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Olivia: Women use men for security, babies & survival

Olivia says women only care about themselves/YouTube

Olivia admits women use men.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

SEATTLE — A wise man once said a woman is never yours. It’s just your turn. A viral video shows “Blueprint” author Olivia Alexa elucidating “uncomfortable truths” about women’s lack of empathy for men. Donning an “Allergic to Penis” t-shirt, the prepossessing redbone also disseminated a few thoughts on pair-bonding before expounding upon Robert Trivers’ parental investment theory of 1972. “When you strip human relationships down to their biological essence, women prioritize their own well-being and that of their children often above the man… unless he remains a crucial factor for their survival,” Olivia admitted. “There’s a reason why men have been labeled the ‘Disposable Sex.'” Ouch! See, back in the day — after soldiers were blown to smithereens — their wives copulated with dudes from the winning team as a survival mechanism to keep civilization afloat.

“Throughout history, in the brutal calculus of survival and warfare, men were the expendable frontliners,” Olivia explained. “If the ‘fighting age’ men of a tribe were lost in battle, the surviving women and children’s best chance at survival was to integrate with the victors. Even marrying the men who defeated their own.”

Damn, that’s cold.

Trapping a man is also a sizeable part of a woman’s repertoire.

Once she becomes gravid, a simp loses leverage.

Hypergamy provides excellent post-relationship benefits.

“The process of pair-bonding triggered by sex feels like love, intimacy, and commitment,” Olivia warned. “But, at its core, the purpose of these emotions is purely utilitarian as well as to keep the man invested — especially during the vulnerable months of pregnancy and the subsequent need for the protection and resources for the offspring. A man’s role, while crucial for fertilization, is biologically seen as more replaceable. Men who no longer offer value to a woman, or instead becomes a liability to her, very quickly realize they can not be loved or cared for unconditionally.”

Ouch again!

Social media reaction was fierce.

One commenter wrote, “After marriage, men become ATMs.😂”

Another chimed in with, “She’s simply revealing the cold, hard truth. Women are players. They are narcissistic. If you’re a high-value man, don’t get seriously involved. Guard your assets and never be nice to women.”

A third viewer added, “No wonder I’m not married… I’m smart as f*ck not to love a bitch unconditionally when she only sees me as a f*ckin’ wallet, safety net, and a provider. When you get married, you must understand men are in love and women are in business.”

God extracted a rib from man to manufacture women.

Now Olivia believes we’re expendable.

That mindset alone tells you everything you need to know about Western popsies.

Like Eve, they’re in bed with Satan and don’t know it.


Do you agree with Olivia?

Are men nothin’ more than “disposable” sperm donors?

Watch babygirl keep it 💯.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. If the world only knew they were programmed into mostly everything they believe, the world would finally be free from the chains, and we’d all live in peace and harmony. We’ve only been brainwashed into believing what we believe by the top 10 percent of wealthiest people. That’s how they stay on top. Lower their vibrations, keep them divided, controlled, and they lose the battle. We win. Higher powers that be maintain superiority. I don’t believe in marriage or societal norms. We have to get married because a man invented marriage. 😭😭😭

  2. With all due respect, but there is no such thing as a disposable sex. Women need men in order to re-produce. Without men, humans can’t continue to survive. Men need women in order to re-produce. Without women, humans can’t continue to survive. Both men and women need each other in order to remain extant in this world. There are survival traits that women have that men can’t teach, and there are survival traits that men have that women can’t teach.

  3. Most garbage I’ve ever listened to. How can you take this woman serious? Only weak men listen to this garbage.

  4. That’s ok we men dont need women to care or love us, but they must respect us or its over.

  5. That’s why I personally started to not care about them the same way.

  6. As Chris Rock stated, “A woman, child, even dog can be loved unconditionally. But a man is only loved under the condition that he provides something.”

  7. are women capable of controlling their fucking hormones and not stop behaving like this? Because men have changed their “evolutionary” behavior for centuries. So im again asking where are the women doing this?

  8. So men we still have to do what we have to do. Work smarter and harder. Eat well rest well. Work out. Lead. Be the best man you can be. Life will take its course.


  10. why do you think islam is so harsh on women and their freedom, cause their ancestors knew this about female nature and forced religion onto them to move women away from their biology for the betterment of their society.

    The only men that really win in this situation are the playboys and chocolateboys , they plant their seed in every women they can get, and some of the time, those women do keep the baby but someone else(beta male) has to pay for it.

  11. I dont like the waay she explained that shit… pretty much saying its okay for the woman to just discard the man and move to the next

  12. God and Jesus Christ are the ultimate unconditional expressions of love. Men were created in the image of God and Jesus Christ. That is why the unconditional expression and feelings of love is stronger in a man than in a woman .

  13. Her friends are telling her she deserves better. 😂🤡🌎

    How they came to that conclusion is beyond me. Women today don’t deserve shit. They didn’t earn it.

  14. This is exactly why men are going their own way, women are incapable of loving men unconditionally.

  15. A Western laced garbage thinking which has ravaged Western Black families. God help us to fight this devilish view of life.

  16. Don’t get upset if a man chooses to have more than one woman 🤷🏾‍♂️ if we’re so easily replaceable we might as well have a few other younger fertile women as options.

  17. Life is f**ked up man! Its purely their biological make up. They can’t escape their nature. They are incapable of loving a man. That’s explains why most of them find narcissistic traits attractive.

  18. Dont forget at the end of the day men are better off alone while women are not

  19. Absolutely. The man is not equal to the woman and the woman is not equal to the man. Men love based off loyalty and sacrifice. Women love based off convenience. Guys gotta start thinking like a business man when it comes to women and not sappy movie love interest. This is why she has to be your help mate, not vice-versa. We just have to keep the reciprocity in mind.

  20. After WW2, two million German women were raped (mostly by Soviet soldiers). To further this point, I was watching Game of Thrones and there was a scene where the queen stated that if their army loses, half the women in this room will have bastards in their bellies by morning (from the invading army). Ladies, you better treat your men better.

  21. Yes, men are wired to lay down our life for our loved ones. But as men understand women nature and women fight for “equality”, men’s attitude is changing. The next “Titanic moment” will be eye opening. Stronger men will outmuscle women into the lifeboats, and only attractive and still fertile women will be saved. When women sink with the ship, feminists may finally realize that they f*&^ed up!

  22. Seek Jesus Christ of Nazareth woman need man man need woman period

  23. Men of all cultures we need to protect this woman at all cost ASAP…….

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