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Epps called Shay Shay gay

Shannon Sharpe threatened Mike Epps/YouTube

Mike and Shannon are beefin.’ 

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LOS ANGELES — While appearing on Shannon Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay” podcast (the male show with a female moniker),” funnyman Katt Williams declared 2024 the “year of truth” and, boy, he wasn’t lying. During a recent stand-up performance, comedian Mike Epps unloaded on Shannon — calling him gay before accusing the quondam NFL player of wanting to copulate with Katt during their 3-hour chinwag. “That n*gga Shannon Sharpe called me trying to do an interview. I said, ‘No Madea. I ain’t doing no interview with you.’ So you can sit across from me and look at my balls,” Mike cracked. “The n*gga’s sh*t is called ‘Shay Shay.’ The n*gga is telling you [he’s gay]. Put a wig on that motherf*cka and tell me if that ain’t motherf*ckin’ Madea’s sister, n*gga.” Subsequently, Sharpe took to his podcast to clap back. He even threatened to kick Mike’s ass.

“Mention my name again, and I’m gonna put the DM … and I don’t like doing this. But you’re lying,” Shannon, 55, ranted. “I don’t care about all that other stuff. You can say I’m gay … I don’t care about that. ‘Cause I won’t chase a lie. But I won’t let you lie on my name. Say my name again, and I’m gonna release the DM. Because you’re lying. You said I reached out to you to come on ‘Club Shay Shay,’ and you’re a mofo lie. Now when I see you, I’m gon’ see if you’re about that. I’m gon’ see if you want to say what you been saying, trying to get some jokes because you got mad because Katt Williams did what he did.”

Mike, 53, said he’s too old for fistfights.

No sir.

If Shannon is foolish enough to run up on him, there will be bullets and gunsmoke.

“I don’t be doing no fighting,” Mike said.

“So there’s only one other option.”

Comedian Corey Holcomb also insinuated Shannon is gay, saying he had a bunch of “fruit booties” on his podcast.

Watch Mike’s stand-up above and the fallout below.

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  1. What kind of grown man got a name like Shay Shay 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  2. Shannon Sharpe didn’t want to fight Skip Bayless though. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  3. He not fucking with Mike i don’t care who start…you heard wat Mike said will see each other at the all star game n let’s see if Shay Shay stand on business

  4. Let’s keep it real. “Shay Shay” is the biggest clout chaser I have ever seen in a long while. Dude gets let go from CBS, Skip saves him and he is all about Skip but can’t get through his head Skip is a character and gets personal. The dude acts like a child at a game trying to fight players then ghosts a show, then blows up on national TV. Wonders why he got shown the door because he is so ignorant it’s insane, right into SAS arms to play the race card. Now he is team ESPN and can’t see Stephen A doing the same thing Skip did. They are all using each other and it’s hilarious “Skip” 😂😂. Holcomb is hilarious. You gonna tell me Shannon is THAT mad about Epps supposedly not telling the truth about a DM?? Nahh Shay Shay is straight pissed about being a closet homo. We all know you like dudes Shannon. Nobody takes around a gay stylist everywhere they go that already turnt out another player if they don’t like it up the poop shoot. Lol

  5. Crabs in a barrel mentality, typical natural born hating ass black dudes hating on another brother. Sad.

  6. Old dudes be like “you youngins quick to pull a gun and scared to get a a$$whooping”

    Then old dudes turn around and be like I’m not fighting I’m shooting🤣🤣🤣

  7. HELL

  8. Mike really did cross that Line✨ Mike went personal. It was disrespectful ✨ Shannon had to put a STOP to it 🛑 If not many more would start disrespecting him

  9. Mike Epps just bringing attention to his special 😂 And while this is going on there’s a war going on in Russia and Palestine. Trump got found not guilt of starting a insurrection. Immigration is out of control. Don’t let them take your attention away from what really matters out here.

  10. They are waaaaay too grown to being acting like this. This mess is what kids do, not grown black men in their 50s.

  11. Mike showed he really is brilliant . Didn’t attack that man sexuality, kept it BLACK, and still came with the jokes.. Goat type shit

  12. Man we live in a time period, where everyone is offended about everything! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. There was never any real beef. Mike Epps is trying to promote his new Netflix special, while at the same time trying to scoop up some of that (shine-publicity) from the Katt Williams and Shannon Sharpe interview.

  14. So.. i seen a ton of videos disrespecting Mike Epps & calling him a clout chaser because he was tellin jokes in a closed venue where people bring cellphones. It got leaked & Shannon feelings got hurt. Its a reason black comedians going after shannon because he was clappin when SNL made fun of him but upset when somebody called him Gay. He a thin skinned, buck dancer. FoH.
    People are weak asf in 2024. They laid down like ho3s in 2020/2021 when they was pressed by liars and nerds over an injection but they get buck with eachother over jokes. Society got zero awareness of the social programming.

  15. Damn, Comedy is over. Too many sensitive people out here. We are in the #SenGen, #SensitiveGeneration.

  16. Mike epps always keeps a pistol with him. Yall think he just grew up a the roughest parts of gerie indianna. I went to visit my grandma there. The police and the fire departments are burned down. Every other house is burned down and or is a drug house.or gang land. Hes funny but he dont play.

  17. Shannon should’ve acted bigger than that, and since he fell for it all, the jokes have gotten bigger and more funny.He needs to just chill; and he doesn’t want to fight Epps over anything other than those hilarious, embarrassing jokes… Epps is such a foolish Comedian have me laughing my ass off!☝🏾❤️🙏🏾🤛🏾

  18. Mike Epps didn’t really joke though. He told bold faced lies disguised as jokes.

    First, he said Shannon hit him up to be on Club Shay Shay, when it was in fact the opposite, Mike Epps hit Shannon up trying to be on Club Shay Shay.

    And then when Mike Epps doesn’t get on Shay Shay, then he comes with the gay insinuation “jokes” and pretends Shannon begged him to come on the show and he refused when it was the exact opposite of the situation.

    The timing of it all seems like he was hating because Shannon didn’t put him on the show while his platform was going viral, and then Epps told lies about the real situation between them. That’s deeper than jokes.

    Shannon didn’t get upset at the “joke”, he got upset because Mike Epps lied about the whole situation saying Shannon begged him to come on the show and he refused because he thinks Shannon is gay, when in fact, Mike Epps was begging Shannon to come on the show, and only when Shannon said he would release Epps DM’s to him did Mike Epps admit he lied about Shannon asking him to be on the show and that Epps himself in fact tried to get on Club Shay Shay.

    So, Mike Epps motives for telling those “jokes” was out of spite for Shannon not putting him on his show, which makes Epps a hater, pure and simple.

    Mean-spirited jokes aren’t joke, it’s jealousy, envy and resentment expressed as a joke which contained lies about a real story, which means it’s not a joke, but a personal attack.

  19. Man we already know day day can’t fight. He let Craig get his ass beat with that tree. 🎄

  20. wtf dis a grown man talking about I don’t fight 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  21. When we gonna learn to work together. We all we got and all we do is fight each other. White people can’t wait to jump on this behavior.

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