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Jalen & Molly divorcing

Jalen and Molly are done/TMZ

Jalen & Molly are calling it quits.

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BRISTOL, Conn — Coronavirus is a bitch! You can stick a fork in Jalen Rose’s ESPN marriage because it’s done. The “Jalen & Jacoby” star is divorcing “First Take” host Molly Qerim after three years of holy matrimony which includes a one-year separation. Jalen, who played 13 seasons in the NBA, filed dissolution documents in April — just months after the quondam lovebirds starred in a Gatorade commercial together. Jalen, 48, cited irreconcilable differences. But word on the street claims he’s seekin’ younger p*ssy. Molly is 37. “We both agree remaining friends and colleagues is the best course of action for our relationship moving forward,” he explained in a statement. Jalen and Molly don’t have kids together so child support won’t be an issue. They’ve also made it crystal clear neither side wants alimony. There’s no prenuptial agreement in place. Jalen and Molly got hitched in New York during a sub rosa ceremony in July 2018. Because their cessation is amicable, both will continue to work at ESPN.

Social media reaction was unforgiving. One twitter user wrote, “So Jalen Rose is filing for divorce from Molly Qerim. He was caping hard when she was ‘offended’ by LaVar Ball’s ‘Switch Gears’ comment. She tried to clown him when he said a man is as faithful as his options. This happens when n*ggas gas up unattractive nonblack b*tches!”

Another added, “Lavar Ball somewhere laughing at Molly and Jalen Rose divorce.”

Molly, if you recall, had Lavar Ball banned from ESPN after she accused him of flirting with her on the air.

Lavar is the father of NBA guards Lonzo Ball and LaMelo Ball.

Celibacy be damned, a pair of ESPN employees claim Molly is secretly giving up the ass to her co-host — Stephen A. Smith.

“She’s definitely Stephen A’s type, a non-Black woman with ‘exotic’ features.’ Molly is ethnically mixed, Italian and Albanian,” one employee said.

“They flirt a lot on camera. I thought it was all just play-play. But now that we learn she’s been single for a year. Yeah, it seems like something is up,” said the other.

Are you shocked at the news?

Is Molly better off dating Stephen A?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. THEY WERE MARRIED ?????????? Where have I been… I had no idea they were together

  2. That was quick!…lol…These days getting married is not a good idea, its so much Temptation and Lust, Everybody wants to F***…ijs

  3. Whaaaaaaaaattttttt !!!!!!! I Thought they would be together forever 💑.

  4. She’s not really that cute…. It’s mostly makeup to make her presentable for tv…..

  5. Least he didn’t knock her up, she’d be licking that pot of honey clean

  6. I’m not surprised she seems like an annoying pain in the ass. Don’t know when to shut the hell up in First Take.

  7. Jaylen is real good friends with the ball family I think it hurt his soul what they did to lavar over dumb shit she accused

  8. I don’t believe this. Steven A has always dated Black women, and his 2 kids are by black women, so I don’t believe his type is “a non-Black woman with ‘exotic’ features.”
    This sounds like fake news to me.

  9. Stephen A Snitch should be cancelled for going behind the great Jalen Rose. B ni&$a.

  10. Jalen Rose gets simp-slapped with a divorce by his so-called Byatchhhh ….. Meanwhile LAVAR BALL is still successfully married….Now, who is the real Alpha man?

  11. She’s a gold digger. Rose has made a lot of money and SAS has a big contract from espn.

  12. You never marry a loose woman no matter what… on the job you encounter various types of women who are into things for business, sex is just another avenue to get revenue and real players don’t get emotional about passing the torch to the next flame…this is a pass-around down and I wouldn’t be shocked if Jalen passed the torch to Stephen A. to avoid various payments or Jalen had things on Molly to keep her out his pockets and Stephen A. is helping out his brother by ‘watching’ her on the job to get tales on her so everyone can keep quiet and keep it moving…. Things like this happen or don’t happen all the time. When a male files for the file and divorces a diva, he means that suffocating skit because now it’s about securing your assets and keeping your health and game tight. However this thing is going down it’s great for the business of First Take, Jalen & Jacoby, and Molly Qerim’s career — now she can get a settlement or a case on Stephen A. and First Take if Stephen A. doesn’t come correct on his stash…so it’s all business and profit for profit… the company will settle and the public will meddle.

