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Junkie Video: Chris Brown exhibits weird crackhead behavior, Lizzo still loves him

Chris Brown has ‘crackhead’ look.  Blog King, Mass Appeal LOS ANGELES — The Internet was set ablaze the other day when a video surfaced that shows R&B singer Chris Brown “fidgeting back and forth” like a damn crackhead. The 32-year-old vocalist exhibited junkie-esque deportment backstage during one of his concerts with corpulent songstress Lizzo. Chris’ body moments were jerky and ...

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Nervous Breakdown Video: White hotel employee went nuts on black customer

Hotel clerk has crazy meltdown. Blog King, Mass Appeal ATLANTA — The Internet was set ablaze Monday morning when a video went viral that shows a White hotel clerk at Holiday Inn Express having a nervous breakdown towards a dissatisfied Black customer. Cell phone footage shows the African American guest berating the employee for screwing up his reservation. “So you ...

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Police Shooting Video: Unarmed African American dude is shot dead in Walmart

Oakland cop kills ‘unarmed’ negro. Blog King, Mass Appeal OAKLAND — Law enforcement officials in San Leandro, California are catching hell after a cop smoked an unarmed black dude on Saturday (April 18th). The sanguinary ordeal went down inside Walmart in full view of panicked patrons. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows 33-year-old Steven Taylor brandishing ...

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