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Olivia says if a man spends money, ladies must submit

Men can’t buy love so don’t try/YouTube

Should men pay the bills? 

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SEATTLE — “🎵Ain’t nothin’ goin’ on but the rent.🎵” A viral video shows “Blueprint” author Olivia Alexa elucidating the “Equity Theory” and how SAHMs can use it to capture, and retain, a high-value man. See, too many chicks require fellas to handle household expenditures while they pitch in diminutive returns. The sh*t ain’t fair. “Many women, not all, believe they deserve a man who’s all in financially — providing 100 percent — while they… contribute what, a mere 5 percent, 10 percent at best?” said the sexy redbone. “You don’t have to be a mathematician to realize something doesn’t add up here.” Olivia believes a woman’s age and debt-to-income ratio determines the type of man she wants. After all, bills gotta get paid. “We’ve got women out here waving the flag of independence, claiming they don’t need a man, claiming they can do it all themselves until two things happen: They get older and the stress of work and bills start setting in,” she said. “Then, suddenly, it’s all about finding a man who’s ready to provide 100 percent. But there’s a catch not many women are ready for.”

When Olivia said “there’s a catch,” she’s referring to quid pro quo in the form of acquiescence. If a man pays the bills, his woman should at least proffer some copulation — right? “See, compatibility with a man who’s a 100 percent provider isn’t a free ride. It comes with its own price and that price is submission,” Olivia explained. “You can not expect a man to give his all financially and accept nothing but attitude in return. A relationship is a two-way street. So if you’re asking for traditional, you have got to give traditional. That means if you want a man to step up, you have to be willing to play your part too.”

Olivia also drew a juxtaposition between modern women and the stock exchange. Most high-value men realize they’re taking a huge financial risk f*ckin’ with western women, especially when it comes to dissolution and conjugal litigation. The U.S. divorce rate is more than 50 percent and ex-wives tend to take half of all pecuniary resources. Not to mention, a good lawyer can poke holes in a prenuptial agreement. That’s why the Passport Bros are traveling overseas to find wives. American men have nothin’ to gain.

We can only lose what we busted our ass for.

“Investing 100 percent in a woman today is like playing the stock market,” Olivia admitted.

“Sure, it can definitely be rewarding. But the risks are sky-high. You don’t know if your investment is going to bring returns or if it’ll plummet the moment the opportunity comes along… I’m not throwing shade at working women. If you want to work, excel and climb that corporate ladder, that’s awesome. Do you. But know this: This is a situation where you can not have your cake and eat it too. You can’t demand a man to cover 100 percent while contributing almost nothing. That’s not a partnership. That’s charity.”

Tell ’em Olivia.

Social media reaction was in agreement.

One commenter wrote, “A man should not provide 100% in a marriage. That would be akin to providing for a child. This is a new era in history for females. You fought for equality and now you have it. And, most females prior to marriage are not virgins (nontraditional). But you want traditional men. The two are polar opposites.”

Another chimed in with, “Kevin Samuels talked about this years ago in a podcast called ‘Price of Submission.'”

A third viewer added, “I have been married twice. Neither wife ever worked or had income but they still received half in the divorce. That’s why I have been single for 15 years.”

What’s my take?

It’s simple.

If you’re a dude with no savings and no pecuniary resources, get married ’cause you got nothin’ to lose. But… if you’re a man with monetary assets and benefits, you’d be non compos mentis to marry an American woman (unless she’s hella special). That’s because more than 90 percent of divorces are initiated by disgruntled wives, which means they’ll confiscate half of your sh*t and you’ll be single anyway. The way I see it, your only options are to date only or travel abroad for nooky.

That said, watch Olivia keep it 💯.

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  1. That’s why I had to walk from a 10 year relationship, I was getting 0 from my partner fuck that

  2. Fellas stop watching these types of women’s videos simping. Your views are making them money. Women don’t care about men fr.

  3. A woman wanting likes and attention while being provided 100% = Advertising for the next man’s home! If I provide and make her angry and she’s naked on the gram and onlyfans she’s doing nothing but securing her exit to the next 100% provider! Continuously Shaq’n up

  4. Preach sister preach!!! Women don’t realize it, but feminism lies are hurting them more than they are helping them in today’s society. Since I’m a MGTOW, I’m gonna get my popcorn ready for a good loooooong laugh.. 😅😂😂🎉

  5. It started off 50-50 and eventually I was paying 100% of the bills for my ex and it was not worth it to me because she wasn’t respectful or submissive because she wasn’t raised right. I’ll never do that again. Id rather pay 100% of my own bills and just have female “friends” lol Most women today aren’t worth what they cost.

  6. Today’s women don’t desire to work as hard at being a stay at home wife. Just because a women stays at home doesn’t mean she’ll be a good sahm or that she won’t resent being one.The motive for them is just to not have to work a regular job. Today’s sahm oftentimes call themselves Glorified housekeepers and married single moms because they resent having to do work around the house. Next thing you know they’re divorcing their 100% husbands

  7. That’s a lie. Women that font work and are SAHM do 100% of the housework n keep that home running. That’s the even trade. He pays n I sustain our home. To me that’s bringing something to the table I just don’t get paid for my job. That was me when my children were small. Now that they’re a lot older I’m working n expect everything she saying from my partner.

  8. Women are very simple, they stay until they drain you and move onto the next sucker before you can tell them you are broke. Men are tired of it.

  9. She definitely hit the nail on everything she said. It’s totally different now from back in the days. We are not living in leave it to beaver, ward and cleaver times anymore.