  13. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I don’t find Molly that attractive to begin with. I don’t know why there are so many guys drool all over her. There are much better looking women out there than Molly. Especially being a rich athlete, beautiful girls will always flock to you. Just ask Magic Johnson.

  14. Damnnn , is these guys ever around any black women. Are the black women shut out from being around these athletes. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  15. She’s annoying so I don’t see why he married her in the first place. It was obvious the marriage was doomed from the beginning.

  16. Steven A be picking up other men scraps at the work place. 😂😂 Probably so he can say he hit that too.

  17. God bless both of them, if it’s true!
    One man’s unwanted item, is another man’s treasure.
    How can someone complain about something that they seemingly don’t want anymore… unless they are Simping 😂

  18. Steven A Smith is a trip I didn’t like the way he got Max fired I felt Max did a good good job and he was a fair about judging ppl so messing with his co worker Molly ain’t about they both are full of themselves I ‘m just glad Jalen Rose figure her out that she wasn’t the marriage type.

  19. Man you can’t put nothing past dudes he was probably waiting in the wings letting molly cry on his shoulder during breaks of first take he look like that type to say ‘why he do that to u I wouldn’t’😂

  20. Love me some SAS, but if this is true, I’ll stop watching First Take. In my eyes, he would be the biggest hypocrite ever based on the way he chastises people on their moral and character or misbehavior. The “the cardinal rule” is , you don’t mess with your boys girl or x-girl. Period. Let’s hope it’s just a rumor, and if it is, he needs to go public quick and squash it.

  21. if they dating now. that mean they been messing around. you think they being loyal at work smh . this prolly y jalen divorced shorty . but jalen so much of a playa . he dont want espn in his business . he like lifes is great i could care less im the blessing im good . but steve that mean u been plottin chuckin n jivin in people face . smh thats flaw bruh u called jalen yo boy . cant break bro code

  22. For all WE KNOW, Jalen and Steven A. Smith, could have been PASSING MOLLY AROUND LIKE BLUNT, and Jalen could have just decided to let Steven A. keep her; HE PROBABLY GOT TIRED OF HER NON-STOP, FEMINIST RANTS!

  23. It is definitely wrong what Stephen a did. But let’s take it to what it is worth Molly is a very beautiful and attractive woman 👠 she has money I’m not going to put it all on Stephen a beautiful attractive woman is our weakness. To Jalen Rose as New edition says never trust a big butt and a smile 😁😁😁

  24. I use to always say how does jalen feel about his wife always flirtin back on air wit her co host

  25. Bottom line. If a chick runs into a bigger baller than you on her job, it’s a wrap.

  26. Dating? That’s a nice word, they fckn. 😂 Shawty trying to climb that letter higher up and fast.

  27. Money talks, in 5 years Steven A hairline will be in the middle of his head, yet he got Jalen Rose left overs.

  28. Don’t date co workers never works out cause u see that same person everyday and includes at work u need that time apart or the relationship slowly gets boring

  29. She got married to jalen for the same reason Stephen a is tapping her booty. Got to further her career.

  30. Well SHE married him to further her CAREER and HE married her cuz she YOUNGER and looks good in a bathing suit.. not a shock they broke up.. she got what she wanted

  31. She went from the cleanest hairline ever for a Sportscaster to a nigga who will have the George Jefferson in 5 yrs!

    Hold this L Molly

  32. Even though Stephen A Smith DOES make the MOST money on the show,
    j Rose STILL has way MORE money than Steven A Smith, because Jalen made OVER a hundred million playing basketball!

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