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Black chick believes white women make better wives

Black chick says go get a white woman/YouTube

Black woman slams her own species. 

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ATLANTA — When it rains, it pours. A viral video shows a garrulous black chick telling African American men to get themselves a white woman because black women won’t submit. It’s her assertion dating sistas is a complete waste of time. “I know y’all don’t want to hear this, but I’m gonna tell you because I love black men so much. Don’t waste your time with black women,” she said. “Stop. They not loving you, they not listening, they not willing to submit, they think they too independent to be submissive, to be equal, and be a companion, and be a comforter and bring you peace, they think they too good for that because they mama told them to go get themselves a man with money since they knew how to talk and walk, go get you a white woman. She’s gonna get money, have good credit, come with a house and land, and still be submissive.”

“Go get you a white woman,” she continued. “They still gone submit… and love your dirty draws. Love you on your sweatiest days… and not talk about you to her other Karen friends. She’s not gonna talk about your business. Go get you a white woman. I’m trying to tell you. Listen to me. Go get you a white woman. These black heifers don’t appreciate you black kings.”

Social media reaction was priceless.

One commenter wrote, “Even tho she right, I’ll never turn on my sistas. I’ll just be on my own.”

Another chimed in with, “Nah, granny said don’t play in the snow.💯”

A third viewer added, “No. Don’t date none of these bitches. Stay single. You’ll be happier.”

What’s my take?

Seems everybody hates American women including American women.

Videos like these are merely depopulation tools for Satan to ensure men and women despise each other.

They go viral on social media and people tend to trust what they descry.

The “Cheesecake Factory” clip is another perfect example.

The devil’s modus operandi entails suppressing procreation, and it’s working.

God says be fruitful and multiply.

Lucifer says abort and depopulate.

So be careful when taking advice from strangers.

That said, do you agree with babygirl?

Should black men become swirlers?

Watch Ms. Benedict Arnold go on a rant.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. The fact that you see how our women are 💯 I’m gonna keep trying although it’s hard, just not gonna be good to em anymore til I find that 1 in a mill

  2. Don’t agree with the get a so called white woman but she’s spitting facts

  3. been fukkin white girls for years but I will never say they better than bw

  4. now this young lady would make a great wife! 🥰 and I bet she can cook too.

  5. as a white woman i have no house and no land LMFAOOO she setting the bar kinda high here

  6. As a white woman, I can promise you that not all of us come with the house and good credit LOL

  7. This right here proves as men we are screwed, the problem is most women don’t even know what the hell they want in life but yet want to give men this garbage advice, relationships of all colors shapes and size have turmoil, facts!

  8. Getting a woman with good credit and who has a house doesn’t have nothing to do with you while dating them. You need to go and get your own and stop trying to live off people who are striving. What a person have will not benefit you our your life. That is a poor mentality to have waiting for someone to make you look good when you don’t bring nothing to the table.

  9. Just do you no matter what color they are. There are beautiful amazing women as well as trifling in all colors of the rainbow. Stop living you life in color when it comes to this topic. You will be a happier person for it.

  10. We don’t come with land and we also don’t have trust funds fyi

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