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Stephen A. called Whitlock “b*tch” and a “fat bastard”

Stephen A. called Whitlock a fat bastard/Fearless

Stephen A. rips Whitlock. 

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BRISTOL — First, Katt Williams. Now this. A viral video shows Stephen A. Smith — host of ESPN’s “First Take” — lambasting “Fearless” host Jason Whitlock during a profanity-laced tirade for the ages. Stephen called the corpulent journalist a “bitch” and a “fat bastard” who’s chasing clout. Jason criticized Smith’s memoir, “Straight Shooter,” causing all hell to break loose. “Stephen A. Smith had someone write [his memoir] because he can’t write,” Jason said. “That’s what Katt Williams is talking about. Kevin Hart is an OK comedian, but someone installed him as the face of comedy, gave him a deal, and put things in place for him to have all this success because they could control Kevin Hart. That’s what happened to Stephen A. Smith. If you go read ‘Straight Shooter’, you can see it everywhere.” Jason also believes ESPN paid Stephen A. to promote the COVID vaccine.

“He’s there to be on target as it relates to these larger messages that they want to pass on,” Jason explained.

“They want men watching ESPN and thinking ‘should I take the vaccine?’, and they want Stephen A. Smith to say ‘YES, TAKE THE VACCINE! ANYBODY WHO DOESN’T TAKE THE VACCINE IS AN IDIOT! KYRIE IRVING IS AN IDIOT!’… That’s the job.”

Stephen A. felt inclined to clap back. “Please do not allow this to be a reflection on my character because this is not how I act everyday,” he told his viewers as a warning. “But I mean it from my soul when I say, ‘This is the worst human being I’ve ever known. I don’t know of another human being worse than Jason Whitlock. He is a piece of sh*t. He is the absolute worst and he lies. He had a television show. He failed. He had opportunities one time after another. He doesn’t measure up and now he’s coming at the big dog and let me tell you something, ‘I am the big dog.’ Everyone knows. All the executives at all the networks, they know what a piece of sh*t he is.”

Stephen A. confabulated with his pastor prior to disseminating the diatribe to receive his blessing.

“My pastor A.R. Bernard said, ‘I’m not happy about it. But, every now and then we gotta do what we gotta do,'” Stephen said.

“He’s a sorry, fat, piece of sh*t. He is the worst human being any of you will ever meet. He is Cain. He is a devil. That’s all I have to say.”

Social media reaction was hilarious.

One commenter wrote, “It should be illegal for Stephen A. to call anybody a bitch.”

Another viewer added, “Man, they’re doing everything they can to piggyback the success of the Katt Williams interview. They both look thirsty and needy.”

Jason has worked for the Kansas City Star, ESPN and Fox Sports.

Watch Stephen A. act out of character.

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  1. First comedians going at it, now the journalists. This is going to be a wild year.

  2. Steven A gets no cool points from me. Jason Whitlock has been the same guy pretty much his whole career, So where was your outrage then? But when he comes after you All of a sudden your Malcolm X. If you ignore cancer it spreads🤷🏿

  3. Jason Whitlock deserves every bit and then some!
    And if you want to see some more fire lit under Jason’s pustulent ass… check out the times Roland Martin dealt him some 3rd degree smack-downs.
    Absolutely [chef’s kiss].

  4. Malcolm warned us about these people Jason Whitlock, Candace Owens, Clarence Thomas ,Herman Cain, Stacey Dash, Daniel Cameron, Diamond & Silk, Byron Donalds and Ben Carson

  5. One of the things that caused me to lose respect for Whitlock was when tennis star Naomi Osaka was having a mental health moment and Whitlock unmercifully trashed out this young girl. That big black heartless fat boy. Never thought I would say fat boy. However if he can trash that young girl having a deep emotional moment I can say something that is out of character for me to say.

  6. Basically, the theme for 2024 is….”receipts”. 😂

    Get ’em Steven A.🤜🏾🤛🏾

  7. Damn, the day has finally come when I am 1000% in agreement with Stephen A Smith.

  8. Whitlock is hated by black leftists in the mainstream media… That explains why Jemelle Hill, Rob Parker, Michael Smith, etc don’t like Jason. Name me one black conservative that is accepted anywhere? Exactly…

  9. Why do people even watch or listen to Screaming A. Smith? He’s an East coast arrogant loud mouth.

  10. Jason Whitlock is a narcissist, why does he need to explain his book?? Mind you, I’m not a Stephen a smith fan either but I can relate to having leeches like Jason that won’t leave you alone…live your life…I’m living mine

  11. Anytime someone responds to criticism as angrily as SAS did, lashing out w/ profanity and personal insults, you can rest assured that everything JW said about him was 100% the truth.

