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Husband murdered wife at Walgreens, left body in car

Robert murdered his wife Latosia/

Hubby kills wife at Walgreens.

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DELAND — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Robert Fleming was thrown in the slammer after he murdered his wife of 20 years, 36-year-old Latosia Warren. The uxoricide transpired May 17th at a Walgreens parking lot in DeLand, Florida. According to court docs, Robert shot Latosia multiple times then left her in a car they rented. Two days later, police officers found Latosia’s corpse riddled with gunshot wounds. Medical examiners pronounced her dead at the scene. Robert fled to Chattanooga, Tennessee where he was ultimately arrested and charged with first-degree murder. Robert, 36, was extradited back to Florida. He’s facing life in prison. “We are zero tolerance when it comes to crime,” DeLand Police Captain Prurince Dice said in a press conference. “We will not tolerate crime in our community.”

It should be noted, police made contact with Robert two days prior to the fatal shooting. He threatened to commit suicide and officers took him in custody for a psychological evaluation under Florida’s Baker Act. He didn’t stay long. Robert was released despite the fact he’s batshit. Kimberley Green, Latosia’s mom, raised eyebrows when she said, “I’m still giving him the benefit of the doubt that he just couldn’t be in his right mind.”


Is she serious?

Social media reaction was speculative. One reader wrote, “What could possibly be going through that fool’s mind to make him kill his queen and leave her body inside a car in a Walgreens parking lot? Damn fool.” Another chimed in with, “I think she was leaving him.” A third person added, “Is it true she cheated on him with another man at a hotel?” 

Robert and Latosia are from Ohio.

They share three children together.

Watch the sad report and Robert’s court appearance.

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  1. That is so sad some of these men in this generation they don’t know how to let go if she don’t want to go on with your life now you about to spend the rest of your life in prison and the babies do not have a mother that is so sick me to me you don’t know how long you can be with that person and you don’t know what’s going through that person mind when you decide to leave that person alone it’s sad.

  2. This keeps happening over and over so tired of seeing this. Glad he was arrested smh

  3. Wow there is way too many of these stories of black women murdered by their significant other.

  4. If you don’t have money…they release folks quick regardless of how much help is needed. Disgusting world we live in.

  5. The mother didn’t seem that hurt. Trying to make some kind of excuse for the husband is kind of strange to me…idk.

  6. I can’t imagine the level of abuse this woman has been silently suffering for the past 20 years. This is so tragic. Very heartbreaking. It also highlights the loving a man who is toxic clearly does not produce any good fruit. It’s a lesson learned for me. I’m so sorry about this woman’s pain. I just can’t understand how her husband of 20 years could do that to her.

  7. She sat at Walgreens for two days🤦🏽‍♀️ I’m soooo surprised nobody acted on this before then as Walgreens is a busy company

  8. I’m terrified of dating anyone I’m terrified of even been approached by a man and I respectfully say no and then I get hurt because I declined. We live in a horrible world

  9. Many people are just evil but they disguise it well like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Too many men and evil people lack self love and they lack when it comes to going God’s way. Often times when you grow spiritually and find out the real them, women leave and they cannot take it because they want their cake and eat it too. It’s ok to break up through a phone call or dear John letter. Many feel they are worthless without their “bread and butter” yet have no problem cheating on her and disrespecting her. Be safe ladies, know the signs and red flags, keep God close at all time and exit safe as possible.

  10. They been together for 20yrs but who knows what went on behind closed doors.

  11. I believe this man been cheating on his wife they need to dig a Little Deeper these men are so damn dumb they think you can’t figure them out I bet he had another chick on the side and it was planned poorly of how he was going to get rid of his wife.

  12. Crazy how people think they can get away with the ultimate crime. He played crazy when he came in contact with the police but he was definitely in his right mind when he did what he did & took off.

  13. People who don’t have The Holy Spirit giving self control over the flesh will always kill steal and destroy everyone who is within their reach these people deny God’s power they don’t believe that they are being watched 24/7 by God Who is Spirit. Everything done in secret will always be made known nothing is hidden everything comes to the light

  14. Same Thing Happened to my Cousin. He shot her the day before her Birthday& then KILLED Hisself.. Now Im Goin thru Depression Because I Was Already GRIEVING From my Baby Brother Death. I’ve Losted 6 SIBLINGS& Just REALLY Goin THRU it But I’m Trustin GOD& 🙏 Daily.😭😭

  15. The mother of the victim said “Im still gonna give him the benefit of the doubt, that he wasnt in his right mind.”

    That tells me all I need to know about her mentality and what she instilled in her children . How are you pacifying such a heinous act … DONE TO YOUR DAUGHTER???!!!!

  16. You can know a person for 4, 5, 6 decades, and not know everything about them. Case in point: the BTK killer was married to his wife for 46 years when police finally arrested him for killing all those people in Kansas City, Kansas. He was a husband, grandfather, pillar of the community. For 17 years he was murdering people and sleeping next to his wife.

  17. Its sad no one noticed 😔 Even Employees who closed should have noticed something.


  19. I don’t get it? What in 20 years, led him to do such a thing? So sad. God bless the family! 🙏

  20. Wow this is terrible & so sad, I don’t understand men or woman killing someone they claimed to love because if u really loves someone u could never hurt them💯💯even if they want to leave it’s crazy what ppl will do because they don’t want someone to leave them it’s sick fr….taking innocent lives is never okay, like no one deserves this ever …he deserves the death penalty, sending my deepest condolences & sympathy/ God bless the family , loved ones & friends stay strong ❤️❤️❤️😞🙏🏽

  21. I was in a abusive relationship for about 13 years and when he put my head through his mom’s windshield I knew if I didn’t leave he would kill me I’m so glad I was able to get away and now I’m with a man who has loves and respects me and in 20 years has never put his hands on me I pray for everyone who has/is dealing with abuse to get out bc it only gets worse

  22. If you will receive Jesus as Lord and Savior, please pray this prayer right now. “God I come to you now to receive Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I believe that Jesus died for my sin and has been raised from the dead and is alive in heaven. I receive Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I am now born again and have a new spirit. You are my Heavenly Father. Thank you for saving me and giving me eternal life, in Jesus name. amen…❤💕💓💖💖♥️❤️❤️💞💕💕💘💘💞💞♥️♥️💗

  23. This is why I stopped dating !!!! It’s too dangerous . You can’t trust these men at all !

  24. She put him though some shit and he snapped. There’s always a story behind a man killing his girlfriend or wife. I don’t blame him.

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