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Saweetie becomes latest entertainer to shave head

Saweetie shaved her head bald/Daily Mail

Saweetie has gone bald. 

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LOS ANGELES — Tennis anyone? First Jada Pinkett Smith and Tiffany Haddish shaved their heads bald. Now we’ve learned Saweetie has mimicked the feat. Yep, the “Icy Girl” rapper set the Internet ablaze on Christmas Eve when she posted pics of her new depilated coiffure. Saweetie’s fiery red locks have been replaced with a blonde buzzcut à la Amber Rose. The 28-year-old lyricist shared photos on Instagram with a series of cheeky emojis. Social media reaction was mixed. DaQuaviousTron tweeted, “She couldn’t handle the Twitter abuse and chopped it off so they could talk about something else.” Ijeoma tweeted, “I’m doing the same as soon as these damn Christmas pics are taken. I’m TIRED of this hair and need a fresh start.” EssenceGU tweeted, “Are we witnessing a meltdown in real time?” CoolBeans tweeted, “Why do ladies want to look like Dennis Rodman?”

Keith Page tweeted, “Tennis ball head syndrome has struck again…not a fan off it.” CallMeDace tweeted, “I love saweetie bald head. I use to love my bald head. Makes you feel so free. Face card has to be valid to pull that off. Everybody can’t do it!” Katress tweeted, “I’ve been beyond thinking about doing this for months. Now I have to.”

Woolliin tweeted, “Bro why tf would she cut her sh*t off?”

Saweetie (né Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper) was recently booed off stage for poor performance.

Not to mention fans constantly lambaste her on Twitter for donning chintzy wigs.

Should the buzz cut be construed as a meltdown?

Has Saweetie gone cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Lawd have mercy 🤦🏽‍♀️. My hair short just like hers and I’m not going through shit. A woman with a low haircut has confidence a woman with a low haircut got that I don’t give a F what a MF say about me cause I’m my own person.

  2. Saweetie been getting attacked for everything she does since the Quavo break up. I think she looks nice, but it’s not my preference on her. Maybe she really just wanted a new vibe for the new.

  3. She know what she doing and as long as ppl respond or comment she gonna stay relevant

  4. I cut my hair because it was damaged. Most times, it’s just that simple. People need to stop reading so much into other people’s actions. It’s all gossip at this point.

  5. Her hair look damaged from bleaching and coloring, maybe just maybe she wanted to start over

  6. She can’t cut her hair?? Damn they always tryna make someone crazy smfh

  7. She probably just tired of having to braid down her hair and do the bald cap method for these lace fronts. It’s too damn much. I don’t blame her

  8. @Nina: She cuts her hair off and she seeking attention.. how about she’s a grown ass lady and can do whatever she pleases because that’s what she chooses to do.. sheesh

  9. Still don’t understand what the fuss is about sis look good as fuck. From one bald head to another I love this shit

  10. Sweetie with her cut, look kinda of butchish. But just my opinion.💯💯💯😀😀😀

  11. The amber rose look?
    Why is this a thing? Im seeing it alot lately. This is different from the big chop. Did yall know women back in the days if their hair was bald like this its because their jobs back then were prostitutes? They also liked men with long hair back then too. Anyway people gonna do what they want to do.

  12. She cut her hair cause the style looks dope AF!!!
    I think ppl just want to over analyze sh*t 🙄… She been wanted to go short, y’all see the video she did with Doja and she wore the short wig; I think after that she knew her natural hair would look good with that cut on her face…

  13. Saweetie: “I’m a ten! 💁🏽‍♀️”
    Me: “ Ma’am 🤨??? You’re Dennis Rodman at best🤦🏾‍♂️”

  14. Why is it when some black women cut off all their hair they go color it blonde? Why not leave it in its natural color?

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