  12. Jason is a slave for the white people and down right fat kiss ass and so many horrible names

  13. Why are these two men arguing over the net. Take it to a private meeting and let’s get back to better content. It seems like all we hear is bickering. We really don’t know any of these men. I just want content that I am please to watch. Tired on men acting like “soft” while trying to convince us they are “right”

    Right would be to not bicker back and forth like children and take this beef offline. Unless this is the trick?!

  14. Jason is paid by the same type of people that hired Candace Owens. They pay them to hate themselves & their people, if they say something about them—we’ll ask Candace what happened when she tried to support Palestine. 👏🏾👏🏾

  15. What are they beefing over? Leftovers from the white man’s trash can……

  16. I’ve long been humbled by the timeless wisdom of this man, Jason Whitlock. Consider it an honor, sir, to be hated by someone as despicable and empty as Steven A. Smith.

  17. Clay Travis booted Jason Whitlock off of OUTKICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tells you all you need to know about Jason Whitlock. Dude can’t keep a job. BlazeTV is his last hurrah

  18. I’m one of the rare people that likes both Stephen A Smith & Jason Whitlock. I’ve followed both since they worked for the Philadelphia Inquirer & Kansas City Star respectively.

    I also love hearing both sides of the spectrum which I feel they represent.

    Having said that I cringed when watching Stephen A’s response to Whitlock because I felt it was unnecessary. He never addressed the claims Whitlock made about his college basketball career and instead resorted to name calling.

    Jason Whitlock to his credit has never deviated from his decorum when criticizing Stephen A and has always been even-keeled.

    I wish Stephen A had responded in the same fashion while also addressing Whitlock’s claims.

    Anybody can curse and belittle someone but it’s very easy to debunk a lie with proof unless there is no proof that a lie is a lie and is in fact the truth.

    If he’s going to give Whitlock attention and challenge him then he needed to respond with facts to disprove the claims made against his collegiate career.

    Or just not said anything at all

  19. Stephen A Smith has an imbalance.
    Too much serotonin, low lithium, etc.
    Or maybe he’s just a professional asshole by choice.

  20. Jason’s platform has turned into a bickering and arguing hip hop cultural like platform between grown black men in media/ sports. I gotta be honest. Please stop this ignorance and get back to real important news and information. He’s coming across as a petty and bitter person. Stop it.

  21. Stephen A’s rant proves he is a fraud.. keep up the pressure Whitlock.. the truth is poison to Stephen A.

  22. Stephen A$$ Smith was never relevant. He is a true PoS dude, chump, and someone that regularly makes an ass of himself. What am embarrassment. He is the current “Reverend Jessie Jackson” or “Reverend Ltl Al Sharpton”.

  23. Steven A sucks…loud mouth fool…he couldnt carry Jason Whitlocks jock strap…ever ever !!!

  24. Where is Whitlock proof about SAS basketball tenure or anything else. Also, Whitlock has been going at SAS for over ten years, and this is the second time SAS has ever addressed him. SAS didn’t throw no tantrum he used a few cuss words. SAS said what he said and said he would not address Whitlock again. Whitlock is salty because he’s not on national TV. I mean, Clay Travis dropped him. No one can stand or trust working with him.

  25. Quite frankly, all this bickering and fighting among Black personalities and celebrities is disgraceful

  26. Stephen A Smith= The best thing that ever happened to J Whitlocks podcast! Keep it coming!

  27. Stephen A, your pastor CANNOT forgive you dude😱! Only Christ Jesus can do that.✝️🙏

  28. I love this side of SAS, i wish he would shit on people like this more often 😂. If im not mistaken wasnt Shitlock the big fatass that wore the stupid fuckin fedora like he was a 22 year old guido?

  29. Stephen fAke Smith. Have you ever watched his boxing video? How the hell could anyone think he has even one OUNCE of athletic ability after watching that video. Look it up: “Stephen A Smith boxing video.” 3 minutes or so. Watch it and tell yourself with a straight face this dude could even dribble a basketball down the court. He reacted like my girlfriend when I caught in her a lie. She started calling me you “ugly, evil piece of shit bastard”. The only difference is that Whitlock is heavier than I am.

  30. SAS only skill is he’s willing to say WHATEVER in the hell his editor tells him to say. Save a few million and put a caged parrot on the set. Katt Williams was right! THis is the year of EXPOSURE. Fake broadcasters. Fake Emmy’s. Fake Reporting. Fake Wokeness. Should be EFSN. Everything is Fake Sports Network.

  31. Stephen A. Smith is a Corporate puppet and is the biggest Clown in Sports. I consider him racist and xenophobe because of so many terrible indefensible things he has said in the past. His job is to create and promote drama and definitely is not a journalist. He lied about his College basketball career at Winston Salem State. He provides nothing of substance and makes up stories all the time.

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