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Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin getting a divorce

DeVon and Meagan are done/Shutterstock

DeVon & Meagan callin’ it quits. 

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HOLLYWOOD — You can stick a fork in Meagan Good’s marriage because it’s done. The curvaceous actress and husband DeVon Franklin are calling it quits after 9 years of holy matrimony. DeVon, an ordained minister and Hollywood producer, filed dissolution docs last week — citing irreconcilable differences. He’s reportedly tired of Meagan’s quotidian habit of showing her ass in provocative attire. She also smokes cigarettes. That’s why it’s his assertion they’re traveling in “two different directions.” An insider confirmed that notion, saying, “DeVon wanted them to be this Christian husband and wife team. But Megan just wanted to be a Hollywood actress.” Speaking of Hollywood… DeVon produced a handful of religious films that include “Miracles from Heaven” and “Heaven Is for Real.” Conversely, Meagan starred in romantic comedies “Deliver Us From Eva” and “Think Like A Man.”

The quondam lovebirds released the following statement to People Magazine: “After much prayer and consideration, we have decided to go into our futures separately but forever connected. We celebrate almost a decade of marriage together and a love that is eternal. There’s no one at fault, we believe this is the next best chapter in the evolution of our love.”

Megan, 40, and DeVon, 43, don’t have kids so child support is irrelevant.

From what I can tell, neither side wants alimony.

Do you agree with their decision to sunder?

Should sexy babes marry pastors?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I hope he didn’t get dyckmotized by a member of his congregation. He’s a preacher, right?

    Well, merry christmas, Megan! Enjoy your freedom! You’re too pretty and sexy to be locked off from the options.

  2. People wanted her to cover up because she is a professing Christian not just because she was a minister’s wife. Christian life calls for modesty.

  3. Nobody at fault then why are you divorcing?!?!?! 😳 The way some “Christians” promote and normalize divorce makes me sick 🙄🙄 so what’s the purpose of the WAIT if you will end up divorcing!?!?! Did God really tell them to be together or was it the devil to bring confusion within the Christian community

  4. Im calling 1st dibbs. She is a standout beauty, dont care about her past, we all grown over here. Megan Be Good to me

  5. Megan Goode is too attractive and body is way too nice to be praying all day and wearing heavy cotton

  6. @LDZ: N iggas Ain’t Worthy Of ‘A Wife’ 😒

    ‘They’ Ruin Everything Goode; ).

  7. @Justmadeanaccount2: All FACTZ!!!! Because nobody is marrying a bad boss chick with fake hair and twerking all day have no direction and life no direction in a way of God the only direction you have is to get a bag and be like a celebrity those all our weak women Jezebel’s evil spirits you got to stay away from him no matter how good they twerk stay away from them they’re trash that’s why they’re not married

  8. @Justmadeanaccount2: Can’t turn a BM into a productive member of society

  9. Meagan Good’s Way better off without him. Since she has been with him. We don’t get any movies and holding her back. Just controlled.
    That’s probably why she been on them plan Bs and no kids.

  10. At the end of the day, her husband wanted children. It’s 10 yrs later and she’s still undecided about having a baby. He will marry someone else and have children right away, while she still contemplating.

  11. I mean to b honest hes a Christian and preacher and shes not. She tried to be religious for him, but shes not the type. It was very unequally yoked. I wish Christian men would marry Christian woman instead of just going for looks these days.

  12. @mike: I agree 100%.

    Marriage is prison. I’m glad she’s freeeee!! Right in time for Christmas and a new year.

  13. Anyone knows what Meagan’s sizes are, what she likes to drink, eat, and smoke? I’ve saved one of my stimulus checks for this moment.

  14. megan is progressive it was never gonna work. she produced a WONDERFUL movie about LGBT suicide called “a girl like grace.” it was sympathetic and obviously her beliefs on being pro-LGBT are gonna clash with her husband who is still living in the dark ages of spirituality. he probably wanted her to stay home and live under his rule, as most impotent men do, and hate when a woman has her own life career and identity.

    yall slam the city girls but that’s exactly the type you like. stupid and eternally dependant upon you, because the truth is the ONLY kind of women you can keep are the kind who NEED a man to make them whole. now downvote my zhit beta males cuz the truth hurts like watching a woman you’ll never have make her own life choices.

  15. I wish them both the best they are a beautiful example of love. He didn’t try to change her or her him. ❤️❤️❤️ I hate that people are speaking so negatively about them

  16. I feel Devon is NOT who he appears to be, something is off/fake about him. Meagan is a HOT girl, she deserves someone her speed.

  17. I really think their marriage was fake. I honestly believe that they slept in different rooms and I don’t believe that he wanted kids. A lot of women are marrying these men knowing that they are in love with other men. I wish Megan speak her truth but if she does then she will be black ball from Hollywood. It is sad. I wish her the best of luck.

