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Cardi B received results from Herpes/HPV exam

Cardi B suing Tasha K/Daily Mail

Cardi B passed Herpes/HPV test.

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ATLANTA — Fellas… if you aspire to enjoy copulation with Cardi B, I have good news. Her vulva is sanitary. That’s because the 29-year-old Grammy winner was recently tested for herpes and human papillomavirus (HPV) and, guess what? She passed! Yep, doctors performed a comprehensive blood test and the results came back negative. If you recall, last week, Judge William M. Ray ordered Cardi to submit “any and all medical records within your possession related solely to the testing for Herpes and HPV” after she filed a lawsuit against YouTube vlogger Tasha K who told viewers the “Bodak Yellow” artist had herpes and HPV. Tasha also claimed Cardi’s 3-year-old daughter, Kulture Kiari, was born with “intellectual disabilities” as a ramification of the rapper’s alleged drug use during gestation. Cardi and Tasha are scheduled for trial in January 2022.

Cardi is asking for $3 million in damages.

But Tasha claims she would only have to pay $75,000 if she loses.

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  1. Maybe it’s time to shut the hell up why does everyone need to know all that in the first place🙄

  2. Cardi should not have been tested by her doctors! Should have been tested by reputable random doctors that can’t be paid off…. just saying! I don’t trust Cardis doctor or doctors:}

  3. Good – Tasha K deserves to get her a$$ sued to where she needs to go get a REAL JOB! She does way too much and has been doing too much for too long. Tired of her.

  4. That what Tasha K “Creflo Dollar” looking a$$ get for always spilling the tea that’s not true.

  5. That doesn’t mean she didn’t have Herpes at the time when Tasha accused her. What’s needed is proof Cardi NEVER had herpes or HIV

  6. @Rocknation: I think you’re missing the central point here. There’s no cure for herpes. Once you have it, the HSV antibodies stay in your body permanently, even if you don’t show any outward sign of infection. If Cardi had herpes at the time Tasha accused her (2018), the antibodies would show up in the blood test which was clearly done after Tasha made the accusation.
    Tasha ran her mouth, talking about stuff she had no facts to support… and now she’s going to pay the price.

  7. How would Tasha know whether or not Cardi had herpes??? Has she examined then diagnosed her with the disease??? Stupid accusation to be making especially if you don’t know someone personally.

  8. Yup. She never thought Cardi was going to hold her accountable. But she guessed wrong… and now she’s going to have to pay up.
    Cardi’s probably going to be merciless too… going for the maximum judgment she can get in court, the taking steps to collect every penny.

  9. Black women, stop looking up to this TRASH woman. She is sp!c trash who gets cheated on. Look up to intelligent black women like Kamala Harris, Rosa Parks and Oprah Winfrey.

  10. Tasha K displays such a hatred towards Cardi; you would think they know each other personally. She cursed at her Cardi when tried to have a reasonable conversation with her, after the Starmarie fraudulent interview. Tasha K just went way too far, trying to build her channel through disingenuous means.

  11. Stop supporting Cardi B. She is trash. She is not relatable. Most women don’t become rappers, prostitutes and rappers who marry cheating thug rappers. She isn’t relatable. She stays in relationships with cheating men, she shares too much on social media, her songs are whorish, she has Botox and plastic surgery, her body is fake. She is disgusting garbage.


  13. I never thought she had herpes. Her coochie might smell like the Serengeti, but that don’t mean she got herpes 🤷🏽‍♂️

  14. Told y’all Cardi b was going gladly take that test so she can burry her. Tasha k better go get her source😩 it’s either she had it or she didn’t. And I honestly believed it was all cap. I was also right about her full medical records NOT being requested. It ha zero baring on the case. Just the herpes and HPV. I just find it funny that they even tested for HPV. It’s treatable! lol if she had it, it’s long gone now 😂 not a Stan I promise. I just see it for what it is. Tasha k is a drunk mess with a fast mouth claiming a lot of tea on black celebrities without any real receipts. She’s bitter about Cardi for zero reason. Just started bullying and ishing on her reputation. That’s going to cost you A lot if you can’t prove the accusations ,especially if the victim got bread to hire a lawyer good enough to eat the case up. Lessons. Unfortunately for Tasha k. This is going to be a expensive one

  15. We all know reTardi had them test the baby, but hey, negative is negative and tasha will be taken down a few notches. she’s been feelin her self a bit too much, lately. the bible says, exalt and thou shalt be knocked tf down.

    ok not the bible. i said it.

  16. Now that the results are negative, Cardi B is about to go savage on Tasha K.

  17. Whyyyy did Tasha have to do this? She is beautiful, great voice, body, talented, with a family etc-she did not have to drag Cardi like this.

  18. I sincerely hope that Tasha K loses and Cardi receives millions for the defamation of character that could have possibly caused Cardi to lose money and deals. I’m ready to see Tasha go down

  19. Tasha acts like a scorned ex of Cardi B, she’s absolutely obsessed with her!

  20. I’m old, who the hell is Tasha K?? On anotha note, about 60% of sexually active Americans have a version of HSV and about 80% have been infected with HPV according to studies, throw in Offset with his galivanting and, I guess this Tasha lady was just playing the odds. Shiid, if I was a gambling man and I had 60 and 80 percent odds, I would play them also, BUHHT, Murphy’s Law says that 40 and 20 percent will take a chunk of dat azz when the stakes are high! You must be willing to accept that! If Cardi truly is clean, then she should hit them pockets hard otherwise people will have carte blanche to always talk reckless!

  21. If I were an attorney practicing law and was asked by Tasha K to represent her in a defamation lawsuit, I would’ve told her it’s a lost cause because Cardi B and her attorneys have sufficient evidence and the best option is go into mediation and negotiate a settlement.

  22. Some ppl go way to far. when they hope a person has a std because they are not a fan of them. When it gets to this point you need to ask yourself are you sick af in the head?? You need to ask yourself do you want other to put that type of energy on to you??? Lord take the wheel because this world is going down hill fast. I’m not a fan of none of these ppl but at the end of the day. They are still human’s. Just like the rest of us and they both are not perfect. Lets make that clear. Ya’ll act like these woman pay bills at ya’ll house.🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  23. They have said her vagina stinks , was she tested for that? That what I would have proved people wrong on! Just saying.

  24. Cardi B got the money , money talks BS walks if she got it , it ain’t none to pay for a false test that look like the real deal … or probably paid money for the cure , it’s a cure for everything if you got the money … “Hello magic Johnson is still alive “ that girl probably do have it Tasha K sources are credible it be people in these celebrities circle selling the bloggers there personal business ….

  25. Shit is so foul. We all have the herpes gene in us. Millions of people have cold sores. I got real sick and got it. I was like what the hell is this. Now it was not like a herpes break out. 😒. But people need to stop the fake shit.

  26. There are two types of herpes. The first is oral herpes which is a wildfire on the lips and the second is the herpes of the intimate parts of the body that are on the vaginas, penis, buttocks etc. So we all have herpes except that the second case affects those who are dirty and sleep with everyone

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