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Olivia: Career ladders are ruining women’s sex lives

Career women are usually single/YouTube

Successful women are incels. 

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SEATTLE — In 1980, country music legend Dolly Parton released a song called “Working 9 to 5” to celebrate female employment. But, what she didn’t say was it comes with a price. “Blueprint” author Olivia Alexa set the internet ablaze when she disseminated a podcast elucidating why successful ladies can’t get a man. The prepossessing redbone drew a juxtaposition between climbing the career ladder and sexual deprivation. Career popsies are horny as f*ck. “Women in our society have been sold an illusion,” Olivia admitted. “It’s the lie that marriage and commitment can be put on hold while they’re busy climbing the career ladder and that there’s always still going to be a king at the end ready to swoop them right up. But things that sound too good to be true usually are. The idea that women can have the best of both worlds in career and relationship hardly even works as a life template for men, let alone women. And, it’s a track that’s leading a lot of successful women to a miserable dating life in their later years.”

It’s also Olivia’s assertion that men get gold stars for career advancement, whereas women are often cursed. “A successful woman is not the same as a successful man,” she said. “I know you guys hear the term ‘hypergamy’ a lot. And, I know you guys wonder sometimes if women truly are naturally hypergamy. Women are naturally hypergamy, which means they desire a man that’s higher up in social status, money and stature than themselves. Naturally… the higher up the ladder the women go, the fewer men they’ll find at the top to date. And what they find after a decade or so at their career is that men don’t really care about a woman’s career success.”

That’s true.

I don’t give a damn if my chick works at Chipotle.

As long as she’s cool as f*ck, I’m satisfied.

At the rate things are going, Olivia believes more than 45 percent of career women will be single by the year 2030.

Unless… they settle for penis they really don’t want.

“So why do I call these successful women the new incels?” she said.

“It’s simple. Just as there’s a class of lonely men today that have no women wanting to sleep with them, there will be a new class of women that are lonely just because there’s no man good enough to be in a relationship with them. These are the career women working at high-end law firms, or company boards who will yearn for a man that can matchup up and commit to them. But the twist is they will never find him, and they will end up settling. Now add that to the fact that these career women aren’t trashy women looking to have meaningless sex with random guys. They actually desire a relationship. You may even find this class of women to be the most sexually deprived as well.” 

Social media reaction was Icy Hot.

One commenter wrote, “No they won’t. Women will never be incels. There will ALWAYS be a simp in her orbit that will have sex with her, no matter what she is doing, looks like, or if she prioritizes her career. Now it’s true they may never find the man they feel they are entitled to, which is the top 5% of men. But when 80% of women are fighting over 5% of men, those numbers will never be in their odds. That still doesn’t make them an incel.”

Another viewer added, “Men don’t care about a woman’s career. We value physical attraction and personality. We don’t want bums though.”

Do you agree with Olivia?

Are career ladders hurting women in the bedroom?

Watch babygirl keep it 💯.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. It has been my experience that there are in fact single career/family women that have lived full lives (full relationships, children etc) that no longer have, as first priority, the need for a full on “part 2”. These only seek someone they can be free with (intimate and otherwise) that is willing to come and go without overstaying their welcome as they value their space just as much as the man does. More than a f*ck buddy (real feelings involved) and less than a boyfriend (monogamous commitment). They usually seek a man that has his own life and really ain’t all that interested in tracking up her clean floor. A footprint maybe… but no tracks. They are open to it going further but aren’t devastated if it doesn’t. It’s not that their heartless or stoic… they’ve just truly exhausted the need for certain things. I’ve known a few like this and have relatives like this as well but the women will usually value discretion on it because they don’t want to be viewed as frivolous. They are women of honor that know exactly what they want and don’t want. I find that type of woman fascinating and for me, they work for me symbiotically (if that makes sense). I’ve had “the dream” early in life and had a failed attempt at a Part 2. All I find myself seeking now is experience in depth and passion while remaining free. All without malice, agenda or subterfuge and this perspective makes that kind symbiotic for me. Given the nature of the times today (zero sum absolutism) these woman have basically decided to turtle up and stay silent out of fear of bucking the zeitgeist and being shamed by both the feminist AND the manosphere. It really sucks to see it happen. There will always be exceptions to the rule but the acceptance of this is fading fast and anything outside “the rule” is now being shamed as “sin” is shamed in a church fueled by false piety.

