shrink up???? Is it a transgender

  16. He is lucky one of those big catfish didn’t take a, “bite out of crime.”

  17. @Bo-di5ei: George of the Jungle didn’t have anything big enough for a snack much less a meal 😝

  18. LOL this is both hilarious but also pathetic and downright strange to say the least, that a grown ass adult would wake up in the morning and decide that, ”this was what he was going to do today”. just, wow ! i hope the fish are okay, im sure that had to freak them out, i hope none got injured.

  19. In all seriousness, I bet they try to charge this guy with some kind of sex offense and make him register. You can’t have your dingaling out in public anymore because this isn’t the 1970 and you’re not streaking a football game where everyone is there to be entertained.

  20. Saw this on cops last night.. I could barely breath 😂 what an idiot 😂

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