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Bachelor says he will never marry an American woman

Bachelor says marriage not worth in/Whatever

High-value man disses marriage.

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ATLANTA — “Wham! Bam! Thank You Ma’am!” A viral video shows a high-value white man telling a panel of modern women he won’t get married because it’s not worth it in Western society. He also doesn’t want the government all up in his business. The confabulation took place on a recent episode of the “Whatever” podcast. “Would you date to marry? Or, are you dating to hookup?” asked one of the panelists. “Well, I don’t want to get married,” the bachelor replied. “In the Western world — when it comes to marriage, when it comes to divorce — the family court system is stacked against men… So I don’t see the benefit of getting married. I could be monogamous with someone long-term, have a life partner… I can be with one girl, maybe even my whole life. But I don’t need the government involved.” After hearing his elucidation, one of the feminists retorted, “What a pussy.”

Give homeboy credit. He’s 100 percent correct. The U.S. divorce rate is close to 60 percent and more than 90 percent of conjugal dissolutions are initiated by women. That’s significant because marriage is a business. It’s also a high-risk investment. You wouldn’t pour mazuma into an underperforming stock. So why risk half of your pecuniary resources in a marriage destined for cessation?

Men lacking monetary assets can afford to get hitched because they have nothin’ to lose.

High-value men, on the other hand, can’t gain anything.

They can only forfeit what they busted their ass for.

American divorce laws are simply too punitive.

Social media reaction was vicious.

One commenter wrote, “The fact that one group avoids marriage while the other group pushes and shames for it explains everything about who benefits and who loses.”

Another chimed in with, “If Brad Pitt can’t keep a chick, I’m f*cked.😂😂”

A third viewer added, “Been married 23 years. Believe me, it’s a full-time job. It’s always about her. The last thing you feel is peace. And she will constantly remind you that she can leave you.”

Do you agree with the bachelor?

Does it make sense financially for high-value men to get married?

Watch the heated debate.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I would never date a woman who wears war paint and claims to want a relationship.
    You want to dress and look like a tramp, I will ignore you. Even if you are nice.
    Drop the war paint.
    Be yourself, not some fake version of what you think you should be. Just be.
    Reading a Bible wouldn’t hurt either

  2. I would love to get married but now days I look for a girl who has the same interests as me and who doesn’t go out drinking every night and has more than one kid.

  3. The simple truth for me, the game is rigged towards woman and I’m not going to waste my time on a “maybe she the one”.

  4. There would have to be a strong prenup and another document including intimacy every day or it’s no go.

  5. I gave up on dating, as well as love all together. Although I admit I would/sometimes still wish I had someone to build something special with. I’m also cool with that love and having someone to share life with isn’t always possible for everyone.

  6. She takes him to task because he is concerned about divorce. I have seen many women divorce their husband for the flimsiest reasons. Why? Because divorce is not painful for women, but it is devastating for men. My wife lost interest and divorced, and I am the one who paid for everything. She remarried and I didn’t. She suffered no pain, but I did. 20 years after the fact she wants to be nice, and I don’t want to look at her. I never remarried and never will.

  7. Women want divorce more because they can get money from their x and help from the government and all the blame is put on the man like he is the only one that can make a baby

  8. Marriage is dead, women killed it.
    The Courts just helped.

    If we make it thru WW3 and the Idiots in the marble toilets on the Potomic, we might save ourselves with cloning and artificial wombs.

    We arent gonna do it with Mouse Utopia women… especially ones only wanting to breed with the worst Aholes.
    How many generations of that to get to Dystopia?

  9. The only way to get a woman in the west is to marry a Muslim woman period

  10. These modern women are the REASON why men join the passport bros to seek better and more feminine wives abroad.
    And leave them to Chad, Pookie n Ray Ray to get instant gratification at their expense.

  11. I am newly single. I am 51 years old and I never thought I’d be back into the dating scene again but here I am. The dating pool has gotten far worse than I remember it. Women who seem to think that they are in their twenties when they’re actually in their forties or fifties. And they have an insanely inflated sense of their own self worth. It’s depressing. I’m pretty sure I’m going to remain single for the rest of whatever years I have left.

  12. I work in a office full of modern women. It feels like I have to watch what I say and do in order to keep my job. There are also simps that work there who are actively trying to sleep with these women making it even harder for me to feel comfortable as a handsome, in shape young man. Women becoming resentful of me for not trying to woo them, even if they have boyfriends. Simps resenting me for being their competition when in reality Im there to make money. Not fuck my co-workers…

  13. Marriage is a win win for women. I get to marry the person I love and if it doesn’t work out, I get half and sometimes ALL of his shit??…sign me tf up lmao. Also, the lady calling him a pussy for not wanting to do something that isn’t even natural, is crazy af lmao. Men’s sole instinctive purpose is to mate, spread our seed, and keep humanity going. That’s why men have a stronger urge to mate than women. If men didn’t have an urge to mate, humanity would literally die off and go extinct. Marriage is SOLELY a human and man made thing that actually goes against men’s instincts.

