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Ringworm STD now in the United States, pus & blood

Might be time to start wearing condoms/YouTube

Ringworm STD now in America. 

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WASHINGTON — Fellas… if you’re thinking about bangin’ a chick without a condom, better think again. That’s because medical experts proclaimed there’s a new STD in America called the “ringworm” – a highly contagious rare fungal strain that will f*ck your dick up. We just got our first case in New York. A homosexual man contracted the disease from his gay lover. To call ringworm a squicky malady would be a vast understatement. Not only will your body break out in carbuncles, pus and blood will also ooze from your penis. Ain’t that a bitch? That’s why it’s sagacious to copulate with one woman only. Yours truly and babygirl have an agreement. We won’t have dalliances with nobody else, no matter what. I’m serious. We have a covenant and we’re honoring it. STDs suck. Sh*t… when it comes to my phallus – Mandingo, I take no chances because we’ve been blood brothers since parturition. We share the same encephalon. We have a homogeneous taste in women.

Our nexus is eternal.

Can’t live without Mandingo and he can’t live without me.

Dude, I descried an image of a ringworm patient and damn near vomited. Reminds me of the deadly Ebola virus in Wolfgang Petersen’s 1995 action film “Outbreak” starring Dustin Hoffman. “Healthcare providers should be aware that Trichophyton mentagrophytes type VII is the latest in a group of severe skin infections to have now reached the United States,” Dr. Avrom Caplan, a dermatologist at New York University Grossman School of Medicine, wrote in a news release.

Social media reaction was vicious.

One commenter wrote, “Glad I’m celibate and single. Definitely not looking for STDs in these streets. Be safe people. Know before you go.”

Another person added, “People are gross. It’s one case today. In a week it’ll be 50,000.”

Fellas… if you’re not sure about the chick you’re gonna stick, wrap it up with contraceptives.

Telling you dawg, protect your wiener and your life.

Watch disturbing reports.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Well… damn now I have to cancel my hook up next week!!! Queens wtf happened to wearing a rubber. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. So now this disease that can be transferred through touch can also be transferred through sex?
    How does that change anything? LOL

  3. When God says ” DON’T” He always has a good reason! It’s not bc He wants us not to enjoy things, He knows what is best FOR US!
    I never worried about any STD, or comparisons to others. Married, once, faithful til death of my faithful husband. He never had to worry about me.
    A faithful, loving marriage is what God intended for us, man & wife, and nothing else can bring us such joy, and safety.
    If we obey Him this stuff wouldn’t ever exist.

  4. let me guess, the americans gonna blame homos or asians or blacks or any other races non-whites. whats new~

  5. Weird how they announce this in the month of pride, it could be false news and some other infection.

  6. It’s gay month. Time to celebrate gay stuff. Woo hoo gay gay gay. Let’s get gay. Gay is great. Gay

  7. When you are in a relationship, only sleep with that person and no one else! Also, be careful who you sleep with!

  8. Y’all gotta stop being THOTs and stuff like this wouldn’t happen!!!

  9. It would be in NYC. It would be the guy that had sex with multiple male partners in the sketchy parts of italy, greece, califronia, and nyc. It’s like the perfect storm.

  10. I need to hurry up and be married again. I hate that my husband died, but this is ridiculous.!!

  11. It will end up crossing over to the general population because there are people out there called bisexuals that like men and women

  12. Condoms are available! Please use them every single time you want to hank and pank. And PLEASE take baths/showers

  13. And this is why I stay single! People say it’s because I have “Resting B***h Face” I call it being cautious

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