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Olivia: Put your foot down, eschew being a “doormat”

Olivia says put your foot down/YouTube

Olivia says show a backbone. 

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SEATTLE — Fellas, are you worried about losing your woman? Do you harbor trepidation of waking up to a “Dear John Letter?” If so, yours truly has great news! A viral video shows “Blueprint” author Olivia Alexa revealing a list of things men should do to ensure women don’t egress the relationship. In her podcast “How To Make Her Scared Of Losing You,” the prepossessing redbone didn’t mince words. “Guys, if you’re starting to feel like a backup plan in a woman’s world, it’s time to play your cards differently,” Olivia said. “You need to subtly demonstrate that you’re not chained to the situation and that you have the power.” However… to accomplish that, Olivia believes there’s 9 things we have to do. 1) Have a more masculine persona: “Women instinctively understand that masculine men are assertive, independent and don’t tolerate bullsh*t for too long.”

2) Spend time with the guys: “Here’s the deal: Women aren’t often fans of their men hanging out too much with their friends. Why? Because it can signal a shift in priorities and a reduced commitment to her. A strong male support network empowers a man.”

3) Have more women in your social circle: “It’s not just about having more women around. It’s about tapping into the natural competitive streak that women have. When she sees other women in your presence, even if they’re just co-workers or old friends, it triggers a subtle but competitive edge. She’s reminded that if she doesn’t step up, someone else will.”

4) Don’t fear the idea of losing her: “The moment you start fearing the idea of losing her, you’re setting yourself up for loss. This fear puts you in a position of weakness and, trust me, it shows in your actions and your attitude. You start to overcompensate, become too available, too agreeable. Basically, you’ll lose the edge that probably attracted her to you in the first place.”

5) Be authentic and honest: “Most men hide their true selves from women they are into. Why? Fear. They’re constantly thinking what if she doesn’t like this part about me or what if this scares her off. By not being authentic, you’re setting the stage for a relationship based on a façade. And, guess what? Women sense this.”

6) Set firm boundaries: “Remember, women can not love a man they don’t respect. Don’t be a doormat. Don’t let her walk all over you.”

7) Display your disappointment at something: “Let your disappointment be known. If she does something wrong or breaks trust, it’s important to show you’re not ok with it.”

8) Be emotionally unavailable at times: “I’m not telling you guys to completely shut off or go cold. But it’s ok to sometimes pull away and not be available as an emotional outlet.”

And, 9) Center your life around something else: “A woman knows she can’t lose a man whose entire life is centered around her. You need to break this dynamic. It’s crucial that you have an awesome life of your own. Take interest in your personal achievements. Building your legacy or mastering your self-development. “

Social media reaction was priceless.

One commenter wrote, “Never listen to a woman for dating advice as a man. You don’t ask fish how to catch fish, you ask the fisherman.”

Another chimed in with, “You damn near need a college degree in how to deal with women.”

A third viewer added, “The more I listen to these advices, either coming from men or women, I realize that the best thing for us guys is to develop what I call a ‘rent-a-car’ mentality towards women. When you’re renting a car, you pay for a certain time with it — then you give it back. No attachment, and you don’t care who used it before — as long as the car is clean, smells good and runs well. No need to think about maintenance, no headaches, you just use it for 1 day, a weekend, 2 weeks, whatever… Do the same with women.”

Will you use Olivia’s expert tutelage?

Has romance become too complicated?

Watch babygirl keep it 💯.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. As a car guy, I’d much rather idolize and love cars than date females. Cars4life.

  2. #7 I’m disappointed that having free time is seen as a negative to women. What if you live a lifestyle where you just have more free time than other people?

  3. One thing though, you need to be an ATTRACTIVE man who sets firm boundaries. Nobody finds ugly men who sets firm boundaries attractive at all just because they set boundaries. You simply have to work on yourself more or forget trying to be conventionally attractive.

  4. This woman needs to be placed on a pedestal and worshipped. To tell the unadulterated truth with intelligence and no hesitation and she’s fine!!

  5. Well I don’t want women who play fucking mind games. I wish i was gay.

  6. NOPE. I don’t have time for this 3d grade bs, modern women ain’t worth this workout

  7. WOW!!

  8. It’s all about being assertive direct and dominant with boundaries along with mystery being too nice without boundaries not being direct is too boring for women meaning being a simp women are confirmable with men that are dominant and assertive another reason why women be picking poorly with jerks players and A@# holes that are foolish and manipulative. Keep in mind women will lie to men they’re not attracted too another reason why they put some men in the friend zone be aware women are indirect with men they’re not attracted too because they lie to themselves as well the men they aren’t attracted too.

  9. WOMAN: I only want an emotionally unavailable man … emotional men are ICKy …
    WOMAN: Why is my man emotionally unavailable?

    No wonder men go their own way and get themselves an all absorbing hobby ….

  10. Nope America just destroyed female minds on purpose to a large degree. Scientifically programmed a large number of you to self destruct at the subconscious level. We can play the robot game and do what your saying or we could just get a normal woman from over seas that has a healthy culture that raises their women to want traditional families & cherish kind husbands. Such women are now desired because of scarcity like you said and such desirable women won’t die alone with a cat or dog.

  11. lol the truth is simple don’t try so hard to keep them if they walk let them go

  12. Why do people have to play these games just to get a into a relationship, how about just developed a relationship with the most high God , because one day we gone have to stand up to him one of these days, playing games wont get you far in life really it really wont may increase the ego but you reap what you sole , humanbeings are just flesh and blood, you shouldn’t have to be getting involved with mind games that people like playing, and its strange to hear that a woman dont like man if he’s interested in her , so if you act like im not interested in her now she gone like him more, its strange. I feel like its the last days people are not the same no more.

  13. Never revolve your entire life around a woman. It’s important to have hobbies

  14. Women are checking out no matter what 90% of the time, once she wants to be with other men and yes, multiple men. You cant stop a woman that wants to be promiscuous in a promiscuous society.

  15. In summery a man NEEDS TO LEAD A LIFE OF PURPOSE or he’s doomed…a woman should find a man already living his purpose then she’ll know that his life doesnt circulate around her.

  16. Number 4 is highly key , but to be fair this list in its entirety is true , I like 5,6 and 7 , and 2 & 3

  17. men will only be with loving, peaceful, loyal women. Otherwise there is absolutely no reason to be with a woman(the weaker sex) . If we have to play games, we don’t want you.

  18. To all the men in the comments.

    All this is mind game. Leave this to women, focus on your health and your bread, and make the right choice when the bees pull up

  19. Too much mind games, how would your woman enjoy you if you did all that just so you can change her behavior?

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