  18. Yikes!!! Alot of projection and assumption in the comment section, you’d think people actually knew what happened in their relationship and as usual the woman is targeted at fault ( without any evidence)🙄 as if 2 capable, consenting adults didn’t decide TOGETHER to wed each other and publicly divorce. It’s truly disturbing the way we assign dirt to people without knowing facts. May you never be on the other side of such criticism and speculation for making life altering decisions under public scrutiny. Divorce can be tough but I imagine doing it publicly is much tougher. I wish them both well in their healing journey and next chapters of their lives💜

  19. so 10 years and no kids, no nasty divorce…. oh girl that was you marrying to please the public, and get paid in the process… business/industry marriages.

  20. She just not wifey material. That’s evident from the fact she chose her career over kids and having a family.

  21. I knew it wasn’t gonna last as soon as I heard they were dating
    Their way too different… saw that through the screen

  22. Weren’t they joined by God? I thought she was told by God that that’s her husband.

  23. Damn some of yall in the comments act like they got a terminal illness they just getting a divorce does is suck yeah especially when it’s black love. But it’s happens two healthy successful people they will be fine and it’s no kids involved

  24. My girl Meg can twerk and put in werk – work! Yayyyy❤ get It…an educated Hottie

  25. He married the wrong woman, he should’ve follow his list. she got married for the title .She didn’t want no kids for him .he try to change her to a house wife and 9 years later she not even divorce yet and she doing this stupid tv show Harlem where her characters about to eat a** .she back on the streets .he to stop being a simp check with Kevin Samuel to find a real Wife not a hollyweird wife .

  26. When you truly love our Lord and Savior you should want to dress modestly, you should want to be fruitful and multitude like our Father has asked us to do. I like them together but nobodys knows what happens behind closed doors.

  27. I’m very sad about this split. I love Megan Good and everything she stands for, she’s so talented and beautiful and Devon is a great man as well. It sucks to see this union end. I was really rooting for them. 🥺

  28. This is so sad!! The devil is just ripping families in the church apart! These two no better.

  29. These comments are killing me 🙃 Women saying ‘that’s why this and that’s why that’… you don’t know these people!!! What you see is what they allow you to see. Only they know the depths to their marriage and why going their separate way is the best thing for THEM. Creating your own narratives on other peoples lives is uncouth! So is Using a fraction of their situation to validate why you are still single. Marriage is a beautiful commitment and works well for millions++ of people around the world. Marriage is not the issue…. The dynamics of those IN the marriage are! The expectation that people need to be the same in order for the marriage to work is a fallacy. There are plenty of successful marriages where the spouses are of different faiths, and beyond. A plethora of things could be the reason for the marital demise that has nothing to do with what appears ‘obvious’ in interviews or in her ‘eyes’ 🤦🏾‍♀️ Watch what you put out there….. it could very well come right back to you!

  30. He needed kids and I guess she ain’t ready. Can’t be with someone for 9 years and not giving them a child . Children are beautiful Megan . Your body will reset itself . There is no perfect marriage out there. I am not married as yet until the Holy Spirit leads me to the right person and we gonna have rollercoaster days and beautiful days .

  31. She’s probably tired of trying to live up to the title of 1st lady, and being married to a pastor. Clearly, her career/roles conflict with that viewpoint. She’s constantly criticized for being who she always was and continues to play roles that she is good at. Praying they are making the right decision. ❤️

  32. That guy looks gay as hell why did she bleach her skin for that clown? I knew it wasn’t going to last. She need a thug.

  33. The problem with women like Megan is when they’re done with their hoe phase, they want a “good guy” however they’re still stuck in the mindset of being with the men who are “dogs” or hoes like them, so the relationship with the good guy never ends up working out.

  34. They were not compatible from the beginning I didnt know he was still a Minister & I thaught she grew up in a church I know she is very nice , if there faith walk is it is not based on Christ the marriage will fall a part. I beleive the reason is 100% compatibality about his faith walk , but he should know before he married her that she is not a church girl & she has her own way or understanding when it comes to faith walk. This is foundation of Christianity or faith one on one.

  35. Being a pastor wife is hard. She wasn’t ready. I couldn’t do it either.

  36. The sad part is Christianity should be about your relationship with Christ, not what you wear or dress. Yes some of her outfits could have been tamed, but she has a nice body and I believe she doesn’t mind showing it off. Now I couldn’t wear a dress like that infamous blue dress, but she looked good in it. No you don’t want to see your pastors wife dressing like that, but it’s not my body or my business, at the end of the day that’s between her, Devon and God.

  37. Simply she wants to remain in the world. And the world is not where he wants to be. And she doesn’t need to be showing off her body anymore, her husband is the only one the needs to see her half naked. Scripture says ” A shameless woman, count her as a dog” IJS.

  38. Damn the comments on here I guess most of you are in a perfectly even yoked relationship yourself like please stfu nothing last forever anyways at least they lasted 9 years some of you won’t even make it 9 hours.

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