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Despite his shaky English, Jackson drafted 1st round

Jackson’s speech must improve/YouTube

Jackson’s speech requires upgrade.

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BALTIMORE — Everybody knows Heisman trophy winner Lamar Jackson doesn’t articulate well and his English is borderline atrocious. But he’s arguably the most physically-gifted quarterback selected in the 2018 NFL Draft. “I see him as a faster, potentially better, Michael Vick,” said a scout who believes Jackson’s upside is significantly higher than any other quarterback taken in the draft. Ok, if that’s true, what’s the logic behind four signal-callers being selected ahead of him? On Thursday (April 26, 2018), Jackson was nabbed by the Baltimore Ravens with the 32nd overall pick. However, several NFL insiders and football pundits believe he’ll serve a better purpose as a wide receiver or runningback because of his inefficacies when communicating with fans and media. For example… after shaking hands with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, football analyst Deion Sanders asked Jackson a series of nationally televised questions that were met with the same incoherent answer. The Louisville Cardinals alum replied to each inquiry with either a “Yessir” or “It’s on.”

That’s apparently the magnitude of his vocabulary.

Seriously, it’s hard to tell if Jackson was uncouth or merely stoned.

Hell… for a minute, I thought I was watching “Roots.”

Keep in mind, the quarterback is typically viewed as being the proverbial face of an NFL franchise which mandates boosting public perception through promotions and community interaction in conjunction with hosting weekly chinwags with members of the press. With that being the case, should the Ravens encourage Jackson to switch positions to eschew the media spotlight?

Or, should they remunerate a Public Relations maven to edify his ability to speak publicly?

Also, should parents spend more time reading to their children while encouraging them to enunciate proper English?

Is rap music the problem?

So many questions.

Not enough answers.

Share your thoughts below.

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  1. Lamar is going to become the best QB in the draft and there’s no doubt about it. Congratulations Lamar, now go show them who’s the best.

  2. Rooting for this young man. He overcame so much to be where he is today. He deserves credit, not criticism.

  3. I honestly believe he will win three or more SuperBowls one day 💯💯💯🚀🚀🚀🚀

  4. Why is it that a black man always being told that he needs to switch from quarterback

  5. Didn’t Jackson win the Heisman Trophy a couple of years ago?? Another Black QB that the NFL wants to change to another position?? NFL SUCKS!!!

  6. can’t stand this Lamar Jackson slander smh! Dude was the best QB in college football past two years better than the recent heisman winner too yeah I said it, give Lamar Jackson some respect!

  7. NFL team owners says that, “Lamar Jackson doesn’t look or speak well enough to be the face of the team”. Therefore the NFL team owner’s will not draft him first round. Lamar don’t own the team. Lamar is himself as a Black man first, that’s looking for a chance to play in the NFL. Deion Sanders said it best. ” I take care of the business in front of me”. Lamar will be fine in the NFL. He’s from South Florida. Where we play football for fun. Making it to the NFL is just icing on the cake. Lamar bruh! Go show them NFL owner’s how much Heart you have. #Blackexcellence

  8. Great article! He wasnt asked to switch positions because he’s black. It has everything to do with his speech and how he represents an NFL franchise. Lots of black QBs are intelligent — Russell Wilson is one of the smartest QBs in the league. It has nothing to do with race.

  9. They should ask him to keep his mouth shut and nod during press conferences.

  10. With his credentials, if he was white, the consideration of him playing other than QB is racist.

  11. I heard him speak and thought to myself “how could any team make this guy the face of the franchise???”

    Lamar seems like a nice guy, but he is not quarterback material

  12. 13 wonderlic, 49 mph passes, lack of anticipation, and a lack of accuracy. It’s not offensive to want to see what he can do as a WR.

  13. Didn’t Jackson win the Heisman Trophy a couple of years ago?? Another Black QB that the NFL wants to change to another position?? NFL SUCKS!!!

  14. doesnt matter if he can speak good english as long as he kicks ass on the football field

  15. I do believe the art of speaking and typing correctly is your job not his so why don’t you focus on what his job is..

  16. Lamar Jackson may be a super athlete but he has the English skills of a crackbaby dropped on its head. If the NFL can afford to pay him millions of dollars surely they can afford to get him help with his atrocious speech disability.

  17. This article is so racist it’s unbelievable.

    Some stuff should not be allowed to be published.

  18. What do you have to say now that he’s most likely the MVP???? Asswhole this is so racist

  19. I can’t believe Lamar Jackson even graduated high school, and I KNOW he didn’t finish college. Have you heard this clown speak in interviews??? It is near-impossible to understand his mumbling, incoherent, ghetto speech. HE cant enunciate any of his words and he mumbles / speaks quietly. Yes he is a good QB – but he is a TERRIBLE example for America’s black youth. He looks and speaks like a typical, uneducated, black thug.

  20. Have you heard ANY other millionaires or ANY other QB’s talk the way he does? He sounds like he has a tenuous grasp on the English language. He is just reinforcing the stereotype of uneducated black men in America. “You don’t need to be properly educated if you can play a sport well” – that is sad. Pretty sure this dude is illiterate

  21. I’m not encouraged about the unnecessary criticism of Lamar Jackson, who is inarguably the most exciting player in the NFL. People have been criticizing his communication skills for speaking in Ebonics, which is a common vernacular. People have been criticizing him saying that he has to communicate well to be a leader. Last time I checked, football is a game, not a graduate level discourse. Let the brotha be himself instead of trying to evolve into something that’s he’s not. He might not be speaking the king’s English, but if he can formulate a given sentence and understand subject-verb agreement, what’s the problem?

  22. So the NFL evaluation on draft night was that Baker Mayfield, sam Donald, josh Allen were all better passers than Lamar Jackson??? White privilege on steroids. Smh

  23. Good god. It has nothing to do with racism. This is why the country is in the state it is today. Every blank person cries racism about everything they don’t like. I can name example after example of athletes being asked to switch positions. Both white and black. Nick Fitzgerald was asked to switch last year from qb. Tebow was asked to switch. You know why? It’s because being a qb in the nfl is hard and these guys are great athletes, but most college qbs fucking suck in the nfl. So they are asked to change positions. Not everything is racist. That pisses me off so bad. People hear something they don’t like and it’s automatically because racism in their eyes. Holy fuck y’all are dumb. Nothing makes me more angry than when people accuse others of being racist. Not everything is racist in life, it’s just you’re too dumb to think logically. Fuck your feelings, deal with facts.

  24. All thoughts interceptions and turn overs against the titans, yea not bad for a running back at all

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