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Modern chick done dating ’cause good men very rare

Woman says there’s no good men/YouTube

Woman says dating sucks. 

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ATLANTA — Are you dissatisfied with being a companionless masturbator? Have you grown weary of all the bulls*t that comes with online dating? If so, you’re not alone. A viral video shows an exasperated black chick saying she’s done with the dating scene. Despite having dental braces, babygirl has no problem garnering male attention. After all, she meets lots of simps through dating apps. But she’s sick and tired of the lies and artifice that come with it. She’s basically wasting her time. “Every time I give my attention to a dude, they be interested for a little bit and then it starts dwindling,” she vented. “I wasted so much time y’all. I wanna date. I really do. [But] how many guys do I have to go through before I get to the one who won’t waste my time? Sh*t! I don’t want to do this no more. I’m just gone focus on myself… God gonna have to tap me on my shoulder himself and be like, ‘That’s it my child. That is who I sent for you.’ Other than that, I am good. I’m tired mentally. I can’t do it anymore.”

Social media reaction was in agreement. One commenter wrote, “As a grown man who been single for 3 years, I know exactly where you coming from.. I’m ready for a wife. I’m too old for the BS.” Another chimed in with, “I have lost all interest in dating… it’s bad out here.” A third viewer added, “Girl!!! I’m right there with you!! I meet the same man just in a different body. I’m exhausted!”

Do you agree with babygirl?

Has the American dating crisis taken its toll?

Watch her keep it 💯.

Share your thoughts.

@shan.dawwg Sometimes I wish I could see into the future to see if this is even worth my time😭 ##dating##relatable##fyp ♬ original sound – Shan

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  1. just focus on your career and goals, if it is in God’s will, then the right man will come

  2. Dating is played out these days. I don’t have time for that anymore too old

  3. Don’t give up on dating. Ask God for a soulmate and the qualities you want in a man.

  4. I have lost interest in relationships and I am in a relationship 😩😩😩😩

  5. This is me . People just want situationships no one wants to commit to one person there using past situations as a excuse

  6. Dating apps changed how my date .it created the unrealistic expectations of having rosters and dating so many people at once. I think it’s time for a reset

  7. This is why I strongly believe in solo trips, solo dates, etc. Peace of mind is the best reward 🤍

  8. That’s why I just have fun and when they SAY they want a relationship, I say IM GOOD ON THAT!!

  9. I literally gave up hope about 3-4 years ago and I’m still happy 😂😂😂.

  10. Man I feel the same way but I’m a hopeless romantic. I believe in my heart that I will find my forever love/soul mate

  11. At this point I’m deleting all the apps and hoping someone comes up to me at the library

  12. I feel the same way but i don’t want to be single forever tho it’s complicated honestly

  13. Literally was having this same conversation with myself the other day😂

  14. I understand! How about you are dating someone for 8 months he told me we would get married after a year or two of dating and he decides he doesn’t want to be committed anymore 😩🥲

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