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Trump tells Republicans vaccinations necessary

Trump & O’Reilly said get the vaccine/Daily Mail

Trump says take COVID vaccine. 

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DALLAS — Quondam President Donald Trump got booed off stage after he implored a room full of Republicans to get inoculated with Bill Gates’ COVID vaccine. Trump, 75, spewed the exhortation Sunday afternoon in Dallas during a chinwag with whilom Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly. The Benedict Arnold wannabe also claimed he got jabbed with a booster shot and he even admitted the panacea was rushed into production. “We got a vaccine done in less than 9 months that was supposed to take 5 to 12 years,” Trump gloated. “Look, we did something that was historic, we saved tens of millions of lives worldwide. We, together, all of us, not me. What we’ve done is historic. Don’t let them take it away. Don’t take it away from ourselves. You are playing right into their hands when you’re sort of like, ‘oh, the vaccine.’ If you don’t want to take it, you shouldn’t be forced to take it. No mandates. But take credit, because we saved tens of millions of lives… Do you agree with that?”

O’Reilly chimed in with, “Both the President and I are vaxxed.” Whoop-de-doo! Big deal! Social media reaction was priceless. One Twitter user wrote, “He earned the boos.” Another added, “Does that mean the sheep will follow his lead?” Trump, if you recall, once called the coronavirus pandemic a “hoax.” Now he’s urging immunizations. Seems everybody’s sellin’ out nowadays.

Watch Trump talk gibberish.

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  1. Right wing don’t care if Trump lies or makes mistakes. As long as their egos are appeased and they get to command authority. He said covid was fake news, now he’s endorsing the vax no one wants to take. And they’re still conceded enough to vote for him anyway.

  2. Up to 5 -12 years to develop…..boom done in 9 months😂😂😂😂😂enjoy that lab experiment

  3. F*** he mean we? Aint this the same dumba** that said covid was a prank by the Dems and it would disappear? Also telling people to inject bleach?

  4. I see he’s trying to appeal to the lab-rats too, I ain’t mad as long as federally they not forcing ppl to take it I’m okay. *** I dont even let them check my bags whenever I decide to go to Walmart because I consider that an illegal search. So yeah, keep the power to the ppl.

  5. Don’t ever be so stupid to think that anyone will be your hero. They’re sure to disappoint! Trust yourself and don’t take that poison!!!

  6. I ain’t getting the vaccine 💉 Trump is losing my trust pushing it.

  7. that is crazy he is like an older dad telling his kids…come on stop it go out and get vaxxed…stop being dumb

  8. Still doesn’t prevent infection nor transmission. If this thing only lessons symptoms it does not qualify as a jab. It’s in the same category as Advil except this is experimental and has many side affects

  9. First it was all a hoax. Now he’s promoting it? Hmm. I trust nothing that’s going on right now!

  10. The puppet speaking for his puppet master. They acting like the vaccine just cured cancer when in reality anyone putting that into their bodies might as well accept to be lab rats….

  11. Trump doesn’t need to shy away from getting the vaccine done but he needs to abandon talking about it any further, at this point people are losing are losing their livelihoods over mandates, for lower and middle class Americans this is a sensitive subject that if he wants continued support he needs to understand the state of his own supporters…

    Anyone telling me to get the vaccine even if it isn’t mandatory by them is someone I’m questioning their integrity…

  12. @Da.Man.Whizzer: It’s not supposed to prevent transmission. It’s supposed to keep you from dialing 911, showing up in hospitals, and relieve pressure on medical infrastructure. And it’s not as if you’re taking precautions yourself. You don’t care if you get sick or not. You demand to be helped when you don’t deserve to be.

  13. @El plaga puto: Black and Hispanic people have been less likely than their White counterparts to receive a vaccine. You sure are a s+up!d SOB.

  14. This nigga got on a girdle, a diaper, and elevator shoes with spray tan and hair dye. A true man of the people🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. trump is the true definition of Carnage, failure, broken, dimwitted, diluted, polluted, masqueraded, dense, donkey discharge and excrement of a mind, narcissistic and a blunder to incompetence when incompetence takes offense knowing that trump is beneath it’s least valued expression and definition. The best word to suit trump is diarrhea gas in the wind that leaves behind a unspeakable odor that a decomposing corpse couldn’t tolerate

  16. Trump’s wall is rusting pile of scrap right now. And he got vaxxed. He played those dumb mfers

  17. He keeps taking credit for a shit shot that caused segregation to make a come back. Pathetic.

  18. Still not taking it, yall not about to lab rat me while kicking off this whole meta verse bullshit.

  19. Trump is a massive shill for these vacksine companies. If you don’t think he won’t flip his position and support mandates in the future, you’re as gullible as they come. Trump has exposed himself as a shill. He needs to get out of the way now.

