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‘Rocky’ star Carl Weathers deceased at the age of 76

Carl Weathers shined as Apollo Creed/Angryman

Rocky star dead at age 76. 

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NEW YORK — Black History Month is off to a terrible start. Carl Weathers, the NFL linebacker-turned actor, has migrated to that big film studio in the sky. Family members said the musclebound thespian “died peacefully in his sleep” on Thursday. He was 76. Weathers, who played for the Oakland Raiders in the early ’70s, became one of Hollywood’s brightest stars when he portrayed Apollo Creed in the first four “Rocky” movies. Creed was killed in 1985’s “Rocky IV” by steroid-infused Russian heavyweight Ivan Drago. During prefight festivities, Creed danced on the balcony then entered the ring as James Brown performed “Living in America” with a bunch of sexy showgirls. Donning star-spangled boxers and a Uncle Sam hat, Creed taunted Drago prior to the opening round. Big mistake. Because as soon as the bell rang, the veteran slugger suffered a savage beating of epic proportions. Creed mercifully met his quietus in round two after Drago landed the most powerful left hook in cinematic history. Rocky, played by Sylvester Stallone, cradled Creed as he died.

FYI, the punch of a normal boxer averages 700 pounds of pressure per square inch.

Drago’s was 1,850, which means they should’ve tested his ass for performance-enhancing drugs.

Nevertheless… the son of Weathers’ character, Michael B. Jordan’s Adonis Creed, would go on to lead his own boxing trilogy. Stallone paid homage to his longtime friend with a video tribute on Instagram. “We lost a legend yesterday,” he wrote as a caption. “Carl Weathers was such an integral part of my life, my success… I never could have accomplished what we did with ‘Rocky’ without him.”

Stallone concluded the video tribute by saying: “Apollo, keep punching.”

In addition to “Rocky,” Weathers’ credits include “Predator,” “Action Jackson,” “Happy Gilmore” and, most recently, Disney’s “The Mandalorian.”

Watch Stallone pay tribute.

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  1. Rest in peace Apollo. 💔😢 a big part of my childhood is gone forever.

  2. Looks like you got your wish Drago. Apollo is gone now, I hope you’re happy!

  3. Everytime I watch him fight Drago it brings new meaning…but finally I’m fine with this conclusion…Rocky knew Apollo wanted to die lowkey from there last convo…But Rocky decision cause a lot negative drawbacks…that you see in Rocky 5…and in the Creed series

  4. Stallone probably never even called the guy in 40 years, but makes a clownish video for him now.. garbage.

  5. I actually shed tears yesterday when I heard this. I grew up a as kid in the 80’s watching Carl as a hero.

  6. Mr. Stallone, if he was such a part of your life why didn’t you hire him for other Movie Roles? Yeah sure. Bull

  7. Now “if he dies, he dies” will not be funny for a long time.
    The dude is actually gone.
    Rip Carl Weathers

  8. There is no David w/o Goliath and there’s no Rocky w/o Apollo. Nuff said!

  9. Two great MEN

  10. SLY IS A SLY when Carl Weather asked him to have small cameo in the last rocky he denied him to be in the movie….Not many fans realize SLY could of easly allowed this but turned Weather away,,,,,SAVE YOUR SORROW SLY !

  11. Are yall fucking nuts. NO WAY IN HELL is that Sylvester! His head is fucking digital as shit. How do you guys not see it? Look at his skin from his neck up. The arms it’s just all wrong!!! No way in hell

  12. First we lost Burt Young (Paulie), 6 months ago, and now Carl Weathers ( Apollo). Both great athletes and great men. Weathers made the Apollo Creed character so unique, and likeable, even though Creed was originally supposed to be the ” Villain.” The Creed character’s patriotism and rise to greatness was so admirable, and the Marine Hymn he used to make his entrance to the ring in Rocky 1 was a big shout out to the entire country. The Creed character actually pushed the Rocky character to be better than he was. Weather’s character was NO villain, he was actually, heroic. Only Carl Weather’s could have pulled that off

  13. I usually do not give a damn about actors but this news really hit me hard. RIP Carl Weathers ! An American movie icon ! I hope I look as good as Sylvester when I am his age.

  14. Not sad he died. He was a legend who lived a remarkable life and was a star who shined brightly on and off the screen. He lived a full life to the fullest and was beloved by millions. That’s an honorable death. What more could you want. R.i.P.

  15. Rip Carl Weathers I’ll always remember him as Apollo Creed in first 4 Rocky films, Action Jackson , Predator in 1987 and Happy Gilmore.

  16. I didn’t even know he played for the
    He rarely mentioned it.

  17. Rest in Peace to the Master of Disaster, The great Apollo Creed❤🕊️

  18. End of an era. Everything related to the 80s and 90s is slowly dying. No offense to the current generation. I just miss my childhood.

  19. I’m a white man and I really loved him. He was a great athlete movie star and he has a great heart. My soul respect for Carl Weather’s ❤❤❤ and people saying that blacks have to work harder is bull. You either got it or you don’t. And he had it, like many other black men in movies or athletes. Only you can make your life better by the choices you make. Rest in peace my brother. ❤❤❤

  20. If Rocky had thrown the towel would it have been too late? Like had creed suffered too many fatal blows already?

  21. I wonder why CARL WEATHERS never got to the same level of MOVIE STATUS as DENZEL WASHHINGTON??

    Because to be honest, he was just as great of a powerful convincing ACTOR as DENZEL is,

    & his BODY was way more MUSCULAR and intimidating looking as well

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