  10. It should be a sin to pay all a woman’s Bills only a fool would. Lol so she can spend some of her money on a pookie behind our backs. He11 naw

  11. Sad thing is, it used to be a badge of honor to be a man that worked his ass off to provide for a family that he knew was appreciative of him and cared about him as a husband and father. She would happily take care of the house and kids, and they all would look forward to him coming home from work so they could spend time together. Now, the idea of that same scenario is just a weapon for her to clean him out in a divorce , even if she cheated, paternity fraud, or just decided she was bored. The point is, it doesn’t pay to get married. Either way, sahm, or she works and duties are shared at home, the probability of going through a divorce and losing what you have worked hard for, is the highest it has ever been, with the lowest reward/benefits ever. Marriage is a f**king lie, a scam, vows are some prerecorded nonsense that hold no real world value, they are there for a feel good moment during the grand ceremony, without and truth or honest intention behind them. If women can just wake up one day, and decide they want divorce because it’s just not as thrilling as the first few years were before children, and now the hard part comes and it lasts for years raising them, only to decide she’s bored and wants her hoe phase back, those butterflies back, the thrill of a new relationship minus the responsibilities of the committed one you were in, . Then quit wasting our time. As much as men want those things, they would rather have remained single, experienced life how they wanted, probably never had children or anything that required their constant attention, and you wouldn’t be able to knock the smile off his face with a 2×4. He would still work hard, achieve his goals, and strive for success, and share all of that with whoever he felt deserved it, the people who were loyal to him, not a woman that wasted 10 years of his life, only to leave when life becomes to mundane for her. F**k marriage, f**k relationships, f**k everything feminism stood for. They certainly took that idea and abused the shit out of it. Now you have a couple generations of undesirable, low value no moral women, with extreme entitlement and highly elevated sense of self centered selfish behavior that have completely removed the idea of family and relationships, and replaced it with useless promiscuity and below the bottom of the barrel value.

  12. You provide everything while she contributes nothing but somehow she is the prize. 😂 an obvious scam thats been allowed to prevail.

  13. Most Americans get this whole notion of providing/submitting from Scripture. The husband is responsible for leaving his family and creating a new unit with his wife, toiling to provide for the needs of his household and protecting his family from physical threats and false teachers. The wife is supposed to submit to her husband (literally, come under his mission and values), manage the home, and if he’s a wealthy leader, she should assist with selecting investments, acquiring property and starting businesses. There’s no precedent in scripture for a woman toiling to provide. There’s no precedent in scripture for a healthy marriage to a combative woman. It’s really not that hard, but it’s unfortunate that people want to come up with their own rules then get mad when it goes wrong.

  14. I wanted a stay at home wife as I can comfortably provide 100% , but as you pointed out , it’s a very high risk investment , and no court is going to accept a prenup without paying a significant chunk of my money . And if kids are involved , then it would be a very big chunk. Now I look for a working women that contribute her income proportionally. She also has to sign a prenup protecting my asset and future income since she can provide for herself. Now that I think about it , Feminism is actually a good thing .

  15. These Women Gone Crazy, I heard story of A woman who left her husband because her husband asked her to contribute 30% to household expenses. She is working 2 Jobs now and paying 100%. These Women want A Captain Save A Ho. They don’t want the responsibility of being An Adult. They want to be taken care of As Children.. They See Men as A Utility & Lifestyle.. That’s Why I have NO Sympathy for these Modern Day Savages.

  16. And I get backlash as a man in his late 40’s for never getting married. I am financially independent and get a lot of resentment from unmarried women my age because I never took a wife. It burns them that I wasn’t some beast of burden who turned over everything I had to a woman. Kept it for myself and the charities I support. A lot of women loathe independent men because they can’t get the better of them.

  17. God made women to be a helpmate some people want to say a partner, but instead threw the years we ended up getting a narcissistic burden, A grown child with uncontrollably emotions. Women remind me of the devil always calling themselves Goddesses, like if yall are goddesses then why 10 plus dude been in your cookie jar? What kinda of goddess are you? A sex Goddess? only a narcissist walks around calling themselves Gods with no actual power. Whats crazy is its most black women calling themselves that which is ironically funny because we could have used them god like powers of yours during slavery. Only power you had was pushing out more slave labor and pleasure for the slave master so come up off y’all high horse, You dont see men walking around calling themselves Gods because we are no fool to believe that.

  18. Most women say they want to be treated like a queen or a princess and that where the 100% thing comes from but dont they know queens and princesses weren happy they was forced into arranged marriages or pretty much kidnapped from a neighboring tribe and rape and forced to be a queen under total subjection of the king. Disney done messed y’all’s heads up thinking it was peaches amd cream. Alot of those queens where nieces, cousins or sisters of the king. It was the common women who was happy and in real relationships with husbands they loved Disney lied to yall or either yall lied to yourselves. Its no wonder female who marry rich dudes always cheating on him with a dude thats makes less so you end up going backwards anyways it makes no sense.

  19. Complete foolishness. Unless she’s 18-21 with no kids and a submissive nature.


  21. I love her ❤where can I find a woman like this in real life what state

  22. I provide 100% for my wife and two kids. We’ve been married 18 years. She is traditional. We couldn’t be happier. Things work great when they are simple.

  23. Damn Skippy! If Iam contributing a 100% I don’t wanna hear Sh!t after a hard day of work but Yes Sir! 😁

  24. If you’re a white man yes he should spend his whole paycheck….But if you’re a black man HELL NAW!!!! We owe nobody shyt!!!! Facts upon Facts!!!!!!!

  25. I paid 100% and she was unappreciative as fuck. She still abandoned me because she didn’t want to respect our boundaries.

  26. Nope. If women wanted to tout their independence so badly in these modern times then they can provide too just like us men. The only women who should be provided for 100% are traditional women which are in very limited supply.

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