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Company CEO terminated workers during Zoom Call

Vishal Garg fired 900 workers/

Company CEO fired 900 workers.

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NEW YORK — Vishal Garg, CEO of online mortgage lender, is catching hell after he fired 900 of his employees on a Zoom call just days before Christmas. He also lambasted their performance then accused them of “stealing from our customers” by being worthless. Damn, that’s foul. The Zoom call has gone viral on YouTube and TikTok. “This isn’t news that you’re going to want to hear but ultimately it was my decision,” Vishal said with an unapologetic tone. “We are laying off about 15 percent of the company. If you’re on this call, you are part of the unlucky group that is being laid off. Your employment here is terminated effective immediately.” Employees proceeded to cuss him out during the announcement. One worker yelled, “F*ck you dude!” Another added, “This is not real. I can’t believe this. After all we did.”

Vishal blamed the housing market for the mass layoff. But this ain’t the first time he’s handed out pink slips. “This is the second time in my career I’m doing this and I do not want to do this,” he explained. “The last time I did it, I cried.” To add insult to unemployment, Vishal’s company just received $750 million from investors. So it wasn’t necessary to fire anybody. Greedy bastard.

Watch the Zoom call.

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  2. He has proven my case, that you need to be pretty damn cold blooded to be a CEO !

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  4. Vishal Garg apologizing to his 900 employees after layoff: “I’m sorry Babus”

  5. Wtf did he just do that. Without no regret and remorse? And via zoom. They are expecting that they are in a meeting then all of a sudden they are fired.

  6. All that overtime you did just for this moment. I be laughing at niggas doing OT cause I know when sh!t hit the fan im first to go

  7. Ummm,last time I did this ..ummm I cried!😂 He has done this before!!!

  8. Hell I wouldn’t be mad at all that’s a lay-off which means guaranteed unemployment. They have a full yr to decide what they want to do getting paid their full salary

  9. @Rkellymydaddy: Why do White people come on Black sites to spew their hatred? Because they have low self-esteem and nothing better to do with their lives. LOL

  10. @Beans: I wouldn’t be too proud to call this a “black site” if I were you. Y’all should be embarrassed by what’s posted on here

  11. Thats why never to get comfortable at a job, keep learning and invest in yourself so that they need you.

  12. And people wonder why nobody’s going back to work. I don’t blame them. Assholes like this as leaders.

  13. What a shithead CEO? If the company is not performing, he should be the first person to take a paycut.

  14. If you worked for this company and got fucked then please hmu. I’ll make you a millionaire and apart of our family for free.

    Idc about money I care about spreading love and peace and helping people.

    Let’s work together to destroy this company and make them go bankrupt. This is bs.

  15. Garg gave himself a $25 million bonus, while telling employees to accept a pay cut and forgo bonuses, insulted investors in (now leaked) emails while the company is failing, now in crisis management after this stunt causing mass resignations.

  16. Should not happen in the world’s No.1 country to people working hard. I am sorry 900 times.

  17. Yup after the CEO got a raise and just got a huge cash infusion as well lol

  18. One of the unlucky?!?! He seriously said that with sincerity and as condolences. People deserve better than this.

  19. Getting rid of unproductive employees is his job.
    next job do more work lazy fucks.

  20. It was sooo vomiting when he said ” last time i cried”… such an asshole!

  21. I mean how can you be mad at him it’s his business. Why would you continue to pay people that are not being productive. I mean that’s part of his job he has to make that call. I kind of respect the hell out of him for being so bold.

  22. If you have to lay off 900 people on a 3-minute zoom call, you’ve failed as CEO. Resign. It’s your fault.

  23. This Indian CEO thought process is always like an Indian. He doesn’t care about humanity and people facing hardships and liabilities. He cares only about Profits. Vishal Garg should step down as CEO and inform him to go for leadership trainings on how to treat employees with respect and gratitude. He should also go for counselling as this is not the way to treat employees. Never work with Indian people. One of my friend was also working for an Indian who was running a hotel business. The owner of the hotel business don’t pay his workers salary on time and he used to tell employees if you complain against me I will not give you a single penny. The thought process of Indian is always like an Indian and they always think to cut cost wherever they wanted just to get profits into their accounts. The conclusion is never work with an Indian. you will always face disappointment.

  24. Man!, if he or his family gets hurt by a unknown former employee, the cops are gonna have a hard time interviewing 900 potential suspects. Vishal will have to spend on personal and family security for the rest of his life from the fistful of dollars he’s saving here.
    Former employees, please start making a note of your alibis.

  25. POS. He cried. Laughable. laying people off while reading what he wrote. thats a dirtbag. its because of those 900 employees that helped your business.

  26. @Philip Light: Agreed. If a company needs to shed that much of its workforce – it is a failure of leadership as much as anything else.

    On a separate note – how do you wake up one day, log on & realise you have 900(!) too many employees…

  27. I went through a layoff in ’18 at PayPal. A new CMO was hired & decided that apparently, only a select few in our dept. were worthy of keeping their jobs. We were all told to fill out a one-sheeter that was basically a visual representation of what we accomplished at the company & our resume. They said we would each get time in front of high-level management to basically fight for our jobs. Think Office Space (the Bobs). None of us ever got time in front of anyone, so idk if that ‘process’ was thrown out or what. I was on a 12 month contract, but 8 months into it, I was laid off along w/200 other people. In 2019, I was reading an article saying that PayPal had acquired Honey and would doing massive hiring. LOL Thanks PayPal! You threw away a LOT of great people & for what? To turn around & hire the same roles.

  28. WTF are all you pansies crying about? This is part of work life. We all have gone through it. He was respectful and expressed remorse that he had to do it. The employees got severance packages. You idiots think these companies can keep people employed when the company is not making money? A bunch of uneducated fools who never had to make a payroll or run a business themselves are the ones crying like babies

  29. How nice that “bosses” decide to look at their bottom line right at Christmas time, you know, so their employees won’t have to wonder if they’ll be allowed time off. So sorry for these folks who’ve been shafted at the …well, really there IS no good time, but Christmas is especially hard for people and their families. Stay strong; there are other jobs available, they may be what you may have formerly considered beneath you, but a paycheck is a paycheck, even if it’s much smaller.
    As for firing on a ZOOM call, well, it is a sign of the times we are living in. A letter or personal phone call would not have made the announcement any less devastating.

  30. I would like to be a devils advocate and say this guy deserves to be in hell.

  31. never even heard of this company before, maybe they shouldve invested back into marketing their actual business, but to do that to those hardworking people is just foul. plain and simple. i wish i could employ people and run a thriving global business. i would treat all of my employees fairly. if you have to lay them off theres a way to go about it without axeing 15% of the company before Christmas just to make your fourth quarter earnings better. Thats what happens when you have a crappy boss whos tanking the company. im sure those people will be mistreated by better people elsewhere.

  32. Absolutely agree with the criticism direct at Better here but allow me to offer an alternative take. There’s NO DOUBT that laying people off like that is absolutely the wrong way to do it. Timing – bad, style – bad, scale – bad, all about him – bad – BUT have you ever thought that there will have been some people on that call that actually would have preferred it that way. We’ve all seen redundancies stretched out over months and months – I’ve seen that be absolutely traumatic for mental health and stress – and there’s certainly an argument that getting it over and done with instantly actually suits some people. Still, IMHO it was a disaster and amazing that “leaders” like this still exist.

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