  14. Marriage is for young women. The trade is you give me the best of years of your life and I don’t leave you when you lose your looks right as I am in the middle of my prime.

  15. When men say divorce is scary so marriage is off, it’s because women initiate divorces for no reason other than wanting something new. They don’t work on their marriage, including church girls.

  16. The legal system has destroyed marriage in the U. S., there is near zero upside to it for a man. It’s over, people just don’t know it yet.

  17. I swear, I couldn’t take any one of them seriously, I would laugh at them throughout😭😭🤣💔

  18. Once a man marries, the women wear the pants. Therefore, long term relationships outside of marriage, serve men’s best interests.

  19. After dating for years and growing up with a bunch of sisters, I will never get married. The lack of accountability and the manipulation that I have seen is to much for me!

  20. Classic women shame to get benefit.
    – not paying bills for dates? Not gentlemen!
    – go for younger women not me, the old ones? Predator!
    – have more success than i am? Patriarchy!
    – not do everything as i said? Toxic masculinity!
    Thats why humans in the past never let women talk too much, all emotion, no logic


  22. I’ve never been married.. And I never will.. We would all be better off buying a German Shepherd

  23. My cousin and his girlfriend have a child and they are not married because they don’t want the government involved

  24. It’s like they ask men to take a risk by eating food out of a garbage can and hope it doesn’t cause diarrhea. TOTALLY INSANE.

  25. The only draw back to long term relationships without marriage is that you have to check your state common law marriage clauses. After a certain amount of years together a state will consider you married even without it being on paper.

  26. Funny that the lady that calls him P?$$y is the same one that claims she is a virgin doing OF. Cant make this $hit up!!

  27. A man that doesn’t want to get married might be a pussy but he’ll have his money & his peace of mind. You can’t put a price on that.

  28. I am a passport bro. I have dated women here and it is always money or lies. Not “are we meeting the bills” money. It is “I want (something)” kinda money. And my focus is the household.
    And the lies are constant. It is at the point where if a woman speaks, I need paperwork to back it up.

  29. To be honest I would only get married if she signs a prenuptial Agreement with a Notary.

  30. They ask him why you wont get married. He answers and she calls him a Pu**Y. Again modern women, don’t get their way and than call men names. LOL!! They tell on themselves.

  31. I was engaged to a Japanese woman when I was in the military and not being able to marry her before I came back to the states is one of my life’s greatest regrets. I haven’t wanted to date a single woman that I met since came back in 2000.

  32. I’m 50 and never been married or engaged to be so. ALL of my friends who are, or have been, married acknowledge that I’ve done the right thing. I have absolutely no regrets by not giving away half of my assets and life to another person. In any relationship I have, or will ever have, I can walk away at any time without being penalized.

  33. I swear I hate these simp ass men who sit with these ignorant ass women and don’t challenge the complete and inaccurate opinions stated as fact when the men Know the real statistics and can site the source. These type of men embolden this bs behavior. They do more damage than the women to sit there with the facts and let the inaccurate account float by as the narrative.

  34. Every single female on this panel are the very definition of why men don’t want to marry.

  35. I have a friend that was married and has 3 children and she cheated on him and they got a divorce and now his paycheck is only $3-$10 because child support and alimony is already taken out and that is all there’s left and I am thinking how can he live on that how can he eat pay the bills and put gas in his truck so he can go to work but the Court doesn’t care about men

  36. Wait a minute, Wait a minute, Wait a minute! You mean to tell me that it’s totally fine for a man to play Russian roulette with his finances, property and life??? The fact is the women on this panel would “feel” the same way if the family courts were bias against women. Also, I couldn’t be on this panel as I too have an extremely low tolerance for astronomical delusion. Society still feeds this mindset a tasty meal daily as if it were a soup kitchen, so why would women turn down this free delicious meal?

  37. The one who made the pussy comment obviously doesn’t understand that it only takes one person to break a marriage.

  38. It’s about 70/30 women/men’s fault we’re in this position. Men do share a little bit of the blame. I am a man and we do need to do a better job of reining in our man-whore brothers who give these 304’s their illusion of power. Women in general take the bulk of the blame for several reasons. Their general lack of self-awareness, their greediness, and their political power to champion these screwed up laws which screw men in divorce. Our only real power nowadays is our indifference and our money. This is the source of the MGTOW movement and it’s pushing back on the tyranny of the force of law. The women themselves are not usually a physical threat, but when they can literally call the government to kick you out of your own house on a whim, there is a serious problem there.

  39. Y’all gotta not take these podcasts too seriouslsy. Think about, guy brings only fans models and thinks this is an accurate representation of women while at the same time sayin “f 304s”

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