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Reality TV bailiff Renard Spivey allegedly murdered his wife over sexual frustration

Reality TV bailiff murders his wife. Blog King, Mass Appeal HOUSTON — How’s this for flippin’ the script? Renard Spivey, the 63-year-old sheriff’s deputy who served as a bailiff on the reality TV show “Justice For All with Judge Cristina Perez,” was thrown behind bars after he allegedly murdered his wife because she wouldn’t give up the derrière. The uxoricide ...

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Crazy old man murders his wife during argument, claims she talked too much

Elderly husband smokes his wife. Blog King, Mass Appeal MIAMI — Talk is cheap? Fernando De Baere will spend the remainder of his miserable existence behind bars after the 73-year-old gunman killed his 47-year-old wife for… talking too much. The loquacious uxoricide went down a few weeks ago in Plantation, Florida. According to police reports, Fernando and Marisa Sherman experienced ...

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