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Popular real estate agent murdered by crazy hubby

Martella Tyler brutally murdered/YouTube

Realtor killed by hubby. 

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HUNTSVILLE — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. The city of Huntsville, Alabama is in mourning after Justin Tyler murdered his wife — Martella Tyler — before blowing his own brains out. He also set the house ablaze. Their burnt corpses were found after firefighters extinguished the inferno. The murder-suicide transpired June 5th just days after Martella had her protective order lifted. The mother of three filed it in February after Justin attacked her and one of their daughters with a pocketknife. “He punched me, stomped me, stabbed me three times in the head,” Martella told investigators. “I feel like he has a mental health condition that is untreated.” In addition to being non compos mentis, Justin was broke as hell. The slothful bastard had trouble keeping a job whereas Martella was a real estate agent with Leading Edge Real Estate Group.

She was definitely the breadwinner.

You can also tell Martella, 40, really loved her job.

“If the house wasn’t ready to be listed and the lawn needed to be mowed or the landscaping needed to be cleaned up, or the house needed to be cleaned up, Martella was the girl,” said owner Danny Sullivan who gave Martella’s daughters a measly $5,000 for funeral arrangements. Turns out, she lacked life insurance. A GoFundMe page was established in Martella’s honor.

Martella and Justin, 43, got hitched in 2013. Everybody said they appeared to be a happily married couple. “It’s really shocking and scary at the same time that something like this could happen,” said Dametric Anderson, Martella’s cousin. “It’s kind of like 180° of what I’ve seen.” Mr. Sullivan echoed a homogeneous sentiment. “We were speechless,” he said. “There are no words to describe it. I just can’t understand how something like that can even happen. Every time she came into the office, she was smiling.”

Watch the sad report.

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  1. You can tell that she really had a passion for her job! I’m praying for her kids and her family.Those babies will need consistent prayers and counseling! 🙏

  2. Makes me want to just remain single and celibate. Correction…celibate and single. In that order.

  3. Ladies. Once there is physical harm that requires protection. . . Please please just leave it alone. Those are the truest of colors, and those colors don’t fade. RIP

  4. Alot of woman are getting abused but I see they hide it really well with makeup

  5. Her beautiful energy could be felt through the video! This is truly tragic 💔 my she rest in God’s love! I pray for her children and her loved ones during this difficult time 🙏🏽

  6. R.I.P. Marcella in God’s Care! It’s horrible what she went through. It sounds like he had a resentment about the restraining order or whatever and was going to end her life anyway. I am a true believer that if you go as far as getting a restraining order stick to it. Leave asap and don’t look back! My condolences to the family of her loved ones. 🙏🙏🙏

  7. That’s really sad. So all them years he had a Mental Health problem. Praying for the family. RIP.

  8. He tried to attack her kids and she lifted the OOP! OMG! I pray that me and mine (and no one else) never fall into whatever level of “love” this is. This is saddening and I wish she would have overcome it😔

  9. 🙏💐🙏
    Ladies Yall Better
    Wake Up. !
    They are Slaughtering
    Black Women,
    Like we are
    Disposable Paper Towels !

  10. If a nigga stab you n stomp you that ain’t love…Wtf is wrong with y’all. That’s a reprobate mind to keep looking for love when there is only hate. When people show you who they are believe what you see.

  11. It was meant for me to see this story! My ex-boyfriend asked me to go in front of a judge and asked him to lift the order of protection,so he and I can get back together! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😪😢😰😰😥

  12. Why do people not have LIFE INSURANCE 😡😡😡 I don’t understand it. 🤷 Why should the community lay people to rest

  13. Speaking personally, If a man tells you that he is going to kill you… And he is beating you to a bloody pulp but you lived long enough to place a restraining order against him leave the restraining order against him and get out— get out with just the clothes on your back leave all of those wordly possessions behind — move on with your life if you don’t do it for Yourself do it for your children people! This tragedy didn’t have to happen!!!

