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Lonely man takes his sexy blow-up doll out to dinner

Tara put Henry’s blow-up romance on blast/

Blow-up doll blows up online.

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CHARLOTTE — Every now and then you stumble across a story that makes you say, “DAYUUUMMM!!! Tara Bjork — a nosy waitress in Charlotte, North Carolina — was terminated from an upscale restaurant after she posted a TikTok video of a male customer having dinner with a blow-up doll. Yessir. On May 27th, Henry Herrera walked into the RH Rooftop Restaurant with this fine-ass balloon bitch and they proceeded to manducate a romantic entrĂ©e for two. Henry had a hamburger. His chick ate a salad. And, they shared a basket of fries. Aww, ain’t that cute. Tara thought the sh*t was funny. So, she recorded the lovebirds and shared the video with the caption: “Ok, so I’m not supposed to be making TikTok’s at work, but this calls for it. I work at a nice restaurant in Charlotte and I need you guys to see what just came in the door.” The clip amassed more than 2 million views. When Tara’s boss descried the footage, he fired her.

“I knew one of two things was going to happen,” Tara told reporters. “Either the video was going to get no views and I would be fine, or it was going to blow up and I was going to have to deal with some consequences.” Can’t lie. Henry has exquisite taste in women. His playthang resembles Marilyn Monroe. She’s a sexy blonde with a fat ass and big titties. Babygirl also wore a black frock with cherries 🍒 to show off her legs and vulva. Scuttlebutt has it Henry f*cks her every night, and she never backtalks or disrespects him.

Henry claims he don’t give a damn about Tara filming their special moment.

He knew it would attract a lot of attention.

“As I was sitting down, I already saw like six phones recording me,” Henry said.

“I knew sooner or later the video was going to be somewhere.”

As for Tara?

She found herself another job, but she’s banned from using her cell phone at work.

Dude, the American Dating Crisis has people losing their damn mind.

I’m starting to get worried.

Watch Tara put Henry’s blow-up romance on blast.

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  1. Omg this is sad. I know dating in the U.S. is almost impossible these days, but this…

  2. So now it’s ok to bring your sex toys out in public? Ok ladies, challenge on. Fresh batteries and let’s go for ladies’ night out.

  3. good don’t record people without there consent PERIOD i don’t care what there doing, everyone always quick to record and put you on blast for everyone to laugh at you, now she got laughed at

  4. If a person brought a blow-up doll to any Midwestern restaurant, it would be automatic grounds for removal from the said establishment. Bet or no bet, this person needs to be fined for being at the restaurant with such a contraption.

  5. Instead of working you’re standing around making videos. Yeah you’re fired.

  6. So its ok to bring a sex doll to dinner in public ya this world is getting worse

  7. We live in a crazy world, dude brings blowup doll to dinner and the waitress gets fired! Pure insanity!

  8. “fired for posting TikTok” literally shows a photo of himself smiling & doing thumbs up on the date, I don’t think she exposed it.

  9. A man on a date with a blow-up doll is out of place, but a man pretending to be a woman is socially acceptable

  10. Why was she fired! Come on most normal people would grab their phones if they saw this!!

  11. How is it an upscale restaurant and yet they let such things in there? Next one, dining with a dildo. These restaurants.

  12. The man was minding his business. The waitress wasnt. Now she’s out of a job and hes doing fine. Girl mind the business that pays you.

  13. Well it is kind of sick twisted and hilarious… the whole thing!!! There was no doubt going to be someone who posted it and spoke about it on social media. From all the public guests at the restaurant.
    The waitress shouldn’t lose her job just because people in society are losing their minds and even marrying these sex blow up dolls. Even crazier issue!

  14. Social media is a scourge. “I need you guys to see this”…no you don’t. You just want likes at the expense of someone else

  15. I would understand if she had filmed something important, but she risked her job for this.

  16. So glad the doll didn’t bring a load of family or friends along and expect him to pay!

  17. Hamburger and fries in an upscale restaurant. Cheap bastard. No wonder he’s dating a doll.

  18. I’m going to start selling dolls to lonely men. SMH… I know millions are desperate

  19. Take note ladies, and improve yourselves. While you were cleaning the litterboxes, a blow up doll was being treated to a gourmet dinner.

  20. First words out of her own mouth were “I know I’m not supposed to be making Tiktoks at work.” But yet she did it anyway. Is anyone shocked she got fired? He wasn’t hurting or bothering anyone. Did she ask him why he had a blow up doll as a date? Probably not. Just wanted to make fun of him and wanted the world to join in. Stop shaming people.

  21. She admitted she wasn’t supposed to make tik toks at work so it sounds like she was already on thin ice for making tik toks at work

  22. You’re in public, so you need to act with morals and dignity, bring back shaming. This dude needs to be humbled. There are kids around you, they’ll learn something so wrong out of this.

  23. The least he can do is buy a regular love doll. Come on bro, you cant afford 600 bucks…

  24. Did the man split the bill with the blowup doll or did he pay in full like a true gentlemen.

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