  20. Yea, exactly. He’s pro-vaccine. He even helped get them funded, created, and cut a lot of the usual red tape that would have slowed them down. He’s just not pro-mandate. There’s a difference. All these people who think Trump (or his “blind followers”) are all anti-vaccine are just not looking at the actual facts of the matter. Trump is pro-vaccine, and recommended people should choose to get them. Therefore, anyone who is a “blind follower” of Trump should be vaccinated as well. Yet despite this, I can’t tell you how many times in these idiotic comment sections I still run into people who think anyone who criticizes the vaccines or doesn’t want to get them is a “Trumper” though.

  21. No one listens to this grifter anymore. Why do the media keep covering this inconsequential nonsense?

  22. He didn’t care when thousands were dying daily from the original COVID strain and then Delta. NOW he cares since OMICRON is much more severe and easily transmitted, not because he loves his supporters (he loves no one) but because if they die, they can’t vote for him.

  23. Sorry Trump I’m not getting it part of it is made with stuff from aborted babies as a Christian I can’t do it

  24. A worrying aspect of this pandemic is the lack well thought out arguments from some of the people who are anti vaccine, I believe that refusal to get vaccinated and wear a mask an anti social act, but I also believe if you don’t want it, don’t have it, just please don’t try to justify your decision with nonsense which may influence the undecided, with over 5.37 million deaths worldwide, and in the face of a tidal waves of evidence from every country around the world, the almost total agreement of the top/end scientific community, People still quote antidotal story’s trying to defend there stand against the indisputable facts that if get vaccinated and wear a mask you have a better “chance” of not getting, not parsing on, and a better “chance” of surviving Covid, the antidotal story’s such as ( ” I’ve had the vaccine and caught Covid, but my friend who did not have the vaccine hasn’t caught Covid therefor vaccines don’t work” ) this logic is so floored its painful,
    All your doing with vaccines and masks is reducing the odds of passing on, or catching covid, if you do get the covid virus the odds are it shouldn’t be as bad, its simply a numbers game and all the numbers say get vaccinated it improves your chances improves your odds, and improves the chances of your fellow citizens.

  25. Trump is doing this to turn his supporters against him and support another candidate in 2024. He doesn’t want to run. He is too soft to handle what is to come. He is too nice of a person. We need a warrior like Pol Pot.

  26. Haven’t heard of a single healthy person dying of covid. Seems only those already dying of other things somehow die of covid at the last minute.

  27. I love Donald Trump, and I don’t believe the boos were for him….they’re booing for the idea that they’re trying to FORCE us. I can’t say I’d be more inclined to take it if he was still sitting in the White House, but I won’t take it now since biden is in charge (per se). He didn’t have to take it, he’s immune already. I feel when you’re forced to do something, there’s something wrong.

  28. Trump always believed in vaccines. It was Biden, Kamala, dems, and the left wing media that politicized the vaccines last year saying, without evidence, that Trump forced the FDA’s approval process and questioned the so-called Trump vaccine.

  29. TRUMP…get off the vaccine bandwagon….It’ll cost you the election…The vaccines have killed 5 million people, by the suppression of safe and effective early prevention and treatment (while shooting people up with blood-clotting poison)…Wake TF up Trump!

  30. mRNA is not a vaccine!!! It’s a genetic engineering serum!!! It neither stops or stops spread of Covid!!!! Plus these pokes are dangerous!!!

  31. Never mind the vaccine…Like to thank the american tax-payers and their DICTATORS for handing over $90-billion of military armament to the TALIBAN!!! they supply their own enemies $90-billion in military weapons??? I have a feeling that “SOMEONE”[] is looking forward to being future “HEROES”!!! Great strategy!!! Talk about giving the TALIBAN a “LOVE’EM LONG TIME” “HAPPY ENDING”!?! [why is my naughty-hole all moist and feelin like a GUN-HO]

  32. Only 33% of Americans get a flu shot each year. I honestly don’t expect more than 33% to get the SARS II Vaccine either.

  33. Trump just wants constant attention and will say whatever it takes to get it. He is a spineless fascist worm who has zero principals. This about face makes him worse than a covidiot.

  34. To you anti vaccination folks out there I’m not trying to start a fight just suggesting you be reasonable and use some common sense here. Even Trump supports the vaccines especially because he has received it himself. Also worth noting the vaccines under the name Operation Warp Speed started under his administration.

  35. No conservative in his right mind believes that Trump received a real vax. Mr. Trump you actually killed people. Lies or ignorance? That’s between you and God. We WON’T be taking that poison. Shame on you! 👎

  36. He is done politically, finished. He got out smarted by a bunch of communists, and I did not think that was possible. Good luck all. Your individual liberty and free enterprise system are gone, stolen from us, and you will retire under brute force communism. Glad I am old.

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