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Childcare provider killed by deranged, jealous husband,

Tierra Williams received her wings/

Crazy hubby murders wife. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

FRANKLIN — Pookie & Ray Ray continue to make headlines. The city of Franklin, Kentucky is in mourning after 25-year-old Jeremy Williams murdered his wife, 21-year-old Tierra Williams, before blowing his own brains out. The murder-suicide transpired June 5th around 6:30 a.m. at 637 Patton Road. Police officers entered their home and discovered Tierra’s corpse riddled with bullets. Moments later, they found Jeremy dead in his vehicle on Interstate 65 with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Tierra owned a daycare center called “T&J’s Childcare” and she was an excellent mom. A close source said Jeremy was jealous of her success. Social media reaction was vicious. One reader wrote, “Another young lady who picked the wrong one.” Another chimed in with, “She was so successful and doing what she loved. He destroyed her life. He should’ve left her alone or just took himself out.” A third person added, “Nowadays they’re taking ’till death do us part’ a little too far.”

Tierra’s mom — Lakisha McCory — lost not only a daughter, but her best friend. “Me and my daughter had a relationship, not just a mom and daughter relationship, but we were friends, really close friends,” Lakisha said. “You fall in love with your children from the first movement, flutter in your belly, so I knew, I knew already then that I loved her. And giving birth to her and seeing her and holding her just intensified that.”

Tierra leaves behind a young daughter.

Watch the sad report and funeral service.

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  1. My God he took an Angel career driven successful caring child of God. Rest in Heaven Queen T

  2. Omg how many women are killed by the man they say they love Lardddddddddd help us Rip beautiful lady 💕🙏🏽

  3. The more I see these things happening the less I want a man in my life . I’m good I’ll just raise my kids alone

  4. I see a common thread with these entrepreneur young ladies. They become a threat to their significant others. These men don’t realize how selfish they are.

  5. Oh wow..this is so sad😢she had a beautiful soul gone to soon. RIP🙏🏾🌹

  6. Omg wow so what was the reason … they looked so happy together

  7. He’s such a coward, he killed her then took his life to not face any consequences. Such a foolish, evil, weak and disturbed man.

  8. He probably was jealous of her. She was Beautiful smart intelligent knew how to start a business. These men are weak. RIH BEAUTIFUL QUEEN IM SURE U WILL BE TRULY MISSED♥️.

  9. Black women and girls! Please accept Yeshua (Jesus) as your Savior. Repent of your sins DAILY because we are being targeted and murdered everyday for unjustifiable reasons by folks who are suppose to love us. We get an unexpected untimely trip to the throne room of Heaven thanks to these worthless cowardly ninjas.

  10. Women I don’t know what the hell going 🤔on lately. But these men are killing us and our kids more rapidly now. Please be careful with who you date or get into a relationship with. These men are taking us out. My best advice if you’re single and happy keep it that way. If you’re in a relationship soon as a man make any type of threat to you. Take it seriously and get out that relationship. Cause you might regret you didn’t leave later on.

  11. This is why I’m staying single forever, I’ve experienced a very similar relationship years ago that nearly cost me my life and livelihood. Please don’t deal with ungodly men or women that ain’t got nothing to lose. These are walking demons in human form that will kill, steal and destroy your life. Always have the spirit of decerment and walk by faith not by sight 🙏💜

  12. This is so sad you never know what really be going on behind close doors people always paint a outside picture like things are so wonderful that don’t be true smh

  13. What’s going on with these brothers killing their woman and themselves, Lord help us

  14. The killer’s family pulled a fast one and got temporary custody of the baby! Tierra’s family is raising money for a family attorney! This is beyond sick and sad!

  15. Oh Lord the devil is busy!!🥺🙏🏾
    All I’ve been seeing lately is these beautiful black women going missing or getting killed.

  16. His family fought at his funeral also they file for custody of the baby and Her family is asking for help for a lawyer. Things have took a change for the worse. This is so dang sad. I wonder what was wrong. Was he dealing with mental illness? Sad

  17. @TONYA Sapp: Deception for the internet!
    Don’t envy what you see……because NONE of it is real

  18. A cowardly way to go…You had the balls to shoot her but you don’t have the balls to pay for your crime…

  19. If these men do not really have anything to lose or are not financially stable turn a blind eye to them.

  20. I’m telling you these men know matter the caliber are all evil and disgusting they are a true jeckle and Hyde ,you can’t trust them no matter how sweet calm and nice they pretend to be,and it’s also sad that we don’t know they are pretending so you think you’ve found a good one🤦🏽‍♀️🥺😰🙏🏽

  21. Sad to say but the most success that I ever had was when I was single but that’s also because I was picking so called nice guys who had nothing going for themselves so I had to leave them hangin. Black women please start using your head first when picking your man because the way we’ve been doing it clearly ain’t working. R.I.P sis

  22. Women, when you are leaving these men, move in absolute silence! I’m thinking about changing my name after being on the run from an abusive ex husband just so I can make sure he isn’t stalking me. It’s been 2 years and he’s still angry that I left. Leave when he isn’t there. If you have to leave everything behind, those things can be replaced. You can not. Move in silence!

  23. O MY😩 She went and Created her” own” Business! IN HER OWN HOME! A GO GETTER.
    🕊️ R.I.P Momma 🕊️

  24. I’m shook on this one she was married and a Buisness owner, mother and loved kids OMG at 21!! Her husband and her are a rare thing to see today why take this lovely woman away. Lord take us all smh 😔

  25. Smh why would you ruin your life over a worthless girl. Move on with your life and know your worth. There’s better women out there to be spending all your life in jail over a bitch.

  26. Please don’t tell me that was a home daycare…. Because if it was that’s why I don’t trust home daycares because she was killed at home the husband could’ve did that when the kids were there , sad story all around these men are losing their minds

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