  14. $5,000 WAS ALL HER CHILDREN GOT FROM THE COMPANY THAT SHE WORKED HER BUTT OFF FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. When someone tells or show’s ya who they are BELIEVE EM screw their BS wanting to help saying they understand your situation and leave em alone or for either the streets or a dumb a** person who wants the drama & all that other built-in BS like you owe me, got baby momma or baby daddy drama, Saying I helped you get where you are, they having ol a** reflecting momma & daddy issues, insecurities, addicted to whatever, they are trying too be to possessive over you or whatever you have, they got jealously issues, always toxic, talks negative, lacks goals, want everything but don’t have no money, expect you to carry the load because somehow they lack the understanding about splitting it with you, they can’t NEVER keep a job, it’s everybody else fault, errr-body out to get em, isolating you from family and friends saying they ain’t no good or why you/what y’all talking about, ease drops, looking through your phone because they doing wrong, blaming you for financial problems when you contribute to the home but the lacking & you know what they bring home weekly/monthly, lies just for no reason, cheats but blames it on everything but themselves, talks loud but don’t do sh!+, think everyone owes them, get drunk and blame it on everything & everyone but themselves, they lack self love, got unknown hate for others who love their mate incl fam & close friends, always talking about everyone else’s problems but don’t address their own issues, anyway y’all can add too the list and you’ll see what I’m saying and y’all get too running away real fast if ya find out ya mate matches anything on the list and then you’ll know that it ain’t you it’s them and ya can’t fix someone who doesn’t want to fix themselves & doesn’t acknowledge their personal issues that errr-body else can see😏 😉

  16. $5000 that’s all they gave her kids, that won’t even buy a decent coffin. Shame on her bosses!!!

  17. Darkness is attracted to LIGHT!!!! Drawn like moths to a flame. They reap the benefits of your light. Bask in your light but lowkey HATE you because of your light!!!! Choose wisely ladies‼️‼️

  18. Ladies, STOP trying to make a man who is abusing you into something better! Stop accepting the excuses! Stop settling for the pain! And, MOST IMPORTANTLY, stop allowing your kids to be abused because you want to keep giving the man “chances”! Too many of us are being killed because we won’t let go!

  19. So he killed the both of them and burned the house down…so now the kids don’t have either parents or a home to sale to get at least some money!

  20. I’m just praying that he wasn’t sexually assaulting the youngest child 😞why would he attack her own child

  21. So after she sold millions of dollars in real estate, all the company could give her kids is $5,000?! That’s shameful. RIP to this beautiful woman, and prayers to God to cover her babies. 🙏🏾

  22. The spouses that do that are cowards, they only think about themselves. When there are children involved I wonder do the parents think about them before they pull the trigger? Probably not, I pray for the children for they will have a tough time dealing with what their dad did.

  23. This was so demonic and very sad! These men are so cowardly. Prayers go out to her family!!

  24. Was she messing around with another guy? Jealousy is a very dangerous emotion.

  25. With a 55% divorce rate and 80% of all divorces being initiated by the woman, who in their right mind would want to get married in this day in age?!?

  26. Get a life and maybe you won’t have to worry about controlling your spouse. Some men act out violently and that’s just selfish, weak and cowardly. Shows inability to cope.

  27. Desperation and fear of being alone is the death of too many black women now and days SMH..this predator never should have been allowed to step foot back in her home after he stabbed her the first time and tried to harm her child. But yet she got back with him. SMH

  28. So Justin punched, stomped and stabbed her, yet she drops the Order of Protection??? Ridiculous,SMH, R.I.P. I’m happy none of the children died. Black children are being killed often in these domestic violence situations.

  29. When I was going through dv I didn’t know how close I was to death, I didn’t know how special I was, I didn’t see the blessings in still having my children and nothing happening to them. I’ve have guns in my face and was beaten many times. The mental and emotional abused damaged me more. The night he said I was gone die and to enjoy this meal like a family was my last night with him. I ran with my 2mth old as fast as I could and my other children were returned to me a few days later. I tried therapy and she would always ask me do I think I’m normal and what I’ve lived through is normal, to get up and work and carry on life like a normal person with the abuse I was going through. I sat there and really didn’t feel like therapy was working cause I felt like she was just trying to make me smile or feel better bout myself. But when I see stories like this it all ties in full circle. Everyone DOES NOT make it out. When you make it out PLEASE DONT GO BACK. It’s easy to weigh options and figure you’ll go back til you save up or a job come through or you’ll just leave cause you know when they bout to start. That gamble isn’t worth it.

  30. She seemed like such a loveable woman.Her kids will miss their mama so much. RIP

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