    I just feel the need to add one more thing for the men. These women are NOT to be messed with. They can smell BS a mile away because they are constantly swatting flies. To be with a woman like this means risking heartache as much as she will. That is the caveat. These are power women looking for someone that will fill a spot without damaging all she has built for herself. Just an FYI…

  2. She’s right us men do not care about a women having a successful career. We only want a women whom not only we find attractive. We also want a women whom can love, honor and respect us men.

  3. Damn. It just seems nowadays everyhing is so complicated now. I’m glad i was born in the early 50’s. Such a contrast now!!

  4. Who would want these old women? That’s a rhetorical question. Go overseas, men.

  5. Tru dat. I don’t give two s**ts about a woman’s career or financial status, as long as she’s not lazy and never wants to change.

  6. The western world’s women have mostly become completely insufferable and obnoxious. They seem to think that men won’t care about how many other people they’ve slept with, if they claim to be bisexual (as if we want competition with both sexes), and that we will constantly want to compete against their money-making ability.

    Often times, American women I’ve met are already broken, and they sometimes pride themselves on that. They think we, men, are there to rescue them, give them what they want, but the nurturing presence WE need isn’t reciprocated.

    I find myself more and more being attracted to women from the eastern hemisphere. There’s such an equal give and take. It’s not always this way, but it’s more common.

    And there’s a reason that so many self-made models and “influencers” are extremely lonely. I think that’s obvious, at this point.

  7. I have a friend whos mom was 15 years younger than her husband. He is 82 now, and she would be (died) 67. I highly doubt society will get better, but based on history, theres always some major event that causes women to depend on men again. Cough War. Where the old, childless with a cat or single moms will be put on the back burner (as its already happening now), and the younger women would be looking for stability, and would do anything to have a home and children with their husband. Just a thought. Could be wrong. I just notice its always a major age gap in marriages after every life changing event that men have to fight for.

  8. Female Incel economy
    Sex toy stocks Dating app stocks Wine stocks Cat food stocks Egg freezing stocks Therapy/Counselling stocks Vacation stocks

  9. One of the reasons why men don’t care about your successful career: you do not share your own resources. On top of wanting someone to be better than you, you want that man to provide at that level. The more you earn, the smaller the number of available men will be. Maybe if you considered sharing your resouces, then you and your man would reach higher goals together. That’s the point. Enough with the “what’s yours is mine, but what’s mine is mine and mine alone”.

  10. They won’t be incels. Boss babes will always have guys that will pump and dump them, and not commit to a relationship lol

  11. Lets talk about the cold hard truth, successful women who cant meet the right man are becoming more Bi-curious! Finding the comfort from another woman , who know how to satisfy, put down men and basically getting a small dog to compensate having children

  12. If your thinking with your little head you don’t have enough blood to think with you big head. Something hard to teach a young man and some old men…….

  13. Women can be successful and have a good relationship. But they need to think differently, they need to spot the good man early on. They don’t mind supporting the right woman build up their career, but if that woman ratbags, that support isn’t as forthcoming. If she becomes too expensive to afford, then she is too expensive and gets dropped…. Also the value of women is in her fertility, not her wealth. This is why makeup is successful, it makes someone look healthier than she is, but also why men don’t like makeup on girls because it fools us on a womans health.

  14. I’m in that class of lonely men whom no woman wants to sleep with. It hurts like hell and sometimes I don’t want to be here anymore

  15. I generally agree. Hypergamy, more obvious than gravity, is actually a competition between a woman and her friends to land the better guy. And a guy as good or better than she. But pretty much any woman can get physical intimacy on demand. So the term “Incel” does not apply to women. Try “involuntary Commitment-less” or “Involuntary Single” or “Involuntary Childless”, but then most women can also find a man to have a child with (with or without his knowledge) or a sp*rm bank to help.

  16. Male prostitution is going to be BIG in the next few years. Women are gonna PAY for attention!!

  17. You can have the best of both worlds: career and relationship. You just have to get married and then work that career ladder.

    What women actually want to do is: school w. 304 phase, career w. 304 phase and most likely a kid, marriage w. more kids, cheat w. 304 phase, divorce w. 304 phase, and finally remarriage to high value man. At least that is what the statistics show.

  18. These career women will die alone never having been married or having had children. They will not settle, because their ego won’t allow it.

  19. The term incel doesn’t mean anything nowadays cuz no one cares let’s be honest.

  20. Women abroad are the key. Stay away from Western women unless you find a rural farm girl.

  21. If females weren’t hypergamous, the divorce rate would be in a very low percentile, like 10% to 20%.

  22. My wife just doesn’t give a crap. She just leaves when she can’t get everything she wants. She doesn’t care how much damage it inflicts on our marriage. I’m just a tool. Time for